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  July 2009
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:: Denver's Got Talent!
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First Fridays Live at Denver Open MediaDenver's Got Talent!

On the first Friday of each month, DOM holds a free community event that spotlights local performance groups, musical acts, and nonprofit organizations.  These events are broadcast live on Comcast channel 57 and re-broadcast on channels 56, 57 and 219. They are also available online.

July 3, 2009 8-10PM
Denver's Got Talent!

We held the auditions, now see who's best!

Live, televised talent show cablecast on Comcast channel 57 and streamed live on denveropenmedia.org with audience voting and local celebrity judges
Where: Denver Open Media, 700 Kalamath Street
When:  Friday, July 3rd 2009 from 8-10pm
Why: Cuz Denver's got talent, yo!  (And there will be cash and non-monetary prizes awarded)

Come be a part of our live studio audience and vote for your favorite performer.  No admission fee and cheap beer will add to the fun.

Co-sponsored by Innversion Productions.
VLOG TVDOM Acknowledges Sacha Heppell
VLOG TV, Channel 56, Thursdays, 10pm

How did you begin producing videos?
My passion for video production started at the age of 15. I found Deproduction online and got started with them immediately, volunteering for the Deproduction drive-in.  I also took their classes, for editing and field equipment. Then they started DOM and I started producing my own shows there. But I've always made videos in my spare time with friends. 

What is the message of your show?
The show idea was actually suggested by Ann Theis.  She started it at MNN in New York and wanted to continue it here so I decided to join her. It's about uniting the worlds of online video with cable TV. People in Denver call-in and request their favorite online video and we play it for them on the spot, and discuss why they like it. 

What do you do outside of producing videos?
I like to dance, meditate, and exercise. I think about the videos I'm working on and what I could start working on next.

How do you prepare for your show?
Well, I usually go online and pick a couple videos that will grab people's attention to start off the show. I also set-up all the equipment and make sure Ann is happy. 

Why is your voice important?
Because I have the power to change someone's perspective on any issue I choose to care about. I love entertaining people, and at DOM I'm given the chance to entertain in a way that people will take seriously. 

What is your advice to aspiring producers?
Never give up! Keep moving forward with your shows.  It will be hard at times and you will get to points where you find yourself stuck, but if you can stick to it and find ways around those obstacles, that's when your show will really blossom! It's a learning experience, just learn from your mistakes as you go and you'll have a great show! 

Why is public access important? Why do you enjoy producing public access content?
Now that everything is digital, it takes fewer hands to create a video. Traditional TV is talking to the masses but here we talk to the community so we have a great advantage! I enjoy producing public access content, especially here in Denver because our community is so diverse and I learn so much from all the different people I work with. Public access is one of the best ways to communicate any message to the community. 
Executive Director ReportOpen Media Project
Monthly Update from Tony Shawcross

Recent Activity

June saw the addition of the fifth and sixth Open Media Project sites when our Civic Pixel development team traveled East for two weeks to implement the Open Media Project toolset at Boston Neighborhood Network and Amherst Community Television. The team also visited New York, where they participated in the Open Video Conference, the best collection of allies working in our field of open, participatory, civic media since the inaugural Beyond Broadcast Conference in 2005.  Next month, we will add the seventh site of our beta test phase at PCMTV, which will also coincide with the National Alliance for Community Media Conference in Portland, OR.

Financial Information
Our 2008 audit is finally complete, and a number of improved and revised accounting policies and procedures are being finalized with our new accountant, Jeff Villano.  We continue to be financially
healthy, with an even-split between earned-income and contributions. As you know, our primary focus for 2009 is establishing a stronger individual donor program, following the Benevon Model with our new Development Director, Maria Lewis.  We are expecting a significant rise in earned income for 2010 thanks in-part to the plans to add Senate coverage at the Colorado Channel, and a steadily-rising demand for our nonprofit web development and video production services.  At a recent Knight Foundation conference, President and CEO Alberto Ibarguen was generous enough to introduce me to a number of media donors, and I continue to pursue any partnership opportunities that arise.

Program Development

Our Knight Foundation-funded Open Media Project continues to thrive.  While in NYC, I met with WNET to explore their interest in the project and to investigate opportunities to partner.  Other meetings with Witness, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Zero Divide, and more will certainly yield some new opportunities for us.  On the production side of things, we completed videos for the Seniors' Resource Center, the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology, and Denver Kids, Inc.  We're also expanding our educational programs with some new course offerings, and moving forward in all areas of our new Strategic Plan, thanks to Kara Penn and Kelleen Zubick of the Community Resource Center and our wonderful board and staff.
Upcoming Classes and Events at DOM:

Your Voice.  Your Media
July 1, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm

Denver's Got Talent!
July 3, Friday, 8-10pm

Intro to Studio Production
July 11, Saturday, 11am-6pm

Your Voice.  Your Media
July 15, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm

Final Cut Pro Workshop
July 15 & 16, Wednesday & Thursday, 6-9pm

Field Production Workshop
July 22 & 23, Wednesday & Thursday, 6-9pm

Refining Your Elevator Pitch
July 28, Tuesday, 4-6pm

Intro to Studio Production
July 29 & 30, Wednesday & Thursday, 6-9pm

Your Voice.  Your Media
August 5, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm
Denver Open Media Youth Production Group
Next Training/Rehearsal July 1st, 3:30-6pm
Next LIVE SHOW July 22nd, 3:30-6pm

Do you know a student who dreams of being on TV?  How about working behind the scenes?  If so, they should join Denver Open Media's FREE Youth Production Group!

Participants will alternate between learning field, studio and editing techniques.  Students will learn how to produce youth-related content and will help solicit new youth-related programs.  Anyone between the ages of 12-19 can drop by.  Check out our website for more information or email ann@deproduction.org.
 Spotlight on Students