Ring of Fire
Annular Eclipse 
May 20, 2012



Slowly the Pleiades dropt like dew  

from bough to bough of the cinnamon trees.  

William Roscoe Thayer, Halid



Eclipses 2012
 gemini pleiadean eclipse 



Hi everyone, as you may have heard, on May 20/21, 2012 we will experience an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4:47pm Pacific Daylight Time (11:47pm UT). This is a partial eclipse, not total. The Moon will glide in front of the Sun but will not cover it completely because the moon is too far away in its orbit around Earth to appear large enough in our sky to cover the sun.


An Annular Solar Eclipse blocks from view all but the outer portion of the sun. This creates a visual phenomenon known as the "Ring of Fire," which is the outer edge of the Sun blazing around the Moon. (The word Annular is from the Latin "annulus," meaning "little ring".) In this particular Annular Eclipse, the annular ring will be quite thick. At its peak, the eclipse will block about 94 percent of the sun's light.


The annular eclipse path will pass through southeast China, northern Taiwan and southeast JAPAN in the morning hours of May 21st. Tokyo "lies 10km north of the central line of the eclipse path. For the over 10 million residents within the metropolitan area, the annular phase will last 5 minutes beginning at 22:32 UT. The time of greatest eclipse will occur over the Pacific Ocean." (NASA) 


This would be a good time to focus prayer and healing energy toward JAPAN, as the eclipse sweeps its glowing ringed eye across that battered country.


The U.S. hasn't experienced a central solar eclipse since 1994. But some living in the U.S. - from parts of the West Coast (California-Oregon border) to northwestern Texas -  will be able to see (cloud cover permitting) the ring of fire encircling the moon.


What is most fascinating about this eclipse is that it sets up a perfect alignment between the Earth, the Sun and the star ALCYONE in the Pleiades, an open star cluster (Messier object 45) at the edge of our galaxy. Because the Pleiades are the star cluster nearest to earth and most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky, they have a long and storied history in the minds and tales of Humanity down through the ages. The star Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster and also has a deep mythological connection with Earth.


What is even more fascinating is that the May 20th Annular Eclipse occurs at ZERO DEGREES GEMINI and that Acyone has recently moved into the first degree of Gemini after being in the sign of Taurus for about 2,000 years. (Alcyone is the third Pleiadean star to move into Gemini, Pleione and Atlas having gone before.) Considering the deep connection we have with Alcyone, it's movement into a whole new zodiac sign is a major sea change in human consciousness. The May 20th Annular Eclipse focuses in on this shift with a magnifying glass.


Scroll down for some more thoughts on this Pleiadean Ring of Fire Annular eclipse.


Many Blessings,



Carol 4-24-12 


Carol Ann Ciocco
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Eclipse Part One
the pleiades 


Canst thou not arrange together the rosette of diamonds of the Pleiades? - Beigel translating Job 38:31



The Pleiades are a gorgeous sight in our skies, a faintly blue gathering of magical stars. They have been poetically described as gems, rosary beads, diamonds and glittering dew. They have captured the imagination of humans as far back as we can remember.


Fixed Star scholar Bernadette Brady researched the many symbols projected onto the Pleiades seemingly since the beginning of time. Some examples: the Pleiades have been described by the Chinese as "Seven Sisters of Industry," by the Greeks as the children of Atlas, or the seven doves who take ambrosia to the infant Zeus, and by other cultures as a hen with her chickens. Humanity has spun a plethora of tales regarding the Pleiades, producing a virtual litany of associations:   


These associations say more about the cultures who told the stories than they do about the energetic energy of the Pleiades themselves. However there are common themes regarding the Pleiades and the star Alcyone - the brightest star in the Pleiades - that give us some clues:


(1) VISION: Alcyone is said to convey inner vision, visionary capabilities, and psychic/intuitive gifts when it is prominent in a birth chart.


Now that Alcyone has moved into the sign of Gemini, we are experiencing a renewed focus on the aspects of HIGHER VISION and HIGHER MIND, in particular the Reasoning Mind which sees and knows the Truth, cutting away illusion and emotional glamour. Gemini is in a harmonious (trine) relationship with Aquarius, and so the brilliant Reason of Gemini paves the way for the Genius lightning-like leaps of creative imagination that will be the order of the day in the dawning Age of Aquarius.


(2) JUDGMENT: Hand-in-hand with the quality of vision, Alcyone is also associated with judgment, sometimes harsh judgment. If you are a seer, if you have a vision, it is important to discern its true meaning, apart from the filters of the personality. Clear thinking and impartial judgment, even if it seems harsh, are essential tools as we enter the murky waters leading into the Aquarian Age.


(3) LOSS: Because the mourning of the dead was associated with the rising of the Pleiades cluster, the Pleiades have consistently taken on a Fateful, mournful quality as well. They are sometimes referred to as the weeping sisters. This is a seasonal tradition that has been handed down to us in the form of All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead and All Saints Day in modern times when we too honor our ancestors and deceased loved ones.


Thus, the Pleiades have a connection with loss, weeping, and grieving. Under close analysis, we can see that the Pleiades teach us about the passing over to other dimensions. Mourning can turn to dancing when we realize that we haven't lost anything; the Soul lives on in other dimensions. This eclipse is a chance to explore the boundaries of multi-dimensional awareness, especially as a method for healing deep loss.


alcyone goddess in the hall of records by carol ann ciocco
Alcyone Goddess in the Hall of Records by Carol Ann Ciocco 

(4) THE HALL OF RECORDS: In some mystical traditions the Pleiades are seen as the home of the Hall of Records for Earth. The Hall of Records (aka the Akashic Records; or The Book of Life in the Bible) is a kind of karmic databank or library of every thought word and deed of every soul who ever lived on earth, in every incarnation they ever lived, throughout all time. (It's a pretty big library:) "According to the Pleiadeans, Earth is Alcyone's laboratory and Alcyone is Earth's library." - Barbara Hand Clow


The May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse is what's known as a SOUTH NODE ECLIPSE - i.e. the emphasis is on the PAST. This South Node Eclipse in direct connection with visionary, multidimensional Alcyone may catapult us back into the furthest reaches of human experience on this planet, perhaps to help us heal the losses we have experienced, old wounds which hold us back from true divine expression.


If you are able to contact and read the Akashic Records, this would be the ideal time to do so. This is a rare momentary portal, offering a glimpse more deeply into our past than ever before. Under this eclipse the Record Keepers are more available to our conscious mind, providing an opportunity for spontaneous release and healing especially of distorted thinking patterns.


Alcyone has a judgmental tone to it, as mentioned above. Indeed, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect dishes out karma without mercy or compassion. As such, the Akashic Records are IMPERSONAL which makes their 'pronouncements' seem harsh. However, the Record Keepers and those who read the Records are not judging, just REPORTING the facts of what has happened. The Law of Cause and Effect simply matches what has been created by our thought word and deed.


Under this eclipse we can read the Records with Compassion and infuse the facts with Love so that whatever has happened can be transformed.


(5) LOVE and the 5TH DIMENSION: The Pleiades have been described as the ancestral home of many indigenous clans on Earth for at least 40,000 years. Astrologer and Cherokee Record Keeper Barbara Hand Clow - who channels messages from the Pleiades - writes in her book "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions" that the Pleiadeans are the Keepers of the 5th Dimension (5D). She writes:


"The description of this well as its connection with Earth is mind-boggling. (The Pleiadeans) say a great spiral of stellar light from the Pleiades reaches our Sun, and our Sun is the eighth of the large stars of the Pleiades. The generator of the spiral is Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades from Earth's view. Astronomically, this seems bizarre, yet a few astronomers and early Greeks described this same spiralic geometry of light between the Pleiades and the Sun, My Mayan medicine brother, Hunbatz Men, has written about this system." ('Alchemy of Nine Dimensions,' p. 69)


According to Hand Clow, the 5th Dimension, resonant with the Pleiades, is PURE LOVE; its energy is centered in the HEART and connects us to all living beings and realms on Earth. It is the essence of Samadhi, the realizable human experience of union with the divine. Samadhi is a transcendent level of consciousness which is maintained at the same time as full awareness within the 3rd dimensional world.


If you get a chance before Sunday, you might want to listen to Barbara Hand Clow's CD, 'Journeys Through Nine Dimensions'. This guided meditation uses sound and vibration to take you on a journey from 1D (the 1st Dimension, the Earth's iron-ore Core) to 9D (the 9th Dimension, the Galactic Center). The track for 5D (the 5th Dimension, the Pleiades) really captures the energy of the Pleiades as described by Hand Clow. I highly recommend listening to it during this eclipse portal to further enhance your connection with the Pleiades at this key moment in time. You can purchase the CD here: 


Keep in mind that the effects of any eclipse last for at least 30 days beforehand and 30 days after. So your interaction with the Pleiades is not limited to Sunday May 20th. In truth, an eclipse sets off an arrow that culminates 19 years later. This one hearkens back to May 10, 1994, and the seeds planted now will culminate in 2031. Still, this eclipse is backward-gazing. It's time to re-vision the past. What stories are we telling ourselves that are not accurate? The Gemini mastermind can wake us up from the dream with a flash of Awareness.


Under this oracular Pleiadean eclipse, our vision can be sharpened, refined and lifted out of the realm of illusion and emotional glamour, to the crystal clear realm of Pure Mind. All of our visions must be run through the annular Ring of Fire to be purified and distilled to gleaming Truth, free of illusion. Love and its multidimensional Reality is the Ring-Pass-Not for this process.


At the time of this Annular eclipse, visions may occur if we open up to the transmission from Alcyone and the Hall of Records, funneled through our Sun and reflected by our moon. Messages from the ancestors may provide guidance; and the healing of grief may be lovingly accelerated. 

Eclipse Part Two



Ah, Gemini. This is your year. The Venus Transit (a historic centennial event which will occur on June 5th when we will see the planet Venus cross the face of the Sun) occurs in the sign of Gemini (as did its bookend Transit in 2004). So the message from the Divine Feminine for our times is a GEMINI message. 2012 is not the end of the world, it is the Year of the Goddess, it the Year of Gemini.


Alcyone is a fixed star. Fixed stars do not appear to move in relation to the other stars of the night sky, but they do move; they move forward through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. Thus, their movement is so incrementally small that the sky you see today looks much the way it did thousands of years ago


Alcyone has been in Taurus for about 2,100 years. In 1900 Alcyone was at 28 degrees Taurus. In 1950, it was at 29 degrees Taurus. And around the year 2000, Alcyone slid effortlessly into the Zero Degrees Gemini position. Most of us didn't notice. But this eclipse makes sure that we do. Gemini message indeed.


Gemini is a wild-card energy that is slippery and hard to define. (Think of quicksilver Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini). This eclipse occurs at Zero Degrees of Gemini. This is a kind of *Ground Zero* in consciousness, a reset button for the MIND. Boots Hart says, "this Zero Gemini eclipse will free some and silence others."


What is the Gemini message beaming to us now through a Pleiadean lens? The Brilliant Goddess of Pure Mind joins the mournful, visionary, multidimensional, Love-soaked Song of the Seven Sisters. Listen closely.

Eclipse Part Three


Love Is A Burning Thing. And It Makes A Fiery Ring. Bound By Wild Desire. I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire. I Went Down, Down, Down. And The Flames Went Higher. And It Burns, Burns, Burns. The Ring Of Fire. The Ring of Fire. - Johnny Cash // click here to listen:    


cookie annular


What is the difference between a Total Solar Eclipse and an Annular Solar Eclipse? Visually, annular solar eclipses create a weird sort of "counterfeit twilight" - different from the more complete darkness created by total solar eclipses. The difference has to do with the depth of the Ring.  


Under a Total Solar Eclipse, the entire face of the Sun is covered by the Moon and all we see is the Sun's corona - a microscopic ring of blazing filaments of light surrounded by an instantaneous flash. The revealed strands of light are threads of brilliance we don't normally see because we're blinded by the bright glare of everyday life.


An Annular (partial) Solar Eclipse leaves visible a noticeable outer ring of our consciousness. The implication here is that we're taking a step away from the core of our life because something "core" has gone awry. This requires taking a "step away." - (Boots Hart)


In a Total Solar Eclipse, a hole is punched into the sky and illumination leaks out around it, blinding the ego-mind and illuminating deep fears hidden in the subconscious. The Total Solar Eclipse portal leads inward, while the Annular Solar Eclipse lends itself more to interdimensional travel.


In an Annular Eclipse, the image of the thick annular solar ring penetrating around the cover of the moon looks like a STARGATE (as in the movie Stargate, see photo below). In this case, the Stargate leads to the Pleiades. The possibilities are endless.  




The Annular Eclipse is a particular phenomenon for viewing as well: "Annular eclipses have a special charm all their own. During an annular eclipse, sunbeams turn into little rings of light.  The best place to see this is on the sun-dappled ground beneath a leafy tree. Hundreds of circular shadows can be found there." (Fred Espanek, NASA)


"Other things to look for during an Annular Eclipse include a silvery or metallic quality to the light around the time of annularity or when the sun is a thin crescent. Look for images of the crescent or ring sun being cast under leafy trees; small openings between leaves often make "pinhole cameras" projecting images of the sun on the ground." (


Watch for the twinkling Pleiadean crescents and walk through the Stargate. If you live in the path of this eclipse, what an opportunity! Enjoy!  



Eclipse Part Four
ring of fire



And so, the moon will slowly cross the sun's path, blocking out everything but a thin, blazing rim of fire. A bright halo will grace the lunar edges - the coveted Ring of Fire, sought by eclipse chasers the world over - a dark Moon completely surrounded by the brilliant light of the distant Sun. 


annular eclipse
Please watch this fascinating animation of the May 20/21, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse: Just sit and watch it for a moment. As the eclipse streams across it's path on the face of the earth, the sun turns into an eyeball - which is looking at you. After looking into your soul, it swings its spotlight into outer space, as if it's scanning you and transferring the information to some great database somewhere. In this particular Pleiadean Eclipse, we can access the massive database that is the Hall of Records on Alcyone. And it can access us.

Here are some additional Beautiful animations of the May 20, 2012 eclipse from several viewpoints: from over the Pacific Ocean, from space, from the moon, and from the sun. I wonder what it will look like from Alcyone?   



Eclipse Part Five 



Eclipses travel in pairs (like lovebirds). The companion of the May 20th eclipse is a Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. In addition, eclipse couples also have families, just as we do. Every eclipse belongs to a series of similar eclipses 18 years and 11 days apart. This is called the Saros Cycle. The May 20, 2012 Annular eclipse is a member of the Saros 128 family (aka 14 South Saros Series).


horshoe annular

Some themes of the 14 South Saros Series (14S), according to 'Brady's Predictive Astrology' are: long periods of hard work are rewarded; an obsessive idea is finally accepted which leads to promised success; new ideas or methodologies bring long awaited breakthroughs. (Note: this info is gleaned from an analysis of 14S's initial eclipse of August 29, 984.)


In NASA's numbering system this eclipse belongs to the Saros 128 family: "This is the 33rd eclipse of Saros 128 (Espenak and Meeus, 2006). The family began with a series of 24 partial eclipses starting on August 29th in the year 984. The first central eclipse was total and took place on 1417 May 16. After three more totals and four hybrid eclipses, the series changed to annular on 1561 Aug 11. Subsequent members of Saros 128 were all annular eclipses with increasing durations, the maximum of which was reached on 1832 Feb 01 and lasted 08 minutes 35 seconds. The duration of annularity of each succeeding eclipse is now dropping and will reach 4 minutes with the last annular eclipse of the series on 2120 Jul 25. Saros 128 terminates on 2282 Nov 01 after a string of 9 partial eclipses. Complete details for the 73 eclipses in the series (in the sequence of 24 partial, 4 total, 4 hybrid, 32 annular, and 9 partial) may be found at:   



It might be valuable to access the Records regarding the theme of "long periods of hard work coming to fruition," and also concerning some or all of the previous eclipse Saros dates as you take your multidimensional Pleiadean Eclipse Journey.


Viewing Details
warning: do NOT look directly at the sun 



As mentioned above, the May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse should be visible from much of Asia, the Pacific region and some of western North America, weather permitting. Other parts of the United States and Canada will still see a partial solar eclipse, without being treated to the ring of fire effect, though the East Coast will miss the event since the sun will have set before it begins. The eclipse will occur in the late afternoon or early evening of May 20 throughout North America, and May 21 for observers in Asia.   



Solar Eclipses for Beginners by Mr. Eclipse   



Viewing info     




WARNING: Because the Sun's disk won't be completely covered, you'll need to take careful precautions when attempting to view the ring or any phase of the partial eclipse. Looking at the Sun with your bare eyes, or with an inadequate filter, can permanently damage your vision. At no time can you gaze at this Annular (partial) Solar Eclipse without protective solar filters to prevent damage to your eyes. Information from NASA:   





It was the hour when the Pleiades appeared in the firmament  

like the folds of a silken sash variously decked with gems.

- Amr al Kais', Muallakat, translated by Sir William Jones