Keeping Your Identity Safe Online

August 12th, 2011

Dear Signature Bank Customer,


As more consumers and businesses increasingly conduct banking transactions on the internet, the potential for fraud increases as well.

Signature Bank is dedicated to making sure customers know how to help protect themselves against fraud.

Please spend a few minutes to read the following tips to minimize the threat of fraud:

  • Protect logon credentials like User IDs and passwords. Don't disclose your password to anyone. Signature Bank personnel will never ask for your password.
  • Select passwords that are difficult for others to guess - and change passwords frequently. Password requirements may vary per application, but should be at least 6-8 characters long and different from your User ID. It is advisable to create passwords that are significantly different from previous passwords, a mix of upper and lower case characters, do not contain a complete dictionary word, your name or company name.
  • Beware of opening e-mails received from unknown sources and pay special attention to links and attachments. Do not launch links or open attachments from unknown sources.
  • Keep anti-virus software up-to-date and schedule routine scans.
  • For our business clients, remember that segregation of duties - e.g., separate users to create and approve and release a transaction - is one of the most effective fraud prevention mechanisms.  

If you notice suspicious activity relating to accounts or services at Signature Bank that you access online, promptly contact Signature Bank at (773) 467-5600.

At Signature Bank, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers, investors, and employees. It's about building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and approaching every relationship with enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity. With every interaction you have with our staff, you will experience these values.

We strive to be your kind of bank.


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