An e-newsletter for the friends of Brighton Center.
July, 2009 Vol 2, Issue 7
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An e-newsletter for the friends of Brighton Center.
brchope Dear Friend,
Millions of people have struggled with dependency on alcohol and drugs and surmounted the challenge of ending that abuse, reclaiming their lives through treatment, personal strength and perseverance. Because there is stigma attached to alcoholism and drug addiction, many in recovery are reluctant to share their stories. In this month's issue however you will hear from women with truly inspiring stories who are "breaking the silence" of addiction and are on the journey of recovery.  For these women this journey has not been an easy one.  The program at Brighton Recovery Center for Women is comprised of four comprehensive phases including Safe, Off the Streets Sobriety (SOS), Motivational Tracks, Recovery Phase, and the Transitional Phase where the women must be
employed or enrolled in an educational/job training program.    
I hope that you will enjoy this issue as we explore the one of Brighton Center's newest program.  Please enjoy this e-newsletter and thank you for your support.
Best Regards,
Robert Brewster
Executive Director
Brighton Recovery Center for Women
recovery center Women are the fastest-growing segment of substance abusers in the United States: about 2.7 million American women abuse alcohol or drugs according to the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.  Women also seem to be the last to seek treatment due to the social stigma that is attached to addiction, parental responsibilities, and being the lone bread winner in a single parent home. 
"We help women move from a life of chemical dependence to a life of sobriety," shares Anita Prater, Director of the Brighton Recovery Center for Women.  Utilizing recovery dynamics, the focus is to help the women change their behavior, skills, and attitudes related to their addictive lifestyles.  We also address other problems that emerge for the women in the program and connect them to an array of Brighton Center services as well as services provided by our partners in the community.  "We offer a long term approach to recovery with women staying up to two years depending on their situation," states Anita Prater.  "This approach provides the opportunity to break the cycle of substance abuse by removing the women from their previous lifestyle."

The Brighton Recovery Center for Women provides hope and an opportunity for women to get their lives back.  "Addiction was the only lifestyle I have known but the center has given my life back.  I feel like a real person and have pride in myself once again," comments Roscella.  "I am looking forward to the time that I can play with my son, clean and sober, and be the mom he deserves to have," shares Tara.
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Jenell's Story
melissa pic Jenell was 21 years old when she became the first resident admitted to the Brighton Recovery Center for Women.  Jenell began drinking and doing drugs by the time she was 16.  "I wanted everyone to like me and began making very self-destructive decisions," reflects Jenell.  She graduated from high school and was a very gifted athlete and played basketball for a local college.  "I threw away a lot of opportunities and failed a drug test and was kicked off the team."   
It was at this time that Jenell's life and addiction spiraled out of control.  She began to steal from her family and had many "run-ins" with the police.  She became pregnant and continued her drug use during her entire pregnancy.  Needless to say, Jenell and her son failed the drug test at the hospital when he was born.  Jenell had to sign temporary custody of her son over to her parents.  She continued to drink and use drugs until she went to a detox facility for alcohol, heroin, and cocaine.
Jenell soon entered the Recovery Center with the motivation of getting her life back and becoming the mother her son needed her to be.  She embraced the recovery process and quickly advanced through the process.  "It wasn't an easy journey but I knew this was my only hope to get my son back," comments Jenell.  "I am so grateful this program opened when it did.  The Brighton Recovery Center for Women has saved my life and has given me a second chance to live."  She graduated from the program in February and is now a Peer Mentor at the Recovery Center and yes, she has full custody of her 18th month old son.
Pictured above is "Jenell" graduating from Brighton Recovery Center in February. 
Sarah's Story In Her Own Words...
aneda pic I had a great career, husband, and beautiful daughter, I was living a dream.  I was prescribed narcotics due to rheumatoid arthritis when it began.  I took my first dose, and then I waited, cautiously optimistic that my pain would start to disappear. My pain had diminished, but there was something else happening. I noticed that I had a sense of euphoria, and I felt energized and mellow at the same time. I realized I had stumbled onto something amazing.  I didn't know it then, but that was the moment I stepped over the line from a legitimate pain patient, on my way to full blown addict.
At some point, I started to chase the "high."  I then began medicating at work and falsely calling in prescriptions.  I would have moments of clarity when my rational brain would scream at me to stop. However, those messages were always overridden by the compulsion to keep taking more. I eventually lost my job and my family begged for me to seek help before it was too late.  I told my daughter one night, that mommy might be going away for a little while...the next day I was arrested.
When I look back I am very grateful for my arrest because I would not have sought treatment and through that I found the Brighton Recovery Center.  Residential treatment was interesting. My preconceived notions were totally wrong and the majority of the patients were just like me; educated, intelligent women who were wives and mothers.  In any other setting, none of our paths would have crossed. However here we were kindred spirits. We were like combat soldiers who were fighting on the front lines of a war together.
I was in Brighton Recovery Center for Women nine months and graduated from the program in February.  This place has been a blessing, miracle and a gift, for not only me, but my entire family.  I have been drug free for 14 months and have my pride and self-esteem back.  I am finally the mother and wife that my family deserves me to be. 
Pictured above is "Sarah" graduating from Brighton Recovery Center in February. 
 Volunteer Spotlight
 volunteer june 09Brighton Center would like to thank the Florence Walmart for their friendship and continued support of making a difference in our community.  Their great staff have somewhat "adopted" the Brighton Recovery Center for Women and continually engage and interact with the women in the program.  They sponsored a room, cook monthly meals as well as provide gift certificates for the women who graduate from the program. 
For additional information on volunteer opportunities click here. 
Take advantage of the wonderful things that summer brings and get involved.  Make this a memorable time of the year by making time to volunteer, participate in our exciting events or make a gift to Brighton Center. 
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