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Issue No. 31
September  2012
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Welcome to Your September Newsletter

photo of apples on a branch against a clear blue sky
When I think of September in New England, warm sunny days, cool nights, apple picking, and "back to school" are brought to mind. For many Maine Senior College members lifelong learning happens year round, but September brings the exciting start of their colleges' fall session. This issue of the MSCN newsletter brings you information about upcoming classes at Penobscot Valley and York County Senior Colleges as well as September's "Food For Thought" lunch at Lewiston/Auburn Senior College.

As summer winds down, Augusta Senior College, Western Mountains Senior College, and Gold LEAF Institute share news about summertime happenings. This month's Poet's Corner publishes a poem from a Penobscot Valley Senior College member about a harvester who is often found in Maine gardens!

We have received much positive feedback about the MSCN newsletter. Senior College members enjoy hearing what others are doing across the state, and we look forward to hearing and sharing your autumn news!   



Kali Lightfoot

Executive Director

Maine Senior College Network    


You Could Be MSCN's Next Poet Laureate!
Photo of a wooden disk with the word

Do you write poetry or would you like to give it a try? Are you a member of a Maine senior college? If so, and you are willing to have your work published in the MSCN e-newsletter, you could become the next MSCN Poet Laureate! It's easy to enter -- simply email a poem you have written to Kyle Allen at the MSCN office. Or mail a printout of your poem to:

Kyle Allen
University of Southern Maine
P.O. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104

Be sure to include: your name, contact information, and tell us which Maine Senior College you belong to. Each Maine Senior College member may enter one poem and the poem must be previously unpublished, with the exception of having been published in the MSCN e-newsletter.
The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2012. The winning poem will be published in the MSCN e-newsletter, and the new MSCN Poet Laureate will receive an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. We're looking forward to reading poetry from members across the state!

MSCN's Tabletop Display  Available 

Photo of MSCN display
The MSCN tabletop display.
The MSCN tabletop display is available to any Maine Senior College that would like to borrow it. The display fits on a 6-foot table and is great to exhibit when you are promoting your Senior College in your community.

Some places where you might use the display:
  • Your own senior college event
  • When speaking to a group about your Senior College
  • A Lions Club or other community organization lunch
  • A church social
  • A local retirement community event
  • A library display
  • A craft show
  • Or, any event that your senior college participates in!
The MSCN office will also provide you with handouts:
  •  Copies of the MSCN map showing the location and contact information for all of Maine's Senior Colleges.
  • Sign-up sheets to help your gather contact information from interested attendees.
No shipping costs for your Senior College!
The MSCN office will ship the display to you and provide the materials you need to ship it back at no cost to you.

If you would like to borrow the MSCN tabletop display, please email Fran Myers with your request or call her at 207-228-8256.

Gifted Storyteller to Present L/A's
September "Food for Thought"
Photo of John Ford, former Maine Game Wardenn and Sheriff
John Ford 

John Ford, retired Game Warden of Waldo County, will be the presenter at USM's Lewiston/Auburn Senior College "Food for Thought" 11:30 a.m. luncheon on Friday, September 14. Ford, the author of Suddenly, The Cider Didn't Taste So Good, will tell about his 20 years of adventures as a game warden in Maine. The book, newly released in April, is already in its third printing. The author is a gifted storyteller and humorist and has gathered a following for his presentations. Read more about  L/A's September "Food For Thought" speaker, and how to make a reservation.   
-submitted by Rachel Morin for Lewiston-Auburn Senior College
York County Senior College Announces Fall Course Lineup

Photo of pencils in a yellow cup After a year of unprecedented growth and expansion, York County Senior College has announced this fall's course offerings. Classes begin the week of September 17 and run for six to eight weeks at locations in Springvale, Saco, Alfred and North Berwick. Click here for a list of the varied course offerings and information on where they will be held.


Call 282-4030 for more information or to request a registration form. Forms are also available on the YCSC website. Registration closes September 12.

- submitted by Fern Brown for York County Senior College  


PVSC Presents a Cornucopia of Fall Courses 
Photo of 6 different color paint containers Penobscot Valley Senior College (PVSC) has firmed up its fall line-up of classes. Click here to read the full list of course titles, dates, times and locations as well as information about course costs and how to register.

You may also  visit the PVSC web link at the U Maine Center on Aging website or phone 207-992-018 for information. 
 - submitted by Cathy Knox for Penobscot Valley Senior College
Augusta Senior College Members Cruise the Kennebec
photo of Augusta Senior College members on a cruise on the Kennebec River.
From left to right: Augusta Senior College members
Peter Rosenberg, Suzanne Kiefer, Mick O'Halloran,
Sue O'Halloran, Mary Ann Prugh, and Duane Prugh
On July 19th, members of Augusta Senior College jointed the University of Maine Maine Augusta Alumni Association for a cruise on the Boothbay Whale Watch's Harbor Princess. The 3-hour evening cruise up the Kennebec River from Boothbay to Bath and back again included views of lighthouses and the lively sounds of classic rock band Cahoots.

- submitted by Bev Ludden for U Maine Augusta Senior College
Picnic, Pickin' and Poetry at WMSC Summer Social Event
Photo of Western Mountains Senior College members picking blueberries at summer event.
WMSC members Sarah Wright and Ruth Barrett
picked blueberries at the summer event.
"Picnic, Pickin' and Poetry," an annual summer social event sponsored by Western Mountains Senior College (WMSC), took place in two locations this year. Members who wanted to pick blueberries traveled to the home of Walter and Beth Brough, located on a quiet mountain slope away from the town's traffic and neighbors. Scenic mountain views with classical music in the background made blueberry picking on the hills a pure delight. Following an hour's picking, the hostess served homemade cookies and cool drinks as the group prepared for the second phase of the event. 
The "pickers" drove a few miles to the home of Roberta Taylor to meet up with other members for picnic and poetry. Located on another scenic spot surrounded by mountain views, all members relaxed and enjoyed their picnic lunch with friendly conversation. Snacks, salads and desserts, which members brought to share with others, added interest to the picnic.

After lunch, a number of members read poems by their favorite authors or their own original poems to the delight of all.This casual summer social is but one of the many types of experiences that WMSC offers its members to help them connect with others.

- submitted by Rosabelle Tifft for Western Mountains Senior College

Gold LEAFers Learn About Alleviating Hunger in Maine

Photo of fresh produce

In an August course entitled Food Bank Tours, GoldLEAF members learned about food insecurity and hunger in Maine, and practical endeavors to deal with this issue in two related field trips.


The first trip was a guided tour of the Good Shepherd Food Bank in AuburnIn the second field trip, the GoldLEAFers traveled to Wilton, where two Grange members showed the garden that supports the local food pantry. The course members also received, from a representative of the Maine Cooperative Extension, information about the Maine Harvest for Hunger program, in which gardeners and commercial growers are encouraged to donate excess produce to local food pantries. Learn more about this informative course experience.

- submitted by Colleen Serrada for Gold LEAF Institute

The Poet's Corner 
Deer Gourmet
Photo of a deer munching leaves
Hey, this garden's familiar, I've been here before 
When the vegetables were ripe, must be two years or more. 
Such tomatoes and peppers, with basil for flavor! 
I was then just a kid and not a good neighbor. 
I'm now more restrained, more selective and discerning. 
Marigolds and nasturtiums are too peppery, I'm learning. 
The lilac's a bit acid and not to my taste, 
But the crabapple needs pruning; I do abhor waste. 
Now didn't I take a turn here in spring 
And eat all the phlox buds (and a few other things)? 
Mmmm, so milky and nutty, they've managed to blossom, 
Purple's my favorite; ain't nature awesome? 
For dessert, the magnificent lily, oriental. 
So tall, so exquisite, not just ornamental. 
First Stargazer's sampled (a slight hint of spice), 
What a velvety texture; the bouquet is so nice. 
I browse down the bed; Casablanca's prolific. 
The flowers are huge, the flavor's terrific. 
They're not easy eating, the stamens stick out. 
I'm afraid there is pollen all over my snout. 
Oh dear, greedy me, I've beheaded the lot. 
Well, this time I'll shun the vegetable plot. 
Instead, hosta salad, crunchy and sweet.
I'll just trim this edge. There, isn't that neat.
-by Jessica Smith, Penobscot Valley Senior College


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Augusta Senior College Members Cruise the Kennebec
Picnic, Pickin' and Poetry at WMSC Summer Social Event
Gold LEAFers Learn About Alleviating Hunger in Maine
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