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  • The Internal Edge
  • Innovations in Heart-Rate Training

  • Triple Sports NA Group Ride

    4032 N. Miller Road
    (Next to Coffee Bean)

    7:30 a.m.
    Join us for a group ride through Paradise Valley. Rides are 20-30 miles, averaging 16-20 mph.

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    Get to Know Griffen

    Triple Sports
    4032 N. Miller Road
    (Next to the Coffee Bean)

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 3-5
    Stop in to meet the owner of Griffen Bikes and try out his fly rides for yourself! Griffen Bikes are the only bikes made of boron carbide, giving them an amazing ride while staying ultra-light

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    Lake Havasu Duathlon Challenge

    The Island
    Lake Havasu

    Saturday, Jan. 14
    8 a.m.
    Get your triathlon juices rolling with one of the year's first multi-sport events.

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    25th Annual Foothills 10K, 5K

    6245 E. Cave Creek Rd
    Frontier Town
    Cave Creek

    Sat., Feb. 18
    8:30 a.m.
    Don't miss this gorgeous race full of rolling hills and desert beauty. No wonder it's 25 years and going strong!

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    Arizona Senior Olympics

    Various locations

    Saturday, Feb. 18
    9 a.m.
    A great opportunity for fun and medals! Track and field, 5K Walk, 5K,10K,20K,40K cycling and triathlon events. Call Jeff Katzman at (602) 534-9922 for more info.

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    Triple Sports
    Gear + Apparel for the Everyday Athlete
    January 2006

    RunSF Greetings!

    The presents have been opened, the New Year?s champagne has been drunk. Now it?s time to turn our undivided attention toward the coming race year ? and there?s a lot in store.

    From the gorgeous Desert Classic Duathlon in February to the second running of Ironman Arizona (just 13 weeks away!) to new races like the Tribute Triathlon on April 30th, 2006 is shaping up to be yet another awesome year for Arizona triathletes.

    So get out there and enjoy this gorgeous weather! And don?t forget to join us for our Saturday group rides, beginning at 7:30 a.m. at Triple Sports. Rides are 20-30 miles, averaging 16-20 miles an hour ? a great warm-up for you Ironman athletes tackling those five- and six-hour rides. Go here for more information.

    Kara + Brian Anderson (pictured above at the start of the 3rd Annual Anderson Bros. Run to the Headlands in San Francisco)

    Defeat The Internal Edge
    How to be mentally tough

    We?ve all been there ? unable to stop the nagging, negative internal talk that keeps us from actually enjoying our training and racing. Learning to manage that self-talk and persevere (happily!) through tough workouts will help you compete more effectively come race day.

    Mental toughness is just as important as physical preparedness and nutritional know-how ? no matter how much you train, if your mind lets you down on race day you?re in for a world of hurt. But how to stop the doubt, the whining, the bad attitude?

    First, give yourself some props. You work hard, and sometimes it pays to remind yourself of that. Think about how far you?ve come, how much you?ve improved, and how close you are to reaching your goals.

    Of course, mental toughness isn?t all about patting yourself on the back. Endurance sports takes work, and a willingness to endure. ?Mental toughness is skill. You need to learn how to suffer,? said triathlete Owen Baggott in a article.

    Baggott has a point. Does anyone really think running 26.2 miles is going to be easy on our legs? Do we pretend that riding 112 miles is going to be comfortable? We have to recognize that what we do is hard work ? that?s why so few of us do it!

    Approach race day physically well-trained and confident. Keep your internal conversation positive and refuse to give in to nagging problems ? simply accept them and move on (whether it?s a sore back or a flat tire, it never pays to wallow in your unfortunate situation).

    And when you cross the finish line, relish your success and smile for the crowds!

    Garmin301 Innovations in Heart-Rate Training
    Build your ticker more efficiently!

    Most of us have ? at one point or another ? fallen under the false belief that the harder we push ourselves ? the more we sweat, the harder we breath ? the more fat we?ll burn and the fitter we'll get. This is, of course, not entirely true, and it?s why heart rate monitors have become an invaluable tool for athletes.

    Heart-rate based training allows you to work at a level that is appropriate for you, building that all- important heart muscle while burning fat ? and not burning yourself out. Heart rate is, of course, only one tool in our arsenal of internal measurements, but it?s an important one that allows you to work most efficiently for a given workout.

    Here at Triple Sports we have a wide variety of monitors to suit every budget and skill level, including a couple of exciting new arrivals:

    The Polar RS200sd is one of Polar?s newest models. This watch was made for competitive, goal oriented athletes who want to enhance their performance. With the S1 foot pod, the RS200sd provides accurate speed and distance data along with the best heart-rate measurement on the market. All for just $210

    Also new to Triple Sports? line-up is the Garmin 301. This training partner continuously monitors your heart rate, speed, distance, pace and calories burned so you can train smarter, more effectively. Like the Polar RS200sd, the Garmin 301 ($300) takes away the guesswork of how far you?ve traveled ? and at what pace. How cool is that?

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