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Catherine S. Renault, PhD

Startup America


Last week, the White House announced a new initiative, Startup America.  It seems that they have gotten religion about the importance of entrepreneurship and startup companies to the US economy. (On a related note, the most recent unemployment figures show that almost all the new hiring is coming from small companies! Not a surprise to us!)


The ideas behind Startup America is to support entrepreneurs through new capital, new funding for entrepreneurship support organizations, improvements at the US Patent and Trademark Office to reduce the patent backlog and more R&D funding for green technologies. In addition, a number of companies such as IBM, HP and Facebook, committed funds to support entrepreneurship.


For more information, see



Bioscience Sector Growing Nationally and in Maine


The Biotechnology Industry Association (BIO) and Battelle recently released their annual look at the bioscience sector. They report that the impact of the total bioscience sector nationally is 8 million jobs, and grew 4.5 times faster than the US economy 2001-2008 at a rate of 15.8 percent. Nationally, this growth was fueled by growth in research, testing and medical laboratories, representing nine out of ten new jobs in the sector. The report mentions the very high wages associated with these jobs.


Maine also showed a moderate increase in this sector, but it is still very small in absolute numbers, around 6000 employees in 2010. However, the concentration of firms in certain sectors is much higher in Maine than in the nation. We have a good concentration of companies in vaccines, animal therapeutics and diagnostics (e.g., IDEXX) and a very high specialization in research, testing and medical laboratories (e.g. The Jackson Laboratory).


To learn more, readhttp://www.bio.org/local/battelle2010/Battelle_Report_2010.pdf.

Governor LePage's Supplemental Budget


Governor LePage's Supplemental Budget (LD 100) that makes changes to the budget for the current fiscal year for state government is likely to be approved by the Legislature this week. In large part, this budget codifies cuts made back in October by Governor Baldacci under a curtailment order.  Of most significance to the innovation community in Maine is another cut to the Maine Technology Institute, this time for $115,857.  


The Governor's biennial budget for the two years starting July 1, 2011, is scheduled to be released late this week and will be our first glimpse of his intentions towards the key programs in innovation and entrepreneurship. We will be watching for budget amounts for MTI, the Maine Economic Improvement Fund, and the incubators, as well as a possible inclusion of an expansion of the Seed Capital Tax Credit (now being considered in the Taxation Committee - LD 22). 


Milken Institute 2010 Science and Technology Index


The Milken Institute released their semi-annual Science and Technology Index to compete with the Index produced by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). Milken found that Maine ranked 42nd, down from a high of 33rd in 2004. The major drivers of Maine's drop in this ranking were a decrease in the number of incubators in the state (since the number hasn't changed, it does make you wonder about their methodology). Milken also dings Maine on the number of computer programmers and electrical engineers. To read the whole report, see http://www.milkeninstitute.org/tech/.


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Technology Innovation Program (NIST) Seeks Comments on White Papers


The Technology Innovation Program (http://www.nist.gov/tip)  is a competitive funding program for early stage technologies. TIP funds projects in selected area based on white papers about the nation's critical needs. 


TIP is seeking comments on white papers prepared by TIP staff from any interested party, including academia; Federal, state, and local governments; industry; national laboratories; and professional organizations/societies. Comments will assist in the further refinement of areas of critical national need and the associated technical challenges that could be addressed in future TIP competitions.


Topics are 


      Civil Infrastructure







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