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Happy Summer to everyone!  We hope you and your family are getting ready to enjoy our warm summer days ahead.  We again, thank you for your  business and for your referrals. We are blessed to have the support of wonderful clients like you! 
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Murrysville Sportzone & Dek Hockey:  Thank you to Andy Virostek for hiring us to paint the Murrysville Sportzone! Jim base painted the walls and painted all of the stripes and Melissa painted their logo! Please check out the photos in this issue and also their website at for more information on their fitness center and the many sports programs that they offer!
Surprise!: Thank you to Cindy Lukart for hiring us to paint her teenage daughter, Ericka's bedroom!  While Erika was at school, Melissa painted her bedroom in a cool, funky design with pink and brown colors.  She arrived home to a newly painted room! Check out the photos below!
Faux Finish Fix: A customer recently had her kitchen painted in a faux finish by another artist but unfortunately wasn't happy with the end result.  Take a look below at the 'before' and 'after' photos below.
We hope you have an enjoyable summer and we appreciate your business and thank you for forwarding our newsletters on to your friends, neighbors and family. We are always grateful for the opportunity to paint in your homes or business.
Melissa and Jim DeBiase
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We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a typical painting contractor as we offer a very personalized painting service that includes free estimates, free color consultations, free color samples...all  for the same price or less than a Yellow Pages contractor.  Always know too, that we never start another job without finishing your home first and never water down paint!
 lukart teenSurprise for Erika! 
A Big Surprise was in store for Erika when she arrived home from school and discovered a new room design!  This geometric, funky design is a great look for young teens...always good to find a look that will grow with them until they leave for college!
Thank you to Cindy and Erika!
 For more pictures, check out our website:

lukart teen 2
lukart teen 3
 before fauxFaux Finish Fix 
The picture to the left shows an uneven texture created by another faux finisher. The homeowner was not happy with this look and asked Melissa to fix it. She had seen faux finishing work that we did in another home and said she realized then that her faux finish wasn't right!  We then realized it was important to educate our customers on what a faux finish should NOT look like. Unfortunately, not all faux finishes are this easily fixed but this one required one more layer of glaze and the walls were beautiful again! Just remember that faux finishes are not supposed to be 'splotchy' but rather a nice uniform layer of paint to create texture. The customer said that 'she could not believe how much more beautiful her kitchen was and didn't expect the extra layer to make so much of a difference.'   Always know that we use only professional quality faux finishng products and Melissa has 10 years of experience in faux finishing! She specializes in glazes, faux tile backsplashes, faux marble, faux woodgraining, faux wallpaper, kitchen cabinet makeovers, etc....
lukart after whole room
 murrysville sports zone logo
Thank you to Andy Virostek for hiring us to paint the walls at the Murrysville Sportzone and Dek Hockey!
Jim painted the walls and stripes and Melissa painted their logo.  If you are in the area, stop by and check it out!

murrysville sports zone stripes
murrysville sports zone logo and stripes
 markleys living roomCustomer Testimonial
Dear Jim and Melissa,
Christina and I are thrilled with the work you did in our foyer, powder room, living room, dining room and basement.  The faux finish in our powder room, living room and dining room is the envy of everyone who visits.  Chris wondered after you finished how we lived with white walls in those rooms for 2+ years!  Jim was very prompt and professional and even touched up a number of other walls that had some chips and dings. Our daughters, Hannah and Ceci love the basement mural Melissa did and use the magnetic walls to hang pictures and funny sayings.  A number of their friends have already signed the picket fence you painted.
Thank you very much for the great work you do.  We will have you back soon!
Christina and Bob Markley