B2B Executive Strategies Quarterly Newsletter  

May 2012 - Vol 3, Issue 1          

The season for B2B Executive Engagement is in high gear! 

Spring is the time when many organizations connect their leadership team with their customer executive peers to:
  • Build key relationships with decision makers
  • Align company strategy with the market 
  • Identify opportunities that could transform their business, even their industry.  

Just like spring, engaging with decision makers offers new potential for productive and prosperous seasons to come.  According to the IBM's 2012 Global CEO Study, investment in customer engagement is rapidly increasing. "As a group, CEOs are investing in customer insights more than any other functional area - far above operations, competitive intelligence, financial analysis and even risk management." 


This issue of our newsletter focuses on the planning and execution of the most important executive engagement initiative, the Customer Advisory Board.  Our team has selected recent posts in which they discuss questions and situations faced by B2B leaders all over the world.  Learn from the experience of thousands - there is no reason your initiative should suffer an avoidable misstep!


In addition to the articles we have included here, we invite you to visit the Geehan Group Blog, our resource library which features hundreds of articles regarding the leading executive engagement strategies and practices. 



The Geehan Group Team
How to Build an Inspired Agenda for Your Customer Advisory Board Meeting


Whenever we conduct a research or survey poll to uncover the challenges of running a successful Customer Advisory Board, near the top of the list of frustrations sits the task of setting the right agenda for each meeting.  More often than not, meetings are overcrowded with product demonstrations and sales presentations.  Did you know that giving generous breaks is as important as choosing the right topics?  Do you have the right mix of content, discussion, interaction, and networking built into your meeting?  Read more...


How to Spark Collaboration with Guest Speakers


Have you managed or attended a meeting when the guest speaker exceeded the allotted time limit or strayed from topic?  An industry expert or innovative thought-leader can engage, energize, and enrich your group's discussion, or he can bring it to a grinding halt.  Make sure all of your guest speakers are catalysts for developing the next big idea.  Read more...



We have seen many resourceful leaders save costs by running their meetings with members who attend remotely.  This approach presents many challenges for a group that is most effective when it collaborates and interacts in a face-to-face setting.  If remote attendees are a financial necessity, learn how to make their participation as rich as the contribution offered from those sitting in the room.  Read More...


How to Make Your Customer Advisory Board a Facilitator of Change 
Customer Advisory Boards bring a critical perspective into an organization, but in many cases, it is also a perspective that is new.  Very often, "new" translates to "change", and when change is not managed thoughtfully, it can be problematic or stifling.  If your company does not already have the disciplined habit of actively listening to your customers (through a Customer Advisory Board or otherwise), don't let a cultural resistance to change sink your initiative before it starts.   Read more...


Is Your Customer Advisory Board Built on The 8 Key Building Blocks? is the largest international industry association and community of Customer Advisory Board managers worldwide. The group is holding its annual conference this year in San Francisco on June 7, 2012.  Please join the Geehan team as we lead attendees through the 8 Building Blocks of a World Class Customer Advisory Board.  Find more information about the event at Customer Advisory Conference 2012.  
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