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Upcoming Classes/Events
First Fridays at DOM
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Check out a recent video we created for Montessorri School of Evergreen, in support of their Annual Fund campaign.
Upcoming Classes/Events
DOM Help Desk Hours
Thursdays 4:30-6pm

First Fridays at DOM
October 1, Friday, 8-10pm

Your Voice. Your Media
October 6, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm

Final Cut Pro Workshop
October 9, Saturday, 11am-5:30pm

Field Production Workshop
October 16, Saturday, 11am-5:30pm

Your Voice. Your Media
October 20, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm

Intro to Studio Production Workshop
October 30, Saturday, 11am-6pm
First Fridays at Denver Open Media

On the first Friday of most months, DOM hosts a free community event that spotlights local performance groups, musical acts, and nonprofit organizations. These events are broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 and re-broadcast on channels 56, 57 and 219. They are also available online.

Next event: Friday, October 1st from 8-10pm

Calling all singers, dancers, poets, rappers, jugglers, magicians,
contortionists, origamists, burlesque dancers and/or anyone else with a powerful need to share their talents with the world: Join us on October 1st from 8-10pm for Denver Open Media's First Ever Gong Show, featuring host, Andrew Orvedahl.

Each performer will get 10 minutes to perform live on TV...see if you can survive the gong! Prizes will be awarded.

Come and perform, or be a part of our live studio audience.
Event to take place at 700 Kalamath Street. This event will be
broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 and on our livestream -

Performers should RSVP to

Denver Open Media's First Ever Gong Show
Executive Director Report
A Monthly Update by Tony Shawcross

What do you think of when you hear the word "media"?  At OMF, when we say media, we simply mean communications, especially communications reaching more than one person.  Not just TV, radio and newspapers, but email, Twitter, Facebook posts, and so much more. In recent years the tools and technologies have been changing faster than ever.  This ever-evolving landscape of the media is opening up the playing field and broadening the conversation in ways that have never before been possible. And its not just the media, this communication is what drives our shared awareness, our social values, and our collective actionThis generation will be responsible for redefining media and shaping our social conversations unlike any generation before.  Take a look at how some people have defined media in the past, and let us know how you want it to be defined in the future.



"All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level." - William Bernbach

"We are here to serve advertisers. That is our raison d'etre." - Michael H. Jordan, CEO of CBS/Viacom/Westinghouse

As we prepare for our "A Higher Definition of Media" fundraising event this fall, we want to hear from our community how YOU define "media".  What it has been, what it is, and what it can be.  Send your thoughts to
Save The Date: A Higher Definition of Media

A Higher Definition of Media

Organizational Spotlight of the Month: Seniors' Resource Center
This month's organizational spotlight is the Seniors' Resource Center (SRC).  Always quick to provide stories of inspiration and always a pleasure to work with, OMF has enjoyed sharing the accomplishments that SRC has achieved over the years. This month, SRC's Vice President of Development, Bob Timm took the time to answer some questions about the wonderful contributions that the Seniors' Resource Center provides to our community.

Please provide a brief summary of your organization: 
Seniors' Resource Center (SRC) is widely recognized in the greater metro area.  The reason behind our name recognition success is our outstanding service delivery in the ten county metro area.  SRC has been serving older adults in the community for over 30 years.  With a highly successful program history, as well as our reputation of being the premier provider of services to seniors, SRC has a proven track record as a best practice organization.  SRC is also recognized by name because of the Transportation Services Program.  With 28 vans in the community transporting older adults throughout the metro area, the name on the automobiles becomes fairly familiar.  Additionally, serving over 18,600 individuals every year with direct services, brings both name recognition and community involvement for the organization.

What are the issues/information that you are trying to bring to a larger audience?
Unlike most of the friends of Open Media Foundation (who are fairly young) the rest of society is either struggling with or enjoying the aging process.  In fact, in Colorado we are going to double the size of the 65+ population within the next 10 years.  Right now, our senior care systems (primarily Medicare and Medicaid) are at capacity.  We can't double the number of participants without making some systemic changes - enter SRC and the community services we offer.  By providing services to seniors in their homes (like the type SRC provides) we will give our parents and loved ones what they need to age in their homes with dignity and independence for as long as possible.  (It has also proven to be more cost efficient to remain at home than to place someone in a nursing home.)

Why is your organization unique?
SRC is one of the largest senior organizations with a mission to help our seniors and their caregivers improve their quality of life and remain in their home for as long as possible.  We offer individualized support for seniors, people with disabilities and the caregivers who support them.

What are some of your primary goals for 2011?

Our biggest goal is to keep up with the explosive need for our community services. To do that, we have been on a four-year campaign to build a new building.  This new building will help us provide better care and service to more seniors.  Construction on our new 17,000 square foot facility began last week and will take 10 months to finish.

What are some of the projects you have worked on with the Open Media Foundation?

The Open Media Foundation has produced several agency videos before they created our latest video, Through The Eyes of a Caregiver, which illustrates the emotions behind the services we provide.

What has been some of the outcomes of these projects?
Over the past six years we have had shown an Open Media Foundation video to more than 1,300 individuals and have raised more than $270,000 at these events, increasing our ability to serve even more seniors.
Denver Open Media's Youth Production Group: Open Media Generation

Spotlight On Students Do you know a student who dreams of being on TV?  How about working behind the scenes?  If so, they should join Denver Open Media's FREE Youth Production Group!

The Youth Group meets weekly!  Anyone between the ages of 12-19 can plan to stop by any Wednesday from 3:30-6pm to join the fun.

Participants will learn field, studio and editing techniques.  Students will learn how to produce youth-related content and will help solicit new youth-related programs.  Please check out our website for more information or email

We are always looking for food donations to help keep our youth fed and alert during trainings/productions, please let us know if you have suggestions or information about youth group sponsorships.