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October 2011
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Upcoming Classes/Events
OMF's 2010 Annual Report
Graphic Design Intern Needed
First Friday at DOM
Spotlight of the Month: Media Education Intern
Youth Production Group
DOM 5th Anniversary Event

December is Denver Open Media's 5th Anniversary! 


We're going to celebrate in style on Friday, December 2nd, right here at DOM.  We'll have a silent auction, a 'Best of DOM' Awards show, and a live performance from pop sensation Total Ghost!



We'll also be hosting a fundraising dinner that evening from 6:30-8pm; dinner tickets are $75 and you can RSVP here.  

Upcoming Classes/Events
Your Voice. Your Media Tour.
Today! Oct 5: 5:30p-6:30p 

First Friday: Comedy Night
October 7, 8p-10p

DVD Studio Pro
Oct 11, Tuesday: 6p-9p

Making Music w GarageBand
Oct 11, Tuesday: 6p-9p

Intro to Google Docs
Oct 13, Thursday: 6p-9p

Field Production Workshop
Oct 15, Saturday: 6p-9p

Final Cut Pro X Workshop
Oct 17, Monday: 6p-9p

Critical Studies of Independent Media
Oct 18, Tuesday: 6p-8p

Your Voice. Your Media.
Oct 19, Wednesday

Narrative Scriptwriting
4-class series begins Oct 20

Intro to Studio Production
Oct 22, Saturday: 11a-6p

How to Market Your Website
Oct 25, Tuesday: 9a-12p   

Intro to Google Docs
Oct 25, Thursday: 6p-9p

Final Cut Pro Workshop
Oct 29, Saturday: 11a-6p

Pre-Production Basics
Oct 29, Saturday: 1p-4p        
OMF's 2010 Annual Report

This month, Open Media Foundation announces the launch of a new service for nonprofit organizations: online annual reports. In keeping with our mission, we felt it appropriate that our own annual report should utilize media and technology to communicate our message. Check out the Open Media Foundation 2010 annual report here.

Nonprofit annual reports have traditionally been a paper document, using static pictures and text to convey accomplishments and recognize important volunteers, donors, interns and other contributors from the past year. Printing and postage costs are high, and any addition of multimedia content in the form of CDs or DVDs can be even more costly and wasteful.


The tools for creating interactive, on-line annual reports are becoming more accessible and affordable, and allow you to shift 100% of your investment and energy towards the content of the report. OMF combines our expertise in Web, Video, and Design services to help even small nonprofits develop an engaging, multimedia report that reflects the true impact of your organization in ways that traditional paper reports never could... all at a similar price.

All the same information and more, conveyed in a paperless format (which may also be printed, for diehard paper junkies!), but supplemented with video for important sections, like the "Letter from the Executive Director", or "Program Highlights". The introduction of video brings an added layer of engagement to the report, allowing nonprofits to show authentic examples of your work.

OMF is pleased to offer online annual reports as a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional paper reports. Like all our nonprofit services, OMF offers a 50% matching grant to cover half the cost of your online annual report. If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity and the related costs, contact Jeff Villano, our Business Director.  


Graphic Designers Needed

Graphic Designer Interns Needed at the Open Media Foundation


We're a month into our expansion of the Education Department with the launch of over 15 new classes, and now much of our energy is going into promotion and marketing! OMF seeks a Graphic Design intern to support our marketing team. This position is a great fit for someone with knowledge in in print, web design and TV graphics. Qualified individuals will create intelligent and innovative design solutions for print, web, and tv and should possess strong knowledge of Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign, as well as the ability to commit to a 12 hour/week, 200-hour total internship schedule. This internship would be a great fit for someone who would like to build their design skills, while at the same time gaining access to the incredible internship benefits OMF has to offer, such as access to free classes and a free membership upon completion of the internship.

If you are interested in this opportunity or any other internship opportunities at the Open Media Foundation, please visit our internship page for more information.
First Friday at Denver Open Media: Comedy!


On the first Friday of most months, DOM hosts a free community event that spotlights local performance groups, musical acts, and nonprofit organizations. These events are broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 and re-broadcast on channels 56, 57 and 219. They are also available online. 


Next event: Friday, October 7th, Comedy Night!

Doors at 7:30p, event starts at 8p 

October's event is a comedy night, with performances from Jen Luna, Jason Keyes, Timmi Ann Lasley, Michael Carter and Nathan Lund, hosted by Gary Burden. The show will be broadcast on Channel 57, with performances inside 
Denver Open Media's Studio A.
This event is free and open to the public; see you there! 


Spotlight of the Month: Julie Miller, Media Education and Production Intern


For this month's Spotlight of the Month, we talked with Julie Miller, a local media superstar and an OMF Media Education and Production Intern.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Julie, I'm a Cancer, a novice runner, a crafter, a geeky hipster wannabe and a professional video editor. I have a day job editing and encoding content for lobby and pre-show entertainment in the theatre environment, a start up production and media marketing company and now also volunteering here at the Open Media Foundation. I guess you could call me a media-aholic. But it's not a problem. I could quit anytime, I just don't want to.   


How did you get involved in media work?

I think I always have been. It was something my mother was involved in when I was a youngen and I picked it up in high school going full-on as an AV Club geek. I worked on the school news and radio station, wrote for the school newspaper, took journalism and communications classes... I moved here to Colorado to get my BFA in Film post-production at the Colorado Film School and have never looked back. Not only do I love what I do - edit and produce - but I also have a real passion for the people, content and creativity!


Why were you interested in an internship with Open Media Foundation?

If OMF and I met on a dating website we would be ranked as love-birds. The core values and goals that OMF emulates are things I am also super passionate about. I have a firm belief that the media we ingest needs to be 'healthy' and more locally-driven. I also could write a thesis paper on why teaching the technical arts and creativity are important.  So getting involved and interning is almost like stalking a crush. I just love being here around like-minded folk and doing some work that might make a dent in the universe!


What are some of the classes you are most excited about?

All of them?!?! I am really interested in learning how to shoot video with a DSLR, so I was tickled pink to find out that OMF has a course in that! The Critical Studies of Independent Media sounds like heaven to a media geek like me. And, because I'm currently on the inside here, I know that there are some AUH-MAZING classes coming up around the corner for the Adobe Production Suite - which is my personal favorite group of tools in the world of post-production. I'm not tooting my own horn or anything, but yours truly is working on the new Intro to After Effects class and it is going to be EPIC!


Tell us why you believe community media centers are important?

I feel like people need to start thinking about media like they think about their diet. Everyone says that locally grown organic is the best way to treat your body. So in turn, that means that locally-produced media is better for your heart and mind. There are a lot of places to put media out there too, with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc., but only in a center like this can you find the real life community that goes along with it. The people here will become your friends and mentors. It feels a little like home. 


Denver Open Media's Youth Production Group: Open Media Generation

Do you know a student who dreams of being on TV?  How about working behind the scenes?  If so, they should join Denver Open Media's FREE Youth Production Group!

The Open Media Generation Youth Group meets weekly!  Anyone between the ages of 12-19 c
an stop by any Wednesday from 3:30-6pm to join the fun...and did we mention it is free?

Participants will learn field, studio and editing techniques.  Students will learn how to produce youth-related content and will help solicit new youth-related programs.  Please check out our website for more information or email

Also, we are always looking for food donations to help keep our youth fed and alert during trainings/productions.  Please let us know if you have
suggestions or information about youth group sponsorships.

Open Media Generation