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May 2011
Ann Latham
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Welcome to the Clear Thoughts™ newsletter. I hope you find it uncommonly clear and helpful!
Today's Clear Thoughts
Phenomenal Focus Finishes First
Take the Clarity Quiz!
The Unscratchable Itch
Published Clarity - New York Times
New Testimonials
Clearly Speaking
Ann's Parting Thoughts
Phenomenal Focus Finishes First

You can boost your productivity with phenomenal focus. But how do you create that focus? 

Here are the three most common scenarios that prevent focus and tips for improvement ...


Take the Clarity Quiz! 


"Joe has a bad attitude." 


A. This is a simple observation.

B. This is a personal opinion. 


That's the question of the day. Jot down your answer and then click here to learn what your response says about your clarity.

 The Unscratchable Itch                   

Our house has one mismatched window. How we ended up with a hole in our wall eight weeks before a matching window could be delivered is a long story.

Luckily, the miscreant sits alone. We have yet to play one-of-these-is-not-like-the-other with guests. But we know it's there. We can't help but see it. It's the little itch that can't be scratched.


Until we visited the Rock of Cashel overlooking the plains of Tipperary. Our guide, with his great Irish accent and mischievous smile, pointed out the tapestry with a three legged dog and eleven fingered child, the off-center arch and mismatched stones. Why were there such glaring mistakes in otherwise beautiful work? These were conscious decisions by craftsmen to acknowledge that only God could create perfection.

Now when I notice our misbegotten window, I'm no longer disappointed. Now you will see me smile as a remember the pretty little tapestry girl with six fingers on her right hand.

Shift your perspective and you can shift your reaction. We choose to be unhappy, annoyed, and defeated. With a shift, we can also choose to be accepting, understanding, and determined.

We shift perspectives regularly by creating clarity. Call 800-527-0087 today and find out how we can help you.

Published Clarity

The New York Times quotes Ann on managing excessive workloads.

"'Poor Communication' What Does It Really Mean?" by Ann was published in The CEO Refresher in April.


New Testimonials

Dr. Alan Weiss, the Million Dollar Consultant® and author of dozens of books, provided this video testimonial about Ann after knowing and working with her for five years.

Following my workshop at the UMass Family Business Center, Ira Bryck, the Director, said: 

"Ann Latham's workshop on 'How to Give and Solicit Feedback' was excellent. She clearly and insightfully shifted perspectives and provided examples and exercises that stimulated profound learning. Everyone knew much better how, why, when, good feedback works than before. She made it all clear and easy, and as someone who hires presenters and trainers for a living, I can tell you that those who create clarity are far more uncommon than those who create complexity and make vital tasks seem difficult. When the session and well-earned applause ended, I hired her for a future presentation. And now I'm sending this to my network to encourage them to contact Ann at"

Read what others say on my website.


Clearly Speaking

Enjoy video excerpts from Ann's speech, Uncommon Sanity - Dissolving Stress with Clarity, now posted on my website.

Sometimes a Great Project - 8 Uncommon Secrets to Repeatable Excellence, April 30th - PMI Mass Bay Chapter

Transforming Ideas Into Reality, September 13th, UMass Family Business Center

SOAR Through Decisions with Clarity, October 13th, for the Purchasing Management Association Western New England

Might Your Organization Benefit from an Uncommonly Clear Keynote or Workshop?


Parting Thoughts - Unleashing Talent and Energy

Employees often have the knowledge to raise the bar and cut costs. What they don't have is the voice, the clarity, the coordination, and the opportunity. But you can give them those.

Best regards,

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Ann Latham

* Creating the Clarity that Speeds and Improves Results *

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