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January 2011


Out with the old and in with this newsletter 

It's been a quilt-full year for me. I taught from the Atlantic to the Pacific with a stop along the Gulf of Mexico. Had I a resolution a year ago it would have been for a redesigned website. That happened anyway and it's now a launching pad for my blog.


Last March I taught for a week at Empty Spools at Asilomar in northern California; I'll happily return in March 2013. While nearby, I recorded a C&T video to demonstrate the usefulness of Make It SimplerŪ Fusible Interfacing. Interfacing has long been available. Now it's conveniently sized. 


I frequently use interfacing in quiltmaking, lately  to construct  "Anita's Unbiased Block"  for which  my  free pattern is online here.

Four Unbiased Blocks

Workshops I gave in July at Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA, were the lull before the storm. Upon my return home I was "door knocked" by Mark Lipinski and videotaped with Jodie Davis for Quilt Out Loud. He actually got down on his knees for me. I continue to unearth things I hid from the two of them. My bathtub still has fabric in it.


I spent twelve days in Houston last fall for the International Quilt Market and Festival. Texas weather was spectacular; I went off campus to see the Menil Collection and Byzantine Fresco Chapel. I came home with souvenirs of new fabric and notions to savor in the days of winter. 

My quilt  in Houston of the Hollyhock Gardens fabric designed by Jan Krentz

 Old Italian Block Quilt at Infinite Variety Exhibition

There's no place like home especially since mine's mere blocks from the unforgettable installation of red and white quilts. Yes, both above images include my favorite, the "Old Italian Block."

Ms Make It Simpler Introduction with Quilt Storage Tip
This is the time of year to avail yourself of the sneaky quilt storage solution I show within this video.
The New Year

 In a few hours, if all goes well, I'll be twenty stories above Times Square, watching Lady Gaga and the New Year's Eve Ball drop. There's no app to compare with that.


I wish you many moments of joy in the New Year,