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JUNE 2010
Ann Latham
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Welcome to a fresh new Clear Thoughts ™ newsletter from Uncommon Clarity! Our entire website is new too. Visit now for workshops, articles, products, tools, tips, audio recordings, videos, and more!

Today's Clear Thoughts™ Topics
How to Create Commitment and When to Break It
Mid-Year Report Card
Captain of Your Own Ship
Parting Thoughts - Inspiration in a Bottle
How to Create Commitment and When to Break It
We are most committed to a course of action when we have some "skin in the game." Helping others throughout your organization get "skin in the game" can double your success. How do you do that? And what happens when they, and you, get skin in the wrong game?
Mid-Year Report Card

The year is nearly half over. How are you doing? Now is a good time to take stock of your priorities, progress, and neglected initiatives.

  • Have beginning-of-the-year "priorities" lost their sheen?
    If so, why? What assumptions drove them to the top of the list and are those assumptions still valid? If those "priorities" aren't really important, take them off the list explicitly to eliminate guilt, confusion, and misdirected investments of time and money.
  • Are there important objectives that have been neglected?
    If so, why? If under-supported, why are they getting insufficient attention and resources? With what are they competing for resources? Who owns them? Are those owners committed to them? How are those owners being held accountable?
  • Has the list of priorities grown?
    If there are too many priorities there are no priorities. You can't only add to the list unless real progress is shortening the list just as fast. If the list has grown, cut it now. Turn attention to the top priority or two across the board and ensure some real progress. Don't allow additions to the list without completing or removing something.
Need help identifying your top priorities or the obstacles to progress? Give us a call today at 1-800-527-0087 so the rest of your year can be marked with dramatic progress.
Captain of Your Own Ship
CEO or last bottle washer, you will perform your best and be happiest if you are captain of your own ship! This is true for everyone, at every level of your company.

Granted, some people's ships are bigger than others but in every case, we are all at our best - proudest, most motivated, happiest, and most successful - when captain of our own ship - when we know what we are about and can control our fate.

But you can't be captain if you don't know you have "a ship" and understand what constitutes "your ship." And you don't want to be an organization of pirates, even well intentioned pirates, who commandeer ships on whim.

How can you create an organization of well-aligned captains?

Read more ...
Parting Thoughts -  Inspiration in a Bottle

Nine days ago, my first daughter was a single student. Today she is a married doctor.

The graduation ceremony was generally forgettable, but not the words "Dr. Erika Latham." Ann Latham

The wedding was fabulous in more ways than I can tell. An  amazing collection of friends and family joined us on a spectacular mountainside for readings and music that connected the couple, the mountains, the guests, and the past, followed by a meandering Pied Piper descent by all to a wonderful evening of fine food, toasts, dance and conversation.

If I could bottle the feelings and images from these events - not the long string of adjectives they evoke, I could get rich beyond measure. But I would not sell it; I would give it away in the hopes of spreading joy and kindness. I would hope to inspire people:
  • To actively pursue a rich life, not a rich pocketbook.
  • To make choices rooted in personal dreams and individuality, not in competition and comparison with others.
  • To make genuine connections with others through kindness, respect, and caring, not through obligation, guilt, or personal gain.
  • And to be open to the abundance of possibilities always before us, not limited by fear, ignorance, or preconceived notions.
Because I believe these four lead to proud accomplishments, strong relationships, meaningful celebrations, and those feelings and images worth millions. I wish I could bottle it, but each of us must create our own.

Best regards,
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Ann Latham

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