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November 2011
Ann Latham
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Uncommon Meetings - 7 Quick Tips for Better Results in Half the Time
Uncommon Meetings - 7 Quick Tips for Better Results in Half the Time
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Clear Thoughts - Pragmatic Gems of Better Business Thinking
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Meeting Mastery - How to Slash Meeting Times in Half and Get Better Results
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Three Questions to Ask Today
Is That Your Indecision Box?
Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'
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Clearly Speaking
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Ann's Parting Thoughts - Creating Complexity
Three Questions to Ask Today


If 2012 is approaching faster than you ever thought possible, now is a good time to look around and see if your plane is still soaring, stalled on the runway, or out of sight in a hangar. Ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. Are we adapting to changes around us, especially changes in our customers' wants and needs? 
  2. Are we becoming something new, smarter, and more capable than we were at the beginning of the year? 
  3. Are we continuing to eliminate the tasks that contribute least to our profits and the value for which customers are willing to pay? 

If you answered any of these questions with no, not sure, or luckily, now would be a good time to embark on a stronger, more intentional approach to better results in 2012!


To see what our clients say about how we have helped them strategically, please read our testimonials.
Is That Your Indecision Box?

You call it your inbox. A more accurate name might be your "Indecision box." 


How many times do you look at the same email message? 

  • Should I respond or not? 
  • How do I handle this? 
  • Should I sign up? 
  • If I ignore it, will it go away?
  • Do I need to save this somewhere?

You know the questions. If you return to the same message multiple times, pondering those same questions, you are wasting time and energy. There are only four efficient responses to any email:

  • Act immediately (read or respond)
  • Save it for later (flagged by date or filed with relevant project)
  • Archive it (an overused option, but not ineffective)
  • Delete it

To increase your success rate in making these choices, don't check email unless you have time to complete this process. If awaiting a particular message, check quickly and leave. Come back later when you have time to handle each appropriately in sequence.


If your inbox isn't emptied a couple of times each day, you definitely have an Indecision box instead! Worse than that, you have an E-mess!


Do a spot check on employee inboxes and you'll know immediately whether they need help too. 


If the inboxes around you are perpetually full, we can help. Call 800-527-0087. 

Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'

"Once upon a midnight dreary" - actually, let's make that a December afternoon. Might have been dreary; I can't remember. Almost a year ago. That is when I swore to utter two phrases nevermore!

  • Too much to do
  • Not enough time

These are victim words. "Poor me!" Of course there is too much to do! How could there not be? And we all have 24 hours in a day. Period. Bemoaning the fact accomplishes nothing. 


Furthermore, these are cop out words. To utter them is to abdicate responsibility for making the tough decisions about priorities. 


Since consciously dropping them from my vocabulary, I have been happier, less frustrated, and more productive. I have also felt less guilt about the things I can't get to. In the meantime, my business has soared. Coincidence? No. Cause and effect? Not that either. But I am convinced there is a strong connection.


When you make those tough choices, you focus your time and energy. When you complain, agonize, or feel guilty, you waste your time and energy.  


Improve morale and productivity by banding together to abolish those phrases and replace them with clear priorities!

Don't complain, set priorities!



Struggling to set priorities? Give us a call at 800-527-0087.
Published Clarity

Forbes quotes Ann in "Why You Shouldn't Take That Promotion," October 2011

The SAC® Release includes Ann on year-end advice from global consultants, November 2011

Ann's book, Uncommon Meetings, tops recommended reading list of The CEO Refresher

Ann's advice featured in The Woman's Advantage 2012 Calendar


Clearly Speaking

Isenberg School of Management MBA students enjoyed a dose of clarity in September when Ann presented "Uncommon Productivity":

"Ann Latham is one of the best business speakers I have heard. She is very experienced, the quality of her thinking is extremely high, and she knows how to deliver her message in an entertaining, concise, and convincing way."


Dr. Alan G. Robinson, Isenberg School of Management, Author - "Ideas Are Free"


Ann spoke to the Purchasing Management Association of Western New England recently on the topic of Uncommon Decisions.

Might Your Organization Benefit from an Uncommonly Clear Keynote or Workshop?


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Parting Thoughts - Creating Complexity

"There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult."


Warren Buffett


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