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Issue No. 30
August 2012
The MSCN Newsletter

Welcome to Your August Newsletter  

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Summer in Maine is flourishing but there is a bit of "back to school" feeling in the air. At some of Maine's Senior Colleges, there are courses and events during the summer. This issue of the newsletter brings you articles about summer offerings from Gold LEAF Institute, Sunrise Senior College and Lewiston-Auburn Senior College, as well as a preview of the tentative fall offerings at Penobscot Valley Senior College.

In addition, we bring you a reminder that there is a MSCN tabletable display available for your senior college to borrow.

And, along with poetry from a Coastal Senior College member, the newsletter contains the announcement of this year's MSCN Poet Laureate Competition. Details about how to enter are below. Perhaps the last few weeks of summer will inspire your muse, and you'll create the winning entry!



Kali Lightfoot

Executive Director

Maine Senior College Network    


MSCN's Tabletop Display  

Photo of MSCN display
The MSCN tabletop display.
The MSCN tabletop display is available to any Maine Senior College that would like to borrow it. The display fits on a 6-foot table and is great to exhibit when you are promoting your Senior College in your community.

Some places where you might use the display:
  • Your own senior college event
  • When speaking to a group about your Senior College
  • A Lions Club or other community organization lunch
  • A church social
  • A local retirement community event
  • A library display
  • A craft show
  • Or, any event that your senior college participates in!
The MSCN office will also provide you with handouts:
  •  Copies of the MSCN map showing the location and contact information for all of Maine's Senior Colleges.
  • Sign-up sheets to help your gather contact information from interested attendees.
No shipping costs for your Senior College!
The MSCN office will ship the display to you and provide the materials you need to ship it back at no cost to you.

If you would like to borrow the MSCN tabletop display, please email Fran Myers with your request or call her at 207-228-8256.

Who Will Be MSCN's Next
Poet Laureate?
photo of man looking through binoculars

Do you write poetry or would you like to give it a try? Are you a member of a Maine senior college? If so, and you are willing to have your work published in the MSCN e-newsletter, you could become the next MSCN Poet Laureate! It's easy to enter -- simply email a poem you have written to Kyle Allen at the MSCN office. Or mail a printout of your poem to:

Kyle Allen
University of Southern Maine
P.O. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104

Be sure to include: your name, contact information, and tell us which Maine Senior College you belong to. Each Maine Senior College member may enter one poem and the poem must be previously unpublished, with the exception of having been published in the MSCN e-newsletter.
The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2012. The winning poem will be published in the MSCN e-newsletter, and the new MSCN Poet Laureate will receive an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. We're looking forward to reading poetry from members across the state!

Gold LEAF:
Health Through Meditation

Photo of a person meditating, silhouetted by a sunset













In July, Gold LEAF members had the opportunity to learn about the benefits and the techniques of meditation in a three-session class called "Joy and Balance Through Meditation." The class was enthusiastically presented by Daria Babbitt, who has 25 years of experience with the practice of meditation, training with her late husband, Elwood Babbitt, as well as Tibetan teachers.Read all about  the Gold LEAF meditation course.


-submitted by Colleen Serrada for Gold LEAF Institute


What SSC's "Summer Shorts"
Has Meant to Me

When I was in the Air Force (a very long time ago) I was attached to an instructor squadron. Every squadron had its own unique coat of arms with a suitable graphic, and some words meant to describe its uniqueness and mission. I don't remember the graphics. But, I've never forgotten the words"Docendo Discimus,"  which means "we learn through teaching." 

To be able to teach is not only a gift to others, but is a gift to ourselves. Sunrise Senior College has provided that opportunity to both its students and its teachers.
Since coming to Maine and getting involved with SSC, I have had the privilege of giving five Summer Shorts  classes to a most remarkable audience of committed seniors who have never stopped expanding their horizons.

The feedback I got from these students  encouraged me to pursue a dream try for something I might not otherwise have had the confidence to do.What was Al's dream, and how did he accomplish it? Click here to find out!
- submitted by Al Saffer, Sunrise Senior College

Tradition Meets Technology
Photo of one woman reading a book, and another woman reading a Kindle.
Liette Morin and Stephanie Hlister-Croteau

Liette Morin, left, and Stephanie Hlister-Croteau show a difference in reading styles on the recent Lewiston-Auburn Senior College's excursion to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Liette prefers the book in hand while Stephanie likes the Kindle, making this photo an interesting contrast of old and new.  (Photo by Rachel Morin for Lewiston-Auburn Senior College)


Penobscot Valley Senior College Celebrates 10 Years!

clip art of the number 10 This year marks Penobscot Valley Senior College's 10th anniversary!  It is hoped that newer PVSC members will join with long-time members from PVSC's beginnings at the Annual Meeting to observe this milestone year. The Annual Meeting and free luncheon for all PVSC members will be at Jeff's Catering in Brewer on September 14.  Registration is required; details will be available soon to members.  

PVSC is gearing up for fall; below is a tentative list of 6-session courses that will run from September 28 to November 12:

  • Bog Walk With Us:  The Natural History of the Orono Bog
  • DNA: 59 Years and Counting
  • Introduction to the Work of Alan Bennett
  • Learn to Paint with Watercolors
  • Nazi Germany--A Brief History
  • Passages Through Adulthood: The Golden Years
  • The 2012 Election Cycle
  • What You Always Wanted to Know About the Universe
  • Aeschylus: The Oresteia
  • Controversies in Science
  • Electricity, the Inside Story
  • Home Gardening
  • Secret Writing
  • Write Now
- submitted by Cathy Knox for Penobscot Valley Senior College

Meet the New L/A Senior College Board

photo of 2012 Lewiston-Auburn Senior College board of directors
Lewiston-Auburn Senior College's new board of directors.
(Photo by Sandi Croft)

Pictured above is the Lewiston/Auburn Senior College Board of Directors elected in June 2012.

Front row: Patricia Vampatella, Secretary;  Crystal Ward, Finance Chair; Elinor Goldblatt, Rose Goodwin, Karen Bernier, Vice-Chair; Rachel Morin.

Back row: Anita Poulin, Florence Roberts, Joanne Sabourin, Edith Jordan,  Alan Elze, Chair; Lincoln Ladd.

Absent, Paul Robinson, Marni Geilear-Field, Cynthia Peters.

- submitted by Rachel Morin for Lewiston-Auburn Senior College


 The Poet's Corner

Distant Learning

Something new
Comes Instantly
From six hours North.
A lecture should be familiar
As hundreds of others
I've given or heard
Forty or fifty years ago.   
Time passes
The familiar becomes foreign.
A teacher speaks to students
I cannot see
Answers questions I cannot hear.
I eavesdrop
Imagine coeds  
In other rooms.
A distant camera
Focuses on a page/
A finger points to words
Written by an Italian poet
For an Austrian's opera:
Cataloging Don Juan's
Innumerable conquests:
Non si pica se sia ricca
Si Sia ruts.Se sia bella
Purche porti gonnalla
Voi sapete quell che ta
Oi sapete quell che ta/
I the voyeur
Eye to a keyhole
Ear to the tube.

-by John Chandler, Coastal Senior College

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MSCN's Tabletop Display
Announcing the 2012 MSCN Poet Laureate Competition
Gold LEAF: Health Through Meditation
What SSC's "Summer Shorts" Has Meant to Me
Tradition Meets Technology at L/A Senior College
Penobscot Valley Senior College Celebrates 10 Years!
Meet the New L/A Senior College Board
The Poet's Corner
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