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  • Introductory Thoughts
  • People Thoughts - Lazy? Incompetent? Clueless?
  • Purpose Thoughts - The Evils of Meetings
  • Parting Thoughts - Who's in the Driver's Seat?
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  • People Thoughts - Lazy? Incompetent? Clueless?

    Do words like these come to mind when you think of some of the employees you supervise? Then you need an attitude adjustment!

    There are only 3 options for you in dealing with such an employee:

    1. Change the way you think about the employee
    2. Help the employee out the door
    3. Make the business decision to endure because the employee is simply indispensable (and don't expect anyone to agree with you)

    1. Change the Way You Think about the Employee because you are of no use to the employee with your current attitude. Seriously, what are the chances you will help them succeed in their job and contribute positively to the company given thoughts like "lazy" or "incompetent"?

    Most people come to work hoping to do well and be appreciated for their efforts. For any number of reasons, that doesn't always happen. Consider how little you really know. Yes, you have an abundance of opinions, and right now you are probably pretty sure there is a trail of deep evidence. But has this employee really been given a chance to succeed?

    Does the employee:

    • Have a clear understanding of responsibilities and priorities?
    • Know how well he/she is really doing?
    • Understand why it is important to do better and how to improve?
    • Get positive feedback when doing things well?
    • Have a trusted supervisor who wants the employee to succeed?
    Since few supervisors can say 'yes' with confidence, even with their best employees in mind, I doubt you can do so with your underachievers. They deserve a fair chance.

    2. Help the Employee out the Door, but only with care, a fair process and appropriate documentation. If you've given an employee a fair chance and then some, and an employee just isn't a good fit, you are not helping the company, the employee, or your other employees by prolonging a bad situation. I hope you hire well, supervise well and never get to this point, but it does happen.

    3. Make the Business Decision to Endure because the Employee is Simply Indispensable - Go directly to #1, do not pass GO, and do not collect a year-end bonus.

    Purpose Thoughts - The Evils of Meetings

    Meetings must be the most lampooned and whined about aspect of being in business. They are easy to hate but clearly they are necessary. Read on ...

    Looking for permission to cancel a meeting? Consider it granted! Click here to read "Four Reasons to Cancel that Meeting!"

    I am sure there are more good reasons for calling a meeting than poor reasons. However, I think I have been to more meetings that happened for poor reasons. Click here for "Seven Poor Reasons for Calling a Meeting."

    Wondering when it makes sense to call a meeting? See "Seven Good Reasons for Calling a Meeting."

    May all YOUR meetings be productive and enjoyable!

    Parting Thoughts - Who's in the Driver's Seat?

    "Drive your business, let not you're business drive you."

    Benjamin Franklin

    Your Thoughts

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    Best regards,
    Ann Latham

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    Introductory Thoughts
    Ann Latham

    After winter's long shadows and longer nights, it is wonderful to arrive once again at the Equinox, with day and night of equal length. As I relish the recent bright days, particularly when teaser weather dares me to think of spring, I am energized by thoughts of our lengthening days and of sunsets that gradually move northward well into June. I hope your energy is also expanding with the daylight!

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