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April, 2008- Vol 1, Issue 1
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Panels, Presentations and Papers, Oh MY!
New Premier Support Changes
Release 12 News
Oracle Database Updates
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Welcome to Issue #1 of the Triora Times!

We are excited to bring you the latest information about the Oracle E-Business Suite and the Oracle Database.

Each month we will focus on bringing you the latest updates related to this products and provide background and opinions we believe will be of value.

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Well... April is almost over and it was a busy month for lots of reasons.

John and I have just returned from the Collaborate 2008 conference in Denver. This annual gathering for the IOUG, OAUG and Quest users included a flurry of Oracle announcements that we want to share with you, so read on!


John Stouffer, Rob McMillen and the Triora Team
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Panels, Presentations, and Papers, Oh MY!
Collaborate 08 Panels
The one bad thing about panels at Collaborate is that there generally isn't any material available afterward. Of course, the good thing is that panels provide an opportunity for an audience to ask all the questions they want of a group of distinguished industry experts. So read on about three panels at Collaborate that we think were very important because they cover the three major areas that were on the minds of everyone at the conference - Release 11i, Release 12 and the Fusion Applications.
Collaborate 08 Presentations and Papers
The team at Triora Group isn't happy if we aren't sharing what we know. Check out our *FREE* papers/presentations that are available for download at our new Triora Group Store.
New Support Extensions for E-Business Suite
One of the most surprising announcments at Collaborate 2008 was that Oracle is extending Premier Support for E-Business Suite Release for an additional year.  Premier Support was scheduled to end in November 2009, but now customers have until December 2010 to arrange other support or complete their upgrade to Release 12. 

What about Release 11.5.9?  Oracle also announced that Premier Support for 11.5.9 still officially ends in June 2008.  However, the first year of Sustaining Support for 11.5.9 will include resolution of Priority One Service Requests (SRs). Release 11.5.9 users in the U.S. will also receive 1099 support for the first year of Sustaining Support. Sustaining Support may have additional costs associated with it. Customers should check with their Oracle Sales Representative and review Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy.
Release 12  News
New Rapid Install
Beginning with the initial release of E-Business Suite Release 12.0, Oracle has provided quarterly Release Update Packs (RUPs) that you can apply on top of your base installation.  So far, Oracle has released RUP 12.0.1, 12.0.2, 12.0.3, and 12.0.4.  The latest Release Update Pack 4 includes more than 10,000 fixes and 100 functionality enhancements after the initial release of Release 12.0.  Applying all of these individual Release Update Packs can be time-consuming for those upgrading.  Oracle has recognized this and the new 12.0.4 release includes a repackaged Rapid Install that makes it possible to upgrade existing Release 11.5.8, 11.5.9 (base, CU1, CU2), and 11.5.10 (base, CU1, CU2) systems directly to the Release Update Pack 4 level. 

New Critical Patch Update for April
Last week, Oracle released the expected quarterly Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) for April.  The next two CPU release dates this year will be July 15th and October 14th.  Interestingly, there was no Release Update Pack 12.0.5 (RUP) released at the same time, as is the custom.  After questions arose, Oracle announced that the next Release 12 RUP will not be 12.0.5. Oracle instead will introduce Release 12.1 next.  Release 12.1 is expected to be a major change and represent a new codeline, and will include a Release 12.1 Maintenance Pack (MP).  For existing Release 12 clients, Oracle is planning new Family Packs for Financials and Human Resources (HRMS).  As expected, Oracle would provide no dates for Release 12.1.

Release 12 Payables Problems?
We also were able to confirm that some upgrade customers of Release 12 are experiencing significant problems with the Payables module.  Oracle has released a number of Payables patches in the last four months to address problems.  Since Oracle upgraded internally to Release 12 we aren't sure why the problems hadn't surfaced earlier.  Rumors have been circulating for several months on this topic.  Other problems were mentioned with the new SubLedger Accounting and HR modules.

Release 12 Customer Base
Oracle announced that about 200 customers have upgraded and are live on Release 12 of the E-Business Suite in the past year.

Oracle Database Updates
Oracle11g Certified for E-Business Suite

In late March, Oracle announced the certification of Oracle Database 11g Version 1 ( with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i. The following platforms are now certified to use Version Oracle11g of the Oracle Database with the E-Business Suite:
  • Linux x86 (32-bit)
  • Sun Solaris SPARC
  • Microsoft Windows x86

Last week Oracle added Linux x86-64 and HP-UX Itanium as two new 64-bit database tier-only certifications for 11gR1 version available for E-Business Suite Release 11i.

Of course, now the obvious question is, "Is there any reason for my company to upgrade our Release 11E-Business Suite applications to use Oracle 11g?" 

Please note that Oracle11g is not yet certified for Release 12.
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John Stouffer, Rob McMillen and the rest of the Triora Team

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