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March Madness 2009
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March Madness Let the Madness begin. Fun, prizes, bragging rights - what more could you ask for.
AGAIN - this is completely FREE to join.
That's right Psoas Massage + Bodywork is running an NCAA Men's Basketball Pool. And not just any pool but an awesome, FREE, spectacularly prized pool. We talked to our partners and everyone loves the idea - so they are all donating great gifts and we will donate multiple massages as well.

And of course the winner gets a year of bragging rights (value - priceless).

For all of you who have never participated in an NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
Pool before here is a quick intro - also explained well on the CBS site.

The Tournament is comprised of 64 teams. 32 games are played the first round - the loser are eliminated - winners move to the next round. The same format continues and the field gets paired down until the Championship Game on April 6, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit.

Picking your winners is easy. The teams are seeded so you know who is considered the better team but the better team does not always win. You must choose every game. In the first round you will pick teams to win - those teams will be available for you to pick in the second round - but you have to pick all rounds and their winners before the games start on the morning of Thursday March 19th. Really, its simple.
Follow this link - create a CBS membership ID and password (takes about 30 seconds) and off you go. You will not be able to fill in your brackets until Selection Sunday March 15 but you can sign up now.

Join the Psoas + Partners NCAA Tournament Pool Now!
Password: psoas

Please forward this to whomever you like - the more the merrier.
We are also trying to secure more prizes but for now the top 6 places will receive prizes. The prizes are as follows:

7th place - One free Bootcamp from PacWest Athletics (Value $200)

PacWest BootCamp is held entirely outdoors. This 8-week total body workout will tone, condition and strengthen. Perfect for those who simply want to stay in shape and are looking for a gym alternative. Great cross-training for runners, triathletes and cyclists.
6th place - One 60 minute Massage Therapy session at Psoas Massage + Bodywork (value $110)
Whether you are looking for stress relief, sports massage, help with repetitive stress or just great deep tissue massage Psoas won't disappoint.
5th place - Yoga For Athletes 60 Minute Private Session with Kerri Kelly (value $100)
Integrating yoga into your training can have significant benefits:
1 - promotes physical balance and strength throughout the whole body
2 - increases flexibility and range of motion and
3 - prevents injury.

Kerri's classes are known to be challenging but playful, as she strives to help her students develop a strong body, a content mind, and a healthy spirit.  Founder of Yoga for Runners, Kerri Kelly teaches cross-training workshops throughout the Bay Area.
4th place - Blue Sparrow Pilates - two private pilates sessions (value $125).
Blue Sparrow Pilates is a wellness sanctuary nestled in the lively North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. We are a full-service Pilates and GYROTONICŪ studio, offering private, semi-private, and group sessions throughout the day, including early morning, lunchtime, and evening classes to fit your busy schedule. We are happy to work with you to establish a program that helps you achieve your fitness goals, caters to your busy schedule, and fits your lifestyle.
3rd place - 3-month subscription for Nutrition for You.

Nutrition for You ( is an online weight management program that brings Manuel Villacorta's proven techniques to the Web, powered by the best interactive tools in the medium to help Clients take control of their weight through flexible, individualized eating plans, online success tracking, and phone-based counseling from trained nutrition experts.  It's an affordable, information-based approach to weight loss and weight management--no diets, no pills, no books or supplements to buy.
2nd place - Two free Fleet Feet training programs and an individual coaching session with Marathon Matt (value $350)

The next two training programs are:

The City 13.1 (launches on 5/9)

San Jose Rock N' Run 13.1 (launches on 7/28)
The 'Super Bowl Sunday 13.1' program will launch in mid-November as well. Each program includes the following:
- A comprehensive training schedule
- 2-3 weekly professionally coached run workouts per week
- An email newsletter supporting your training.
- Over 100 fun teammates to run with!
- A technical running shirt
- A $25 Fleet Feet gift card!
- Team social events (bar nights, team dinners, etc.)!

The Individual coaching session includes:
-Video gait analysis
-Running biomechanics/form overview
-Analysis of running biomechanics/form
-Creation of a personal pace chart

This prize is valid for one year from the date of inception.
1st place - A 3 pack of 60 minute massage therapy sessions from Psoas Massage + Bodywork (value $330)

One massage is great, but when you start doing multiple sessions, the body really starts changing - in a good way.

Prizes range in value from $100 - $450. Not too shabby.

Enjoy, forward to friends and good luck.

Psoas, Kerry Kelly, Blue Sparrow Pilates, Manuel Villacorta, Fleet Feet and Marathon Matt

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