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November 2010
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Upcoming Classes/Events
First Fridays at DOM
Open Media Generation Wins (Another) Award
Best of DOM 2010
A Higher Definition of Media
Producer Spotlight: Craig Geipel
Website Spotlight
Check out a recent website created by the Open Media Foundation for the documentary, Woodstock West: Build Not Burn.  This film was produced by local filmmaker and professor, Sheila Schroeder.
Upcoming Classes/Events
DOM Help Desk Hours
Thursdays 4:30-6pm

Exposure Music Lounge
November 5, Friday, 8-11pm

A Higher Definition of Media
November 9, Tuesday, 7:30-8:30am

Exposure Music Lounge
November 13, Saturday, 8-11pm

Your Voice. Your Media
November 17, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm

Producer Orientation
November 17, Wednesday, 6:45-8pm

Final Cut Pro Workshop
November 17 & 18, Wednesday and Thursday 6-9pm

Holiday Closing
November 25 & 26, Thursday & Friday
First Fridays at Denver Open Media

On the first Friday of most months, DOM hosts a free community event that spotlights local performance groups, musical acts, and nonprofit organizations. These events are broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 and re-broadcast on channels 56, 57 and 219. They are also available online.

This month the Open Media Foundation will be partnering with our friends at the Denver Film Society to present the Exposure Music Lounge.  This special event (held in conjunction with the Starz Denver Film Festival) will feature the music of Chris "Sandman" Sand, Paean and Pawn Ticket Trio.

Friday, November 5th

Doors: 8pm
Music Performances: 8:30-11pm
$5 Suggested Donation; free to Starz Film Festival Badgeholders

Exposure Music Lounge

Open Media Generation Wins Award for Best Youth Programming

On Friday October 15, 2010 Spotlight on Students: Kids with Kids: The Trials & Triumphs of Teen Parents won an award for Best Youth Programming at the WAVE Awards ceremony, held during the annual ACM Western Region's Conference.

This honor marks the third award that the Spotlight on Students show has won for its outstanding programming.  The SOS show is produced by the youth producers in the Open Media Generation Youth Group. The show airs live on the third Wednesday of each month with repeats scheduled every Wednesday at 5pm.  To see past shows check out our DOM project page and feel free to
"like" us on our OMG Facebook pageCongratulations to the youth crew!

Best of Denver Open Media 2010

Denver Open Media is unlike any other channel on the dial because our community creates the content and our viewers decide what plays. Channel 56 is self-programmed by our 200 community producers, while channel 57 is scheduled by the viewers, with the top-rated programs getting the best time-slots and most repeat airings. 
Through the channels of Denver Open Media, OMF has developed an entirely new way to run a media organization, part of our commitment to creating a higher definition of media.  After four years of tweaking and revising our community-driven TV station, Denver Open Media is hosting our first-ever "Best of DOM Awards Show" on Friday, December 3rd.  We will be presenting awards and showing excerpts from the top-rated show in each of our ten programming categories:
  • Arts & Film
  • Community Issues and Advocacy
  • Cultural Perspectives
  • Faith-Based
  • Music & Entertainment
  • News, Business and Government
  • Well-Being/Lifestyle
  • Youth

Academic, Info

In many of these categories, just a handful of votes separate the top vote-getters. There really is some great content on DOM, so visit our site and help promote your favorite shows to the top of the list.  For more information please contact our Station Director, Ann Theis.
A Higher Definition of Media

Last chance to register for our annual fundraising event on Tuesday, November 9th from 7:30-8:30am. This one hour, free breakfast event is being held at the
Infinity Event Center and is open to any and all who have an interest in the work of the Foundation. To attend, please contact Brad Taylor.  Reservations required.
A Higher Definition of Media

Producer Spotlight of the Month: Craig Geipel
Producer Spotlight of the MonthThis month's Producer Spotlight is Craig Geipel, host of That's My OpinionThat's My Opinion airs on Comcast Channel 56 every Wednesday at 8pm in Denver or online at

What is the message of your show?

Our show is an extension of our website,  The aim of our site is to reflect the REAL voices of the American people (regardless of political affiliation), and to ensure that those in leadership positions are not only listening, but acting upon the beliefs, desires, and the best interests of the American citizen. 

What do you do outside of producing videos?
Simply said, the Rocky Mountains...that is why I moved here from Vermont.  I enjoy snowmobiling, skiing, dirt biking, camping, hiking, wakeboarding, rafting, traveling, playing frisbee golf, golf, cooking a nice Italian dinner, or just kicking it in town for a BBQ with my friends.

How would one prepare for a show like yours?
My advice is to first research the subject matter; research your questions; research what has changed since you wrote your questions; and obviously research who you are interviewing.  Who they are, what makes them special, what drives them, and most importantly what's their story.  Personally I watch CNN for hours before filming our show to get the most updated info on specific subjects.

Be calm; allow practice to help reduce your nerves.  We all get butterflies, but the key is to learn to use them to your benefit.  In my case, that's using my increased energy to stay consistently energetic (although it's still a work in progress.)  Joking around really helps me to loosen up, as well as not take myself too seriously. If it's not fun, than I'm not doing it!

What is your advice to aspiring producers?
Do something that inspires you, for it's not all glory.  Editing is basically watching the same thing over and over and over again, so you better at least not hate the content.  Tell a good story, a story that you can clearly imagine first in your mind.  Then obtain the video and audio to fulfill on that vision.  Use music whenever you can, but not just any type of music.  Research for days or even weeks if needed to find the perfect soundtrack, even if it means finding a musician to make something for you.  Be creative.

Why is public access television important?
Public Access TV is very important to a modern day community and I am reminded of this every time I go into DOM.  There's students running around working on group projects; interns either training for a new potential career or adding on to what they already know.  I see inspiring musicians hoping to use the equipment in the studio to record their music.  I see some people with a lot of talent both in front of and behind the camera.  I see a very hardworking ringleader named Ann Theis who keeps it all moving forward, even when we're dealing with technical issues.  I see desire, inspiration, creativity, faith, and even the growth of some new brain cells.  I see the tools of success being first understood and then mastered all under one roof.  I truly see so much at Denver Open Media which in my mind shows how important the availability of public access is to all of us here in Denver.