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Happy New Year from Uncommon Clarity!

Wishing you health and happiness, peace and prosperity in 2008!

In This Issue
  • Timely Thoughts - Years Flying By?
  • New Year Thoughts - The Toad Less Traveled
  • Employee Thoughts - Speaking Confidence < $100?
  • Sharing Thoughts - New Year's Resolutions

  • New Year Thoughts - The Toad Less Traveled

    He was tiny when he moved into the gap between the pot and the box in early spring. He was huge when I replaced the pot with fall mums. And why not? The food crawled, buzzed, and swooped within reach all summer. He had great protection and a steady water supply.

    What more could a toad ask?

    Are you a little like that toad? Waiting for opportunities to come within reach rather than making them happen? Sticking to the familiar and avoiding discomfort and risk? Counting on an endless summer rather than challenging yourself to overcome obstacles and pursue dreams?

    What more could you ask?

    Don't choose to be the toad less traveled! Don't wait for the first really cold night to force you out into the unknown. Whatever your dream or reluctance, take one concrete step toward it each day. Just one step a day. Imagine where you could be by New Year's Day next year!

    Employee Thoughts - Speaking Confidence < $100?

    What do Mass Mutual, Westover Air Reserve Base, and Hamilton Sundstrand have in common?

    All three have people who could benefit from:

    • Improved presentation skills and ease
    • The ability to organize and communicate thoughts more quickly and effectively
    • Greater self-confidence
    • Stronger leadership skills
    And, all three have established Toastmasters Clubs on-site to develop those people. As a matter of fact, Mass Mutual has 3 clubs.

    While Toastmasters is an excellent, cost-effective development tool for large companies, it makes even more sense for smaller companies. Where else can your employees get the benefits listed above for well less than $100 per person per year?

    You may not have enough employees to support a club on-site, but there are clubs everywhere that are open to all. Whether you, as an employer, choose to suggest, encourage or subsidize, use the link below to find clubs with meeting locations and times convenient to each employee.

    Or perhaps you are the one most ready to benefit.

    Whoever you are, if you would like to be a confident communicator, Toastmasters is a pretty easy way to take small but concrete and significant steps forward. Guests are always welcome and a visit is the best way to see if a particular club is a good fit for you. I have not met a single member eager to improve who doesn't sing the praises of this organization. And the price can't be beat.

    Sharing Thoughts - New Year's Resolutions

    Have you made any New Year's resolutions related to your business or maintaining work-life balance? Interested in those of other business owners like you?

    Send us those resolutions. We will compile all we receive and send out the compilation only to those who have sent us something. You may include your name and your company name, if you wish, or something more anonymous such as your first name and title, if you prefer.

    Benefit from:

    • The substantiation that comes from writing and sharing your resolutions
    • The support and reinforcement that comes from knowing others have committed to similar resolutions
    • The collective wisdom, ideas and perspectives of others facing similar challenges

    Best regards,

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    Ann Latham

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    Timely Thoughts - Years Flying By?
    Ann Latham

    Another New Year's Day arrived too quickly? Didn't get where you wanted to go?

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    - Ann Latham


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