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February 2012
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Upcoming Classes/Events
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OMF Welcomes Daniel Ramos
First Friday at DOM
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Youth Production Group
Class Highlight: Narrative Scriptwriting

In just a few weeks, we will hold our next Narrative Scriptwriting series, which is just one of the many new classes we have launched in the past 6 months.

This 4-class series walks students through the process of scriptwriting. Students are taught basic story-telling and dramatic principles, writing a treatment, scene structure, different avenues and genres, and writing a script. 








In this class, you'll create a narrative script for any video production, as well as use Celtx for scriptwriting on your own.


Hold your spot by registering here.

OMF Says Goodbye to Dex

After 3 years with the organization, OMF is saying goodbye to Dex Duff, one of our most dedicated and passionate volunteers.  Life is taking Dex out of state where he will no doubt find new adventures.  

Click to view Dex's Goodbye Video Tribute

What can be said about a man who introduces himself like, "Hi, I'm Dex. Like the phonebook."? Well, for one, he is constantly trying to make you laugh (or scorn -depending on his mood). Dex has been Denver Open Media's most steadfast volunteer for the past 3 years. Weekly he has made himself responsible for making sure the 56 scheduling was done each Saturday. In addition to a Saturday shift he was always volunteering to help with classes, hosting First Friday events, crewing for DOM members, covering the equipment room and helping producers in the edit room or studios. Clearly, it is going to be a big loss for DOM and deeply saddens the many people he helped and made laugh throughout his time at DOM. 
Here are a few goodbyes from us to Dex:
  "I REALLY, REALLY appreciate all the time, effort and constant support you have offered to me and the rest of OMF. You are the top DOM volunteer and this will be a huge loss to DOM. Thank you, thank you, thank you."-Ann 
 "You are an example of what engaging in your community looks like, which is something I honor and value highly."-Lynne
 "Dude, thank you for your remarkable investment of time and energy over the years."-Jeff

"I am so grateful that you've been such a solid member of our team, and we will all miss having you around."-Tony

Upcoming Classes/Events

First Friday
Feb 3, Friday

Final Cut Pro X Workshop
Feb 4, Saturday

3D Animation with Blender Workshop Series
Feb 8, 15, 22, 29
6:30p-8:30p each evening

Your Voice. Your Media Tour
Feb 15, Wednesday

Shooting Video with DSLR Cameras Workshop
Feb 16, Thursday

Adobe Video Media Workshop
Feb 18, Saturday

Editing with Final Cut Pro 7
Feb 22 & 23, Weds & Thurs
6p-9p each evening 

Intro to Studio Production
Feb 25, Saturday

 Editing w Adobe Premiere Pro Workshop
Feb 28, Tuesday

Narrative Scriptwriting Series
March 1, 8, 15, 22
6:30p-8:30p each evening

Executive Director Report

Monthly Update with Tony Shawcross   

Several of you responded to last month's newsletter with some ideas for OMF's strategic planning retreat.  With a mission and vision statement that were developed 8 years ago, the staff and board took a step back to re-examine our approach and came up with 5 main goals for the next 3-5 years.
  1. Open Media Network: OMF designed an entirely new approach to community-powered TV with the Open Media Project.  Using these same tools and approach, OMF is committed to bringing together a large number of noncommercial media outlets committed to enabling their community to share and drive programming, rate and suggest content, and help the cream of public access broadcasting float to the top.
  2. Expand Diversity & Inclusiveness: OMF is accomplishing nothing if our services, training, and tools are used by the same communities already served by mainstream media. With that in mind, we've committed to a long-term inclusiveness initiative that will identify where we are succeeding and failing at reaching under-served communities, and work to reach those communities we've failed to reach over our first 5 years.
  3. Engagement and Advocacy: To OMF, communication shapes our world. Our values, our perspectives, and our reality are all shaped by communications. We want everyone engaged in the social transformation that is possible through a new age of participation in communications.  Whether their aim is to impact legislation or simply to express themselves, we want to empower people to have the greatest reach and impact possible  through modern communications technologies.
  4. Education: 2011 saw the greatest expansion of our educational programs since we opened our first classroom in the PS1 Charter School back in 2004. A state of the art learning lab and over a dozen new classes, together with several partnerships have us poised to bring our educational programs up to par with services and tools as an equal and essential part of OMF's approach to put the power of the media in the hands of our community. 
  5. Expand Earned Income & Individual Donations: OMF's video production, web, and design work for nonprofit and public-sector clients has always been an important source of operating funds, while also ensuring nonprofits have access to top-quality communications services. We plan to continue our history of significant growth in these areas.
OMF Welcomes New Team Member Daniel Ramos


Open Media Foundation is excited to welcome our newest team member, Daniel Ramos. Daniel joins us as our new Community Technology Administrator. His role will be in supporting and maintaining the technology that we've built DOM on, so that our members are always able to have access to the tools they need to get their message out. We talked to Daniel to learn a little bit more about him and what he'll be up to at Open Media Foundation.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hmmm, always a tough question. People find it interesting that I grew up in Brazil. I was living in New Mexico before moving to Colorado just over a year ago. I also really enjoy what I do (Information Technology) and in my free time I play sports and ski in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

This is a new position for OMF; tell us what it entails.
As a community technology administrator I maintain DOM's IT infrastructure which includes the labs and computers/servers that staff and customer's use on a daily basis. There are a few plans in the future that would make me more involved with the community. As an example, I will start teaching some classes and be available for support in the new learning lab.

What excites you about your work with OMF?
Just working in my field is already exciting on its own. Every day there's something different. DOM's network infrastructure sheer size and the different challenges that it brings are also exciting to work on. I didn't know about OMF at first but the more I got acquainted with the organization, the more I became interested. Not only do I respect but I am also very impressed that OMF's vision and it's core values align with my own values and beliefs. Overall, I couldn't be happier working at OMF. It's been an amazing 2012 for me so far.

Why are community media centers like DOM important?
There is a lot of media being delivered to the masses but it is done so with an agenda and by those who possess a lot of resources. The idea of putting resources in the hands of those who have limited access to media (due to our societies' inequalities) is a very democratic act of freedom.

Tell us what your department has planned for 2012.
We have plans in it's early stages to make labs more accessible to the community and upgrade few portions of the website that will generate tools for OMF to work more effectively at reaching it's goals.  

First Friday at Denver Open Media: Cafe Cultura


On the first Friday of most months, DOM hosts a free community event that spotlights local performance groups, musical acts, and nonprofit organizations. These events are broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 as well as streamed on our website. They are re-broadcasted on channels 56, 57 and 219. They are also available online for on-demand viewing. 


Next event: Friday, February 3      

Doors at 7:30p,
Event starts at 8p
This month we are excited to partner with Cafe Cultura, a spoken word collective that has been bringing Denver spoken word, poetry, visual, digital media, and performance artists/activists since 2004. Using an open mic night format, Cafe Cultura showcases the work of Chicana/o, American Indian, Latina/o and other underserved communities while providing a safe space for young artists from throughout the city to speak their truths, build community, and learn about issues affecting the community.


This event will be held inside 
 Denver Open Media's Studio A.
This event is free and open to the public; and will be broadcast live on Channel 57; see you there! 
Interested in State Government?


State Capitol Production Interns Needed at OMF


We are now accepting applications for our State Capitol Production internship. This position is a great fit for someone with an interest in the legislative process and has a passion for live television production, as well as the ability to commit to a 12 hour/week, 200-hour total internship schedule. This internship is perfect for someone who would like to build their media resume, while at the same time gaining access to the incredible internship benefits OMF has to offer, such as access to free classes and a free membership upon completion of the internship.

If you are interested in this opportunity or any other internship opportunities at the Open Media Foundation, please visit our internship page for more information.



Spotlight of the Month: Colorado Channel
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Colorado
Click above to view
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Colorado


For this month's Spotlight of the Month, we are featuring a recent video from the Colorado Channel team, which brings you live and repeat coverage of the Colorado Legislature on Channel 165 and on the Colorado Channel website


In addition to the live broadcast and archiving of the General

Assembly, the Colorado Channel has some exciting additional content aimed at helping viewers better understand state government and the legislative process. The team recently completed "How A Bill Becomes A Law', a short video that explains that process and how it works here in Colorado.  


Some other topics we're currently filming/producing are: How To Place An Initiative on the Statewide Ballot, Yule Marble: Colorado's State Rock, and more.  Do you have an idea that you think would be great for content on the Colorado Channel?  Let us know through the Contact page!




Denver Open Media's Youth Production Group: Open Media Generation

Do you know a student who dreams of being on TV?  How about working behind the scenes?  If so, they should join Denver Open Media's FREE Youth Production Group!

The Open Media Generation Youth Group meets weekly!  Anyone between the ages of 11-24 c
an stop by any Wednesday from 3:30-6pm to join the fun...and did we mention it is free?

Participants will learn field, studio and editing techniques.  Students will learn how to produce youth-related content and will help solicit new youth-related programs.  Please check out our website for more information or email

Also, we are always looking for food donations to help keep our youth fed and alert during trainings/productions.  Please let us know if you have
suggestions or information about youth group sponsorships.

Open Media Generation