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Our Mission: Fight Terminal Boredom

About a year ago, Linkspank was created with the mission of fighting terminal boredom. Throwing a lifeline to office workers marooned in their cubicles. Giving everyone out there -- in their offices, the houses, the submarines -- some freedom from their routines. Creating an online activity that is smarter, funnier, and more enlightened than the crap out there. (And which involves spanking.) 

The Spank is "stickier" than the most addictive sites on the web. In December, the average "session" on Linkspank was 3.7 hours.

Most people like the Spank once they try it. Now we need your help - spread the word and get your friends to try it! As you go, you'll earn points in our contest, which starts today.

Spread the Spank, Go to Hawaii

1. Complete your Linkspank Orientation. It's quick and will make you feel awesome. Be sure to get the facebook app.

2. Spank this newsletter to your friends - just click and select "ALL". You can spank email addresses and Facebook friends!

3. Go to Hawaii - your inviting and spanking will earn you points toward winning! The contest has begun today, February 27th.  You can also win a trip to Vegas, a Nintendo Wii, or an iPhone.

You too can be this productive... in Hawaii
You too can be this productive... in Hawaii
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