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  • More Clear Thoughts - It's Your Choice
  • Employee Thoughts - Survival of the Fittest?
  • Survival Thoughts - Avoid Grumps and Whiners!
  • Green Thoughts - Uncommon Clarity Goes Solar!
  • Parting Thoughts - Learning Optimism

  • Employee Thoughts - Survival of the Fittest?

    I water my plants weekly. Mostly.

    Some thrive. Some die. Some linger unhappily. This is a choice I make and I endure the consequences.

    You do the same with your employees. You choose the level of attention, support and development opportunities you provide.

    Some thrive. Some leave. Some linger unhappily. Two of the three are bad. Two of the three can have a devastating effect on morale. Two of the three represent wasted time, energy and money. This is a choice you make and you are enduring the consequences.

    Now, more than ever, is a lousy time to lose good employees, to let potential languish, or to tolerate those who would be better off somewhere else. But, if things are slow, it may be the perfect time to turn your attention to maximizing employee potential.

    Need some help sorting out next steps? Call 413-527-3737 for help in getting the most from your employees.

    Survival Thoughts - Avoid Grumps and Whiners!

    Those predisposed to pessimism have abundant evidence to justify their sense of gloom and doom these days. Optimists may even feel their positive outlook under siege. Here are some tips for remaining upbeat:

    • Avoid grumps and whiners. They will only make you feel worse.
    • Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and take time for yourself.
    • Concentrate on the things you can control, not those beyond your reach.
    • Laugh. Seek the people, reading matter, shows and activities that make you laugh.
    • Be generous with others. Be patient, helpful, forgiving, and supportive.
    • Avoid generalizations. Specific things are going wrong. Lots of them, I'll grant you. But other things are going well.
    • Attend to your cash flow and emergency reserves.
    • Limit the amount of news you watch and file those financial statements quickly.
    • Be confident in who you are and what you have accomplished. Economic difficulties don't change that; they only change how and when you pursue your dreams.
    • Make smart investments that position you for a strong future. Consider investing in:
      • Professional development
      • Building strong relationships with customers
      • Reconnecting with past customers
      • Getting your operational house in order
      • Clarifying your strategy
      • Facilities and equipment that may be exceptionally inexpensive right now

    This too shall pass. Will you be ready?

    Call us for help in making the best of current circumstances: 413-527-3737.

    Green Thoughts - Uncommon Clarity Goes Solar!

    Our solar panels are up and producing! Most days are net positive. I love it when the meter arrow points toward the street indicating the preferred direction of energy flow.

    Parting Thoughts - Learning Optimism

    We learn optimism. We also learn pessimism and helplessness. In Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman explains the differences AND techniques for learning to be more optimistic. For more information, read ...

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    More Clear Thoughts - It's Your Choice
    Ann Latham

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