Solstice-Full Moon 2007
Stargate Still-Point Portal
Walking the Galactic Edge
December 21-23, 2007
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 Cosmic Re-Set Button:
Why Wait for 2012?
A New 26,000 year Cycle Begins Now
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Are you ready to take a leap? (I'm not talking about the 'flying-leap' variety:) Are you ready to shift? Why not shift now - and avoid the Christmas-2012 rush? That's what this newsletter is about. It's time to burst your bubble and let go of the old ways. It's time to burst our collective bubble and let go of the old consciousness. We already looked at this subject back on December 9-11, with the Stargate Transformation Portal. Well, that Portal is STILL IN EFFECT (i.e. we are still being 'downloaded' by the Galactic Center even as I sit here typing this.)
The shockwaves of the planets (non-dwarf and dwarf) Jupiter and Pluto hanging out at the Heart Chakra of our Galaxy are STILL IN EFFECT and will be through about the end of January when Pluto makes his big earth-shaking move into Capricorn. Jupiter already started the movement in that direction, when he moved into Capricorn this past Tuesday December 18th. But we will look at "The Capricorn Shift" later. First, we must deal with Part Two of the Stargate Transformation Portal - Continued and Turbo-Boosted. THAT is happening this weekend: December 21-23, 2007. This weekend is the bookend experience to the Power Portal of December 9-11, 2007. And it's official name is The Stargate Stillpoint Portal.
moon riseSo how ARE you in the wake of December 9-11th? How many of you out there had an epiphany on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level(s) that changed you? Raise your hand (p.s. my hand is up right now:) I found ways to heal my heart in regard to someone I love deeply, to let go of several gurus/false gods that I had set up within my spirituality, and - in my spare time - to radically change my beliefs about myself and the future of this planet. All in a week's work for us Lightworkers, eh! Some of you may have had an intense time as well. Some may not have. Either way, this weekend gives us another chance to become aware of everything that no longer serves us on our Highest Path of Enlightenment - and to jettison it into the Black Hole of Gratitude. This weekend is the Outbreath of the Stargate Transformation Portal.
I have to tell you, I really struggled to condense this information into one newsletter. But I feel it needs to be all-in-one. The energies are all-in-one; i.e. we are being hit with all of this at once, so I think it's good for us to understand it all in one package, if at all possible. To simplify things, the information presented here will be in three parts: (1) The Winter Solstice, which occurs on Saturday December 22nd at 1:08am EST; (2) The Full Moon in Cancer (Sun in Capricorn), which occurs at 8:18pm EST on Sunday December 23rd; and (3) Opening our consciousness up to The Galactic Edge, while also maintaining our Heart Integrity as held by The Galactic Center Heart Chakra. Don't worry, I will explain below:)
as above so belowMy Shamanic Astrology teacher Cayelin Castell describes the energies of this weekend as a RE-START BUTTON. What does this mean? This is a reference to video games (you know, the ones your kids play:) There is a point you reach when the game is played as far as it can be played and then there is a "re-set" button that re-sets the system so you can start again. This month we are not just re-setting back to the same game, we are re-setting to a whole new game. So it's a COSMIC RE-SET BUTTON, that you can access if you want to. The choice is yours. Why not Re-Set now and avoid the Christmas rush:) Scroll down for more info on all of this. And in the meantime...
Have a great Full Moon experience
with many Soul-stice Blessings,
Carol Ann Ciocco
The Winter Solstice: December 22nd
Let's Party like it's our 26,000th birthday
solsticeWhy are we saying that this Winter Solstice is the start of a new 26,000 year cycle? Where does this idea come from? Well, first of all, we need to understand that we are right now within a 144-year time-span where our Sun is aligned with the Winter Solstice at the Galactic Center. This alignment occurs every 26,000 years. The Mayans, as far back as 100 BC, calculated that this alignment would occur around 2011-2012. Well, it has ALREADY occurred: Scientists pinpointed the occurence of the "exact" conjunction of our Sun with Galactic Center at Winter Solstice of 1998. (Note: When you look at the length of time the Mayans were covering, you can see that they were very close in their calculations! In the long-span of time, they were about 15 minutes off - not bad:)
So why is this Solstice special? First of all, we are very near the center point of the 144-year "window" of this alignment RIGHT NOW. Secondly, there are many other cycles coming together all at the same time. This is what creates "the Re-Set" effect.
For instance, the much-publicized Pluto at the Galactic Center alignment occuring now only occurs every 248 years. Jupiter and the Sun conjunct at the Galactic Center won't happen again for another 83 years. Jupiter at the Galactic Center only occurs every 12 years. The two of them together (Jupiter and Pluto) at the Galactic Center and ALSO at the Winter Solstice only occurs every 3,000 years. You see where I'm going with this? It is a cascade-effect. A convergence. This is the time that the Mayans were trying to predict. We can call the times we live in "the 2012 portal." A span of time, a threshold into a new realm.
full solstice moonSo what does this mean for YOU personally living in 2007? First of all, remember that the Galactic Center alignment is about healing your heart and living a heart-centered life. Are you doing what makes your heart sing? Does your life spring from heart-centered Joyfulness and Love? If not, now is the time to hit the Re-Set Button and set it up all fresh and new. You can do this with intention. How? As you let go of what no longer serves, the Black Hole Heart Chakra (Our Mother, the Queen of Love) at the Center of our Galaxy will suck the old ways right up out of you and absorb them. THEN you are free to open your Heart and set your Intentions. To let go of what no longer serves, simply intend that it is so. Intend to LET GO.
In addition, this weekend we are also in the energies of the Winter Solstice. Solstice means "sun standing still" (more on the Standstill energies below). To the ancients, this was an annual Re-set Button. At Winter Solstice, the path of the sun in the sky reaches its most southern position and reverses its path towards the north. It "stands still" for a few days. For our ancestors, this signalled the beginning of the new agricultural year. The Return of the Light.

winter solstice at newgrangeThe Stillpoint is a profound moment of potentiality. It is the abyss or womb where all things are born. Because this year's Solstice Stillpoint dovetails with so many other powerful cycles cascading together, we are receiving an exponentialized opportunity for change, on both personal and global levels. This weekend is the period on the end of a very potent month of transformation. We are standing in a DOORWAY or Portal that signals the end of an epoch, and the beginning of ... the beginning of what? ... we are writing the script for that NOW. If you believe in gloom and doom, that is what you/we will create.
As the door opens, throw the old stuff out the window into the vortex of the Galactic Center. Then, step through the portal, all the while envisioning and feeling in your heart the new reality you are creating (moving toward The Galactic Edge, as described below). The exact Solstice point is at 1:08am EST on Saturday December 22nd, but the window of opportunity for this doorway will be in effect for three days, Friday (the day before), Saturday (the day of) and Sunday (the day after). And of course, as we will discuss in the next section, Sunday just happens to be a powerful Full Moon Portal. Read on for more... It gets even better!
full moon rise
Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain,
but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.
- Ikkyu, Zen monk & poet, 1394-1481
The Full Moon in Cancer: December 23rd
A Pregnant Pause at the Standstill Point

full moonThe Full Moon at 2 degrees of Cancer (with the Sun at 2 degrees of Capricorn) occurs at 8:18pm EST on Sunday December 23rd. As if it were possible, the energies of this Full Moon are even more potent than the Solstice the day before and the Stargate Portal several weeks before...and for several reasons.

First of all, this Full Moon occurs within another Stillpoint energy known as the "Lunar Standstill." This is an approximately 19-year cycle where the moon moves beyond the reaches of her normal path in the sky (or declination) and thus enters into an "out of bounds" (or extreme declination) space of potentiality. The ancients often referred to the Lunar Standstill as when "the moon walks upon the land" and honored it as a special time-outside-of-time.
Out-of-bounds means the energies of this Full Moon are out of the context of ordinary reality. The energy of any out-of-bounds planet is considered "up for grabs" and not playing on the conscious world stage. This weekend, the moon has now reached her farthest point; and from here on she will start drawing back, closer to earth, bringing galactic information with her.
The Lunar Standstill has been occurring for 2 years now, twice per month. As the moon has traveled monthly out of her normal reach, she has been alternating between moving toward the Galactic Center and toward the Galactic Edge. This is the last Lunar Standstill window which will be aligned with the Winter Solstice, and it is gathering energy from the Galactic Edge. So the influence of BOTH Galactic Center AND Galactic Edge are present this weekend in this Super Stillpoint Portal. (See the next section for more details on the Galactic Edge.) 
full moon
Secondly, the planet Mars is exhibitiing significant and rare behavior at this Full Moon, as well. Mars is at extreme declination right now. This means he is out-of-bounds (out of the context of ordinary reality, just as described in the above paragraph in reference to the Moon). This occurs when Mars retrogrades near 26-27 degrees North or South declination of Cancer or Capricorn. The energy of an out-of-bounds planet is a wild-card energy. Your guess is as good as mine. Spin the wheel. All bets are off.


Mars will remain in this space of openness to change until March 14, 2008. And this positioning of Mars won't happen again until 2016. Mars will conjunct the Moon at the Winter Solstice. But this is no ordinary conjunction: Mars will be OCCULTED by the moon and this occultation occurs in that out-of-bounds area we've been discussing. Mars will be off the world stage and also in the deepest reaches of the collective consciousness. This is a blacking out of the warrior energies (similar to the Mirfak energies we saw being covered by Comet Holmes).

Here is another indication of the rareness of these celestial events: At the Solstice, Mars will be opposite the Sun (aligned with the Galactic Center) at the same time the Moon covers or blacks-out Mars. And this will occur at the exact moment of the Solstice! This particular Re-Set Button has to do with re-scripting how we use the masculine energies on this Planet. Keep in mind that what we set in motion here reverberates throughout the entire galaxy, as our Sun is aligned with Galactic Center.


surrender!Oh and one more thing: Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto are all on the other side of the Sun this month. This means they also are off the world stage, and thus carry an out-of-bounds or underworld energy. The cumulative effect of all of this means that we can experience the annihilation of our deepest fears and our old archaic roles and identities.

To put it simply: on a personal level this can mean: stop beating on yourself! On a collective level this can mean: stop killing your fellow humans! Ask yourself this question: How are you using the masculine and/or warrior energy within you? How you are using it contributes to how all of Humanity is using it. Let the old archaic ways be sucked out into the Black Hole; then hit the Re-Set Button on how you use these energies. You don't have to do it perfectly, just set your intent and let it unfold.

We're thirty thousand light-years from Galactic Central Point,
We go 'round every two hundred million years;
And our galaxy itself is one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universe.

- 'The Galaxy Song,' by Eric Idle


Click Here to hear the song:

Walking the Galactic Edge
While grounded in the Galactic Heart Chakra
milky way mapIn the above section I mentioned that the Lunar Standstill occurring with this weekend's Full Moon occurs at the Galactic Edge. How do we conceptualize the Galactic Edge? In the picture above, you can get a good idea of the "arms" of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way. Our Sun (and solar system) is located within "the Local Arm" as described in that picture. This "Local Arm" is also called the "Orion Arm."
So, when we go outside and look into the constellation of the Archer (Sagittarius) we are looking toward Galactic Center. This is the "thick" and "frothy" part of the Galaxy. This is the location of the Black Hole and Heart Center we've been talking about. And when we go outside and look into the constellation of the Twins (Gemini), toward the direction of Orion, we are looking away from the center of the Galaxy toward the outermost region of the Milky Way, i.e. the GALACTIC EDGE. There aren't as many stars here. Here we are looking off into the Universes beyond our own "local neighborhood."

The Galactic Center is very much like the energies of Pluto, because it is sometimes called "the Ascension Gate" or the Golden Gate, and as such is associated with the exit point of souls. This means it is the "DIE-OFF" POINT of our system. When we are aligned with Galactic Center it means there are qualities and energies we must leave behind. We CAN'T take them with us if we want to Ascend to a higher reality.


The Galactic Edge, on the other hand, is often called the Silver Gate and is associated with the point where souls enter this galaxy. In other words, this is the leading-edge of our consciousness on Earth. When we are aligned with the Galactic Edge we are in a position to open up to information beyond our wildest dreams of what is possible. This includes our visions for the future that we can pull through the StillPoint doorway NOW.

we are on the Orion armOne of the keys to working with the "double-whammy" of BOTH Galactic Center AND Galactic Edge energies (as we will be doing this weekend) is to stay anchored in our Hearts as we explore the outermost, cutting-edge, visionary possibilities of the leading edge. In other words, anything is possible if we but Love it into existence.
The Sabian Symbols for the Sun and Moon at the time of the Full Moon this weekend are very illuminating as to the potential this Stillpoint Portal holds for us, and how we can Walk the Galactic Edge with Heart:
The Symbol for 2 degrees Capricorn is "The Human Soul, in its Eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment." The Symbol for 2 degrees Cancer is "A Man on a Magic Carpet Observes Vast Vistas Below."
The first Symbol points us toward the Galactic Center, our Galactic Heart, and literally describes the Golden Gate where souls enter into the Milky Way for embodiment. And the Second Symbol points us toward the Galactic Edge, the place where new and vast vistas of potential open up to us as we re-calibrate ourselves and dare to dream a new world into existence. Here is our magic carpet, our Alladin's lamp. What do you want? How can we make this world better? What will bring you joy? What will end suffering? The potential for seeding solutions to these "issues" is HERE NOW.  What you seed now, will come to fruition in 2011-2012... and beyond.
mother of all possibilitiesOur Hearts need to be aligned with Earth, because we are embodied here and She is Our Mother, connected at her Core with the Galactic Heart Core. And our Souls need to be aligned with the most visionary part of Human potential - the Edge of Awakening, of Dreaming the New Dream, of things unheard of and never believed possible. Now is the time, during this Winter's Night, to plant the seeds of our most exquisite dreams.
milky way from earth

Incandescent Lady, Cloaked in velvet night. Sister in the starry sky, Sweet fount of silver light. Mirror in the Milky Way, Your wisdom I embrace. For I see my life reflected, In your ever-changing face.  

Upcoming Event: OM for the Holidays
Join us this weekend to celebrate these energies
So... what are you doing this weekend? LOL! Well, needless to say, this is the perfect weekend, an ideal time, to come together with like-minded souls to celebrate in ceremony all of the potentials now open to us in this moment.
om jewel in the lotusIf you are in the Pittsburgh area, come and join us for OM for the Holidays, a Solstice gathering. I will be speaking very briefly on the energies described in this newsletter. Life in Balance will be playing amazing cosmic ambient music that fits the galactic energies of these times. Nance Stewart and Frank Keller will be talking about Pittsburgh's role in the unfolding of the Divine Plan. And we will all participate in a ceremony called "The Miracle of Fire and Water."
That's the game plan, keeping in mind the Wild-Card-esque energies of this Stillpoint Portal! Weeee! Mainly we will come together and enter the Stillpoint together, dreaming a new Collective Dream.
For the full details and a printable/downloadable flyer go to:
No matter what, have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Full Moon-Solstice experience.
Light Portal
Phillip Sedgwick, in 'The Astrology of Deep Space,' makes the point that, due to the precession of the equinoxes, no horoscope is reproducible in less than a Great Platonic Year of 26,000 earth years. But the earth, traveling in the wake of the Sun, also encircles the Galactic Center, at the rate of 500,000 miles per hour. When Galactic Points and their relation to the celestials of our system are considered, this time frame of unique individuality is increased to 250 million earth years. No two horoscopes will be exactly alike within that (literally) astronomical time frame. If we see the Galactic Center as the ground of our being, the source of our individuality and personhood, we can more fully appreciate the uniqueness which is our birthright, born of a cosmic evolutionary cycle of a quarter billion years. By this frame of reference, life on earth has seen the same skies only 12 times in its 3 billion year history; each day is truly a unique experience.



- Alex Miller-Mignogne, author of "The Black Hole Book"