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  • Reflective Thoughts - Shedding Assumptions
  • Customer Thoughts - Assumptions Can Be Deafening
  • Success Thoughts - "It's the Economy, Stupid"
  • Parting Thoughts - Breaking Through

  • Customer Thoughts - Assumptions Can Be Deafening

    I was on the Chesapeake shore recently looking for one night on the waterfront before sailing the next day. I found a Hilton practically surrounded by water and told the receptionist I wanted a balcony and the best view. She was excited to quote me a great special rate and checked us in.

    The room was excellent but the view from the side of the hotel was disappointing. How could they not have rooms with balconies on the back where the view would have been spectacular?

    Walking before dinner, I saw that they did.

    Why weren't we given one of those obviously vacant rooms? Why was this receptionist deaf to my request? Was she so convinced that price is paramount that she couldn't hear? I essentially told her I wanted to pay more and I was ignored.

    This is not an isolated event. Many times in the last few months I've had to push clerks to tell me about something other than their cheapest offering. In fact, this has happened so many times, my husband is tired of me pointing it out.

    Check your own assumptions and those of your employees! Have you convinced yourself that price is all your customers care about? Now, more than ever, with the economy in a slump, I hear people talking themselves into this doomed mentality.

    Focus on your customer and what they value, not on price. Listen carefully to their wishes. Remember this Hilton:

    • They left money on the table
    • They made me unhappy
    Learn from their mistake!

    Not sure if your assumptions are deafening? Want some help shifting your company's focus to value, not price? Wondering how you could offer more value to your customers and get out of the price wars? Give us a call at 413-527-3737.

    Success Thoughts - "It's the Economy, Stupid"

    Or is it?

    Is it possible that you are too ready to blame the economy and have simply surrendered to the slide?

    Of course the economy has affected your business. How could it not? But consider this:

    • An economic slump represents change
    • Change is constant
    • All businesses must adapt to change or die
    Forgive me for stating the obvious, but those who don't embrace this change with the same vigor that they might embrace any change, are bound to slide, if not die.

    Many of my clients are thriving right now. To blame the economy is to become a willing victim surrendering to the inevitable slide of change.

    Don't assume there is nothing you can do. Stop your downward slide now before you're too deep. Call us for help at 413-527-3737.

    Parting Thoughts - Breaking Through

    "Every revolutionary idea evokes three stages of reaction:

    1. It's completely impossible
    2. It's possible but it's not worth doing
    3. I said it was a good idea all along."

    Arthur C. Clarke

    Best regards,

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    Ann Latham

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    Reflective Thoughts - Shedding Assumptions
    Ann Latham

    Assumptions limit what we achieve more than anything else, whether about the economy or personal potential.

    Listen to yourself talk and think. Listen to your employees:

    • "Yes, but..."
    • "I can't"
    • "They won't let us"
    But what? Why not? Who is "they"? What's your evidence?

    Challenge assumptions! Each one you shed opens a new door!

    Uncommon Clarity can help you dramatically improve both individual and organizational performance.

    Call us today for help in achieving your business objectives.

    - Ann Latham


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