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  • Reflective Thoughts - Losing by Winning
  • Employee Thoughts - Avoiding Decisions
  • Productivity Thoughts - The Stop-Doing List
  • Parting Thoughts - Ill-defined Goals

  • Employee Thoughts - Avoiding Decisions

    "Why can't my employees make decisions? Why do they always have to come to me?"

    Busy clients ask me these questions frequently. Are their employees unwilling, incapable or simply indecisive? For the answers, along with tips for dramatically improving employee decision making, read the article on my website:

    Productivity Thoughts - The Stop-Doing List

    If you are like most people:

    • There are only 24 hours in your day
    • Your To-Do list specializes in remaining Undone, and
    • Others in your company suffer these same afflictions

    Getting the important things finished and off the list is one problem. Adding, adding, adding, is quite another.

    Think about a Stop-Doing list instead. Your goal should be to align company resources behind activities that create value for which customers are willing to pay, and to eliminate or minimize all other activity.


    • Fire-fighting - find time to do it right the first time
    • Wasting energy on employees who just don't fit
    • Micromanaging - if you can't delegate successfully, solve that problem rather than duplicating effort and undermining your employees
    • Looking backward - look back only to learn and leverage with laser focus, not general intent
    • Watching your competition so closely - if behind, you'll only catch up; if ahead, you'll trip while looking over your shoulder
    • Writing reports no one will read
    • Filing things you will never retrieve
    • Doing things just because you always have
    • Worrying or whining about things you can't control
    • Reading email that you never needed to receive
    • Speaking when angry - it just creates more problems you will have to solve
    • Leaping to solutions - find the real cause and eliminate it rather than accepting the first idea that sounds promising
    • Doing things you should be delegating
    • Signing your approval when you are adding no value, just a signature
    • Making decisions for others
    • Over-thinking decisions of little consequence

    Need help finding the things you can stop doing? Know what you'd like to stop, but can't figure out how? Give us a call today at 413-527-3737

    Parting Thoughts - Ill-defined Goals

    The path to an ill-defined goal is always steep and circuitous.

    Best regards,

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    Ann Latham

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    Reflective Thoughts - Losing by Winning
    Ann Latham

    You can win, but still lose. Win an argument, lose a friend. Win a customer, lose money. Win any struggle, lose the respect of others.

    Win more by thinking:

    • Less about Winning
    • Less about Being Right
    • And more about Being Helpful
    Being helpful lets you win often, and in significant ways.

    Uncommon Clarity can help your organization develop strong strategies and smart systems. You benefit from a competitive focus, productive people, reliable processes, and happy customers.

    Call us today for help in achieving your business objectives.

    - Ann Latham


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