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  • Grand Opening July 9
  • Coffee with Lance
  • Triple Sports Presents: V02 Max Testing
  • It's Too Hot!

  • Get Wet! Try our full line of wetsuits for purchase or rental!

    Triathlon 101 Workshop

    Triple Sports
    4032 N. Miller Rd.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    July 14
    6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    Intrigued by triathlon but not sure you want to commit? Join us for an introduction to the sport and learn how easy it can be to reach this goal!

    Yoga for Triathletes

    Triple Sports
    4032 N. Miller Rd.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    July 20
    6:45 to 7:45 p.m.
    This gentle yoga program is designed with the triathlete in mind. Work your mind and body during this weekly, hour-long session taught by certified instructor Forrest Shire. $10

    Arizona Road Runners Summer Series #3

    South Mountain Park

    July 4
    6:30 a.m.
    Celebrate Independence Day with an early-morning 5K run hosted by the Arizona Road Racers.

    Arizona Road Racers

    Fat Tire Triathlon Series #3

    Tempe Town Lake
    Special Events Ramp

    July 16
    7 a.m.
    Get into the game at this fun and funky summer event. Swim, bike, run. Then swim, bike and run again. Top athletes go out one more time for a run, bike, swim.

    DCB Adventures

    Open Water Swim

    Tempe Town Lake
    Special Events Ramp

    July 16
    8 a.m.
    Practice your open water swim skills at this 1000 m relay swim or 2K open water swim.

    DCB Adventures

    Mountain Man Triathlon

    Lake Mary Road, Mile Post 333

    July 24
    6:10 a.m.
    Head north for this triathlon tradition headquartered at lovely Lake Mary. Sprint and Olympic distances.

    Mountain Man Events

    Triple Sports
    Gear + Apparel for the Everyday Athlete
    July 2005

    Brian.Kara Greetings!

    Welcome to Triple Sports' Fabulous E-Zine - a monthly email filled with helpful articles, upcoming local and regional events, product updates and other fun stuff. We hope you enjoy our debut issue!

    Before we get too far afield, allow us to introduce ourselves - Triple Sports is a newly opened swim, bike and run boutique in downtown Scottsdale. The shop is filled with great goodies for everyone from the sometime-runner to the hardcore triathlete or marathoner.

    Triple Sports was created by, and is owned and operated by, us - Kara and Brian Anderson. We're here to help you find what you need - whether its gear, motivation, the right event or the perfect pair of running shorts - so you can get out there and have fun!

    Kara + Brian Anderson

    TripleSports Grand Opening July 9
    Grab Some Booty!

    We opened our doors June 19 and we think it's high time we celebrate! Come by for some schwag and other good stuff on Saturday, July 9, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

    Not sure what to expect from a swim, bike and run boutique? Triple Sports has a truly great selection in everything from bike shorts to run tops and swim goggles. You'll also find tri race wear and some of the best names in triathlon equipment, such as Fizi:k, X- Lab, De Soto, Sugoi and Zoot.

    Want more specifics? OK. Triple Sports is Arizona's only dealer of top-notch Griffen bikes. These machines are smooth as silk and - because they're made from a space-age material called boron carbide - they will literally last you a lifetime. All in about 13 pounds.

    Triple Sports also carries a full line of wetsuits and we have a rental program for those of you who aren't yet ready to buy. Aside from that, we have plenty of other goodies, from Running Divas to Pearl Izumi and HIND. Come by and check us out!

    Coffee with Lance
    Watch the Tour at Triple Sports!

    No, Lance won't really be here. But he'll be on our big-screen TV! Stop in for live coverage of the Tour de France (Lance's last!) from 6 to 8:30 a.m. beginning July 2.

    We know it's early - that's why we'll have plenty of coffee on hand. Our neighbors, the fabulous Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, have aggreed to supply you with caffiene so you can support the U.S. and Lance as he shoots for his 7th straight Tour win.

    For more details on the Tour and the Tour schedule, go to Go Lance!

    V02Testing Triple Sports Presents: V02 Max Testing
    Know Your Fitness!

    Triple Sports knows you want to get the most out of your training and we're here to help.

    We have two solid days of V02 Max testing lined up for you on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 15 and 16 - with a 60-90 minute follow-up lecture at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 17. The testing is by well-known fitness expert Richard Diaz, of Los Angeles-based Diaz Human Performance. For you runners or cyclists out there, a single test (run or bike) will run you $149 For you triathletes, a dual test (run and bike) is $239

    So now your question is: What exactly is V02 Max and why should I care what mine is? Simply put, V02 Max is a scientific measure of your body's ability to transfer energy aerobically. V02 Max is recognized as the single most important measure of one's fitness and is used to maximize performance for elite and Olympic athletes.

    A V02 Max test measures your oxygen consumption, heart rate and carbon dioxide emission as resistance on the bike or treadmill is incrementally increased. There is a point when your oxygen consumption no longer increases to meet the increasing workload. The maximum oxygen consumption achieved is considered V02 Max.

    A V02 test will tell you exactly how your body responds to exercise. Knowing this takes away the guesswork in your training. You'll know at what heart rate you should be working to burn fat and obtain maximum results. Knowing your V02 Max will help you reach your goals, whether it's faster race times, weight loss or greater cardiovascular fitness.

    For more information or to sign up, call us at 480.994.1174 or email Please register by Aug. 31.

    Swimmers It's Too Hot!
    Stay fit and beat the heat

    No getting around it, it's hot. So how to maintain your exercise regime when the mercury has long ago passed 100? Most of you know what to do - get out early and stay hydrated - but a little reminder never hurts.

    Heat doesn't have to be dangerous, but it can be. To stay safe while staying fit, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. For those of you exercising 60 minutes or more, be sure to eat some calories and replace your electrolytes - and don't wait until after your long run or ride to do it. Nuun, a handy new hydration product out of Seattle, is a great way to get those valuable electrolytes back in your system without loading up on sugar and other unnecessary ingredients.

    It's not always easy to get out the door by 5 or 6 a.m., but your body will thank you if you do. Beating the heat is a great way to continue your fitness routine without overly taxing your body. Be sure to wear sunscreen - no matter what time of day.

    Finally, use common sense. If you choose to go running at 3 p.m., make sure you give your body time to acclimate to the extreme heat. Stay hydrated and don't overexert yourself.

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