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News From Nancy Clover RN, COHN-SJune 29, 2011
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Happy summer!!!!


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I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!


Please pass these jobs along to anyone who might be interested.  I am always happy to pay a referral bonus if the nurse is hired.


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Nancy Clover RN, COHN-S
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Job Opportunities

If you would like additional information on these positions go to our web site www.OccHealthConnections and click on the job.



Job # 11-034

Position: Employee Health Nurse ( RN )

Location: Stoughton, MA

Type: Hospital Based Full time, Monday to Friday, day shift

          This looks like it will be a nice job.


 Job # 11-041

Position: Nurse Practitioner (NP ) or Physician Assistant (PA )

Location: Waltham, MA

Status: Full time, work with corporate medical director and 2 other NP/PAs

Type: Corporate office

Salary: Negotiable


Job # 11-038

Position: NP/PA

Location: Lynn, MA

Status: Part time


Job # 11-044

Position: Registered Nurse ( RN )

Location: Framingham, MA

Status: 30 hours a week (4 -5 days)

Type: Corporate Office


Job # 11-046

Position: Physician Assistant ( PA ) or Nurse Practitioner ( NP ) with Urgent Care or Occupational Health experience

Location: Brockton, MA

Type: Onsite clinical services

Status: Full time


Job # 11-047

Position: Occupational Health NP or PA

Location: Pittsfield, MA

Type: Free standing occupational health clinic

Status: Full time and part time positions available

          Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm, hours may be able to flex.  No on call


Job # 11-050

Position: Nurse Practitioner ( NP )

Location: Newton, MA

Type: Free standing occupational health clinic       

Status: 24 hours a week.  8 am to 2 pm Tuesday -Friday


Job # 11-057

Position: Occupational Health Nurses

Location: multiple locations in the Boston area

Status: per diem, time available in July


Job # 11-054

Position: Director, Employee Health Services  NP preferred but would consider an RN

Location: Portland, Maine

Type: Hospital

Status: full time.  This is a temp position with a potential to go perm for the right candidate


Job # 11-021

Position: Nurse Practitioner ( NP ) or Physician Assistant ( PA )

Location: Augusta, Maine  Relocation assistance is offered.


Job # 11-042

Position: Registered Nurse ( RN )

Location: Auburn, Maine

Status: Full time


Job # 11-043

Position: Nurse Practitioner ( NP ) or Physician Assistant ( PA )

Location: Waterville, Maine  Relocation assistance is offered.


Job # 11-051

Position: Registered Nurse ( RN )

Location: Windsor Locks, CT

Type: Onsite occupational in a manufacturing facility

Status: 24 hours a week, with flexibility to increase to 40 hours a week as needed


Job # 11-011

Position: Physician Assistant ( PA ) or Nurse Practitioner

Location: Southwestern, CT

Type: urgent care in a retail clinic

Status: full time


Job # 11-052

Position: Registered Nurse ( RN )

Location: Flushing, NY

Type: Onsite occupational in a manufacturing facility

Status: 30 hours a week Night shift

Monday 8:30pm-5am, Tuesday 5:30pm-5am, and Wednesday 5:30pm-5am.


Job # 11-053

Position: Registered Nurse ( RN ) Manager

Location: Akron, Ohio, must have the ability to travel

Type: worksite accounts


Job # 11-033

Position: RN with occ health experience, per diem

Location: Waynesboro, GA

Status: per diems needed.  All shifts and weekend available.

                They are trying to increase their pool.


Job # 11-055

Position:  DO or MD for correctional facility

Location:  Southwest, West Virginia

Type:  On-site clinical providing direct care and services to inmates.

          Work with a nurses

Status:  Part-time, 16-24; can be any hours or days


Job # 11-056

Position: Nurse Practitioner ( NP )

Location: Charlottesville, NC

Type: Free standing occupational health clinic               

Status: per diem, time available in July


Job # 11-040

Position: Occupational health Nurse ( RN )

Location: Elkhart, Indiana

Status: 20-24 hours a week, flexible days, flexible daytime hours

Type: Manufacturing,


Job # 11-022

Position: Nurse Practitioner ( NP ) with workers compensation experience

Location: Torrance, CA

Status: Full time


 For additional information on these positions go to our   website  www.OccHealthConnections.com and click on the job or
contact Nancy Clover RN, COHN-S at 978-686-9739 or nancy@occhealthconnections.com


Educational Opportunities

Book and Stethescope


Free CNE Program:

Yellow Fever Vaccine Course

CDC's Travelers' Health Branch has developed a free online course "Yellow Fever Vaccine: Information for Health Care Professionals Advising Travelers" that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the history and epidemiology of yellow fever, vaccine recommendations, the pre-travel consultation, and how to become a designated yellow fever vaccination provider. (2 CEU)




CONFERENCES: Everyone is invited!
Please invite a colleague to join us


July 12: Respirator Fit Testing Workshop

Tarrytown, NY   http://www.mctownsend.com/fit_testing_respirator_training.html


July 14-15: PFT course

Albany, NY  barbara.hathaway@ge.com


July 18-21: National Wellness Conference

Stevens point, WI  http://www.nationalwellness.org/index.php?id_tier=90


July 18-21 Workers' Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference

Hyannis, MA http://www.seak.com.     


July 19-22: Federal Occ Health & Workers compensation Conference

Dallas, TX   http://www.ohconf.org 


July 25-27: Occupational Health Nursing Certification Review (COHN/COHN-S)

Norfolk, Virginia http://osherc.sph.unc.edu/cert_review.htm


Aug 10: Respirator Fit Testing Workshop

Orlando, FL   http://www.mctownsend.com/fit_testing_respirator_training.html


Aug 11-13: Louisiana State AAOHN Conference

New Orleans, LA  www.LAOHN.org


September 8-10: Western Occupational Health Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada http://www.woema.org/conferences.vp.html


Sept 12: Integrating Health Promotion with Occupational Health

Lebanon, NH  http://www.cmsne.org/


Sept 13: North of Boston AOHN Legal updates in occ health 

Woburn, MA www.MaAOHN.org


Sept 14-16: Pennsylvania AOHN

Monroeville, PA  http://www.paaohn.org


Sept 14-15: Eliminating Health and Safety Disparities at Work

Chicago, Ilwww.cdc.gov/niosh/programs/ohd


Sept 15-16: Texas State AOHN

Galveston, TX   http://www.tsaohn.org/


Sept 15-17: Florida State AOHN conference

Naples, FL www.fsaohn.org


Sept 19 - 21: NIOSH Approved Spirometry Course

Pittsburgh, PA http://www.mctownsend.com/index.html


Sept 20-22 (recert Sept 21): Hearing Conservation Course

Manchester, NH  www.gordonhearing.com


Sept 21-23: NY State Occ Health Conference

Saratoga Springs, NY   http://ny.neaohn.org


Sept 23-24: Michigan State AOHN


September 27: Arizona Kachina Occupational Health Nurses Meeting

Tucson, AZ


Sept 27: Respirator Fit Testing Workshop

Minneapolis, MN   http://www.mctownsend.com/fit_testing_respirator_training.html


Sept 28-Oct 1: Association of Occupational Health Professionals National Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota http://www.aohp.org/



For Additional educational programs go to www.OccHealthConnections.com


Info to Share:



Firework safety: CPSC's web site, including a video on the

Danger of fireworks, please go to:



Staying Healthy on a Cruise - CDC

Although cruising has many obvious pleasures, certain health hazards are also a risk with cruise ship travel. Staying informed and preparing for these potential hazards can help you stay healthy and get the most out of your cruise vacation.



This is a nice piece on hearing tests to handout to employees.



Health and Safety Concerns for All Disasters - CDC

Illnesses, injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, animals and insects, food, water, cleanup, mold, environmental concerns, mental effects of disasters and more are covered on this page.



Free download from National Academies Press Guidelines for Working with Hazardous Chemicals http://bit.ly/l5XYNP


The "ACOEM Spirometry in the Occupational Health Setting - 2011 Update" has just been published in the JOEM and can be viewed as a pdf at http://journals.lww.com/joem/Fulltext/2011/05000/Spirometry_in_the_Occupational_Health_Setting_2011.16.aspx  Click on the pdf icon under Article Tools - it is accessible to the public.

This statement includes many figures of flawed tests, summary recommendations for valid testing, and an interpretation algorithm that follows the American Thoracic Society interpretative guidelines. Developed by ACOEM's Occupational and Environmental Lung Disorder Committee, with contributions from numerous other members of the occupational health community, the Statement aims to help practitioners more effectively perform and use results from spirometry testing to assess employee respiratory health.


Early identification of stroke and knowledgeable treatment are the keys to better patient outcomes. This provides an update on the essential components of stroke recognition and management. http://journals.lww.com/ajnonline/Fulltext/2011/05000/Stroke_Recognition_and_Management.26.aspx


Implementing standardized reporting and safety checklists can help prevent medical errors. This article describes how change and learning theories and a three-phase process were used among nurses at one hospital to achieve successful implementation.


New Guidelines and Prevention Toolkits for Health Care-Associated Infections
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued 2011 Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections, with an important notice to readers about the methodology used. Top CDC recommendations and detailed toolkits for preventing urinary tract, surgical site, central line-associated bloodstream infections outside ICUs, and other health care-associated infections are also available




 Send your Information to share to: nancy@occhealthconnections.com

Questions & Answers from fellow

Occ Health Nurses?????





Does anyone have any information/protocols on monitoring employees that work from home- re safety, ergonomic and other issues? ( ex- are they really working? We will be increasing the number of employees with the ability to work from home and wondering how others manage this.  Thanks, I appreciate it!






Eileen: I have an employee who works in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting.  She states the fluorescent lighting bothers her eyes.  She cannot be moved since all the other work areas are similar to hers.  I can't have the lighting removed as it will affect those who work around her.  I have tried computer screen filters without success.  The problem is the light going to her eyes.  Any suggestions?? 




We have a  similar problem in my office . We turn off the overhead lighting and use 2or 3 table lamps or shaded light from a window if there is one. On the days she must use the florescent light wear a visor or cap. Good luck, Margi


Lisa:  I had this issue with some employees.  Some needed to see an eye doctor because they had not seen one for many years.   Some of them took care of the issue by wearing a visor without my involvement. I had one employee who wanted the lights removed because she felt that she was getting enough light without needing the light above her head.   For some of my other employees....I was able to request different light bulbs or some light filter attached to the lights above them. 


Paula, Richard:   How about a visor?


Lynne, Fran & Cindy: A slight tint on the glasses should help the problem

Kathy: I spoke with our electrician. He said the fluorescent lights need a high voltage due to the gas in the fluorescent light bulb and this often irritates people's eyes.


He suggested that they remove the fluorescent bulbs that are directly related to her work area (if possible). And install small ceiling spot lights that would shine directly into her work area. We had to do the same thing in our engineering area. Some of the folks wanted extra lighting so we purchased desk lamps.



Nancy: If she is not sharing a cubicle with others, how about shutting light off and using a lamp. Tinted glasses the are only tinted on top and bottoms clear.


Lee: I came across a similar situation and we tried the following:

Anti glare screen Turned off 1/2 the lights over the work area.

Moved the computer on the desk so the glare was behind the employee

For another employee we increased the height of the cubicle


Deb: Can they get/make her a canopy (tent type material) light colored to filter the fluorescent light over her but not take the light away from others. This concept is used on back decks to filter sunlight. Cost would be low and they could suspend it from the ceiling.


Sandy: How about a nice Red Sox ball cap?  (This is out of CT so it might be a Yankee cap and that just would not work for me -Nancy)


Susan: Sounds crazy but what about a broad brimmed hat  - the kind to keep the sun off.  Or a baseball cap with a large brim.  Are hats allowed?

Would keep the light directly out of her eyes

Gail: there are panels that actually replace the "original" Plexiglas that usually is put up to cover the lighting unit.  You see them in OB/GYN offices when the table to placed directly under a lighting unit. Instead of the women looking up at the fluorescent light box during exam, it may look like the sky, or puppy dogs, balloons, etc.
It doesn't affect the amount of light, it diffuses it, and it is prettier.  I think the purpose is two-fold. Healthier on the eye, and nicer to look at.



We have a  similar problem in my office . We turn off the overhead lighting and use 2or 3 table lamps or shaded light from a window if there is one. On the days she must use the florescent light wear a visor or cap. Good luck, Margi


Gail:  Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs


A co-worker solved this issue with glasses sold at Staples for this computer issue Pam



Please email Nancy if you have any information to share on these questions!