Helpful Tidbits for Organic Church Life                                           January 19, 2009
Keeping Church Simple
My Reflections
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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This week, I'm keeping it simple to illustrate (and because I'm under the weather) an important organic or 'simple church' concept: if we don't keep what we do as gathered believers simple, it's not easily reproduced. And if things don't reproduce, they eventually cease to exist.

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION/TOPIC: Keeping church simple is really important
Keeping Church Simple
Excerpt from Organic Church by Neil Cole

Neil_Cole_2Complex things break down and do not get passed on, but simple things are strong and easily reproduced.

"We want to lower the bar of how church is done," says Cole, "and raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple." If Church is simple enough that everyone can do it and is made up of people who take up their cross and follow Jesus at any cost, the result will be churches that empower the common Christian to do the uncommon works of God (2005:27).
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 My Reflections
I like using my gifts and talents for the Lord, but I must remind myself continually that if I'm necessary for the continued life of the ministries I create, I've missed the mark.
Keeping it simple allows everyone the joy of sharing in ministry. My boys, for example, love helping me around the house. Although I know that'll change in time, for now raking leaves, putting the bleach tablet in the toilet, and mopping the floor still brings that 'big boy' feeling to their hearts.
easy_buttonAs sad as it sounds, I still know of ministries that monitor who gets stage time on Sunday mornings. The pastors of these ministries reason, non-Christians assume church people are out of touch - we need to dispel those myths by putting our best foot forward. Translation: if you don't speak well and look good, then you might not make the cut. Sad, isn't it?
As I consider the ministry of Jesus I am mindful of its utter simplicity. Even simple fishermen could be a part, and make a difference.
Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
King_JrI wanted to take a moment and remind us that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While teaching a theology class once one of my black students noted that not one of the theologians we studied was black. I stated, "You know, I hadn't even thought of that." To which he replied, "Precisely." Needless to say, I felt pretty shallow and his observation made me realize that in many ways the theology I have come to know is a white man's theology. All this is to say I am grateful for men like Martin Luther King, Jr. We should all recognize their sacrifice.
Hope this was of some benefit to you.

Traver Dougherty
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