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Make It Simpler SUMMER

August 2012


What's corn got to do with it? It's summer and I know it. 

Aw Shucks
My sense of the seasons gets upended. I teach in California during the winter and celebrate Halloween in Houston. When its humid in my New York I'm comfortable in dry Colorado.  


A change in the landscape and an occasion to teach is always welcome but there is a  drawback. I wake up panicked. I have no idea where I am, what I am supposed to be teaching or where my quilts are.  Worse than a flashback, it's a flash forward. 


Today, I a
m certain is summer, and I'm in New York, sharing my seasonal cooking tip with you. I LOVE fresh corn on the cob except when it's too darn hot to boil water. Instead I microwave it, unshucked, for about two minutes. The silk will slip off!  ...Make It Simpler

My quilting extends to the kitchen: 
Last month at Quilting by the Lake, teachers decorated QBL aprons 
for the scholarship fund. I embellished mine (at rear left) with Nine-Patch Variation blocks, paper pieced of course. What goes on, or comes off,  at QBL, stays at QBL
Offer Expires August 8th
I was fortunate to learn Quiltmaking from Laura Nownes and Diana McClun. Now I can 'share' Laura with readers of this newsletter. Laura is leading an online Contemporary Sampler class on The Quilt Show. TQS Members may use this link to register for her free class  
Speaking of
The Quilt Show, I appeared with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims in 2010. The episode, Rotary-Cutting Revolution: It Couldn't Be Simpler! is available to you through August 8th at no charge. Use this link to register and watch. As a matter of fact, it was Laura who introduced me to Alex Anderson at a C&T Teachers Retreat. You really ought to watch Laura, she is a charm.
Mostly Modern

I made a 'modern' quilt this spring, part of my contribution to Quiltmaker's 100 blocks, Vol 5


I fixed the chalk quilting lines an old-fashioned way, with hair spray. After all, they will both wash out.


Inspired by Quiltmaker's frequent pushing of the envelope, I blogged about my Ginger and Fred block construction in three posts, and included downloadable pattern PDFs  Read them here


The posts may appear out of order but number 3/3 will surely have you tapping your toes

Mostly Mallard


From my sewing room window I look onto a pocket park. Recently I've been following a pair of geese. I know more about quilting than I do about waterfowl. Upon seeing the photo below my girlfriend Mush pointed out that I was looking at ducks
Quilty as charged,