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Issue No. 11
January 2011
Welcome To Your
January Newsletter!
Illustration of cardinal in the snow

Happy New Year! We hope you have enjoyed rest, rejuvenation, good food, and lots of laughter during the holiday season.

The first 2011 edition of the Maine Senior College Network e-newsletter includes a call for submissions to the Maine Senior College Instructor's Bureau, a database of information about  instructors who are willing to teach at multiple Maine Senior Colleges, and an invitation to join and participate in the MSCN Compass, an interactive online communications tool.

This issue also delivers an article about a very popular art class at Augusta Senior College, a look forward at Bridgton Senior College's upcoming winter session, Augusta Senior College's Brown Bag Tuesday lecture series, and York County Senior College's 2011 Winter Lecture series. There is also an invitation to view Gold LEAF Institute's 2010 online photo album, a look at happenings at Western Mountains Senior College as well as poetry by Rosabelle Tifft of Western Mountains Senior College. Curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the read!

All of us at MSCN, Anne, Fran, Kyle and I, wish you all the best for the new year. May 2011 be a great year for learning in all its forms.

Kali Lightfoot
Executive Director
Maine Senior College Network

"Have Notes Will Travel":
MSCN Instructors Bureau

Illustration of teacher at blackboardThe recent Maine Senior College Network conference identified a wish to develop a "have notes will travel" resource for the network. This would be a list of instructors who are willing to travel around Maine to deliver their courses. If you are an instructor and wish to add your name to the MSCN Instructors Bureau, please send the following information to Kyle Allen at

-   Your name and the name of the senior college at which you've taught.
-   A short description of the course(s) or one-session lecture(s) you have taught at a senior college.
-    Provide a clear sense of the distance you are willing to travel around the state.
-  IMPORTANT! Make sure that you also provide your contact information including: phone, email and physical address.

We will post your name, course description and travel radius on the Maine Senior College Compass. We will not post your personal contact information unless you state that you would like us to do this. We will pass on your contact information when we receive a direct request from a Senior College Board member.
The Maine Senior College Compass: A Way To Share Ideas Across the MSCN

Compass illustrationWouldn't it be great to be able to share ideas, ask questions, gather information, or bounce ideas off other senior college board members? We've developed the "Maine Senior College Compass," an online communication tool that allows you to do just that! Check out the Maine Senior College Compass to see what has already been shared.

If you are a Senior College board member and you would like to contribute to the Maine Senior College Compass, please send your name, email address and the name of your senior college to Anne Cardale at Once your account has been created you can initiate discussions and add your thoughts to ongoing discussions. You will also be able to edit pages and upload documents. If you are not a board member and would like to have something posted on the Compass, please contact a member of your Maine Senior College board to make this request.
Augusta's Hands On Art Class For Beginners and Beyond
Hands on art class students at UMA Senior College
Hands On Art students at work: In front, Helen McKendry; on the left Janet Mather; and on right Jim McKendry.
UMA art class student at work
Louise Marchaldon takes a smile break during Hands On Art class.

Sixteen very enthusiastic students, seven repeaters and the rest newbies, enjoyed the Hands On Art class this fall at the University of Maine Augusta Senior College (UMASC). They experimented with several media: watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel and acrylics. Techique and related topics for each medium was discussed. A lot of ground was covered in eight weeks with great interest and enjoyment of the process.
Student in UMA Sr College art class
Janet Mather creating a drawing.

As instructor of the course for some 9 years, I find it always interesting. The class mix varies from semester to semester, but the enthusiasm and interest is always high.
I love teaching such devoted students, and my involvement keeps me painting and drawing. I also teach a class on creating portraits which is great fun. Students draw each other, and even students who have never tried their hand at this before create works that resemble their subjects.

- Submitted by Ruth Bookey, University of Maine Augusta Senior College
Lake Region Seniors
Warm Up With
Bridgton's Winter Session

Snowflakes illustrationThe most popular session at Senior College at Bridgton is Winter Session. A series of eight two-hour classes are planned for Mondays and Tuesdays from January 24 to February 15. These classes are free to members and only $5.00 for nonmembers. Classes begin at 10 a.m. and are preceded by a light continental breakfast. The 10:00 hour gives area seniors time to travel in difficult weather; by this time, Bridgton road crews have cleared town roads, and it is easier for people from other communities to get into town.

The Winter Session is a good time for new teachers to get to know members before they commit to a four- or six-week class. Some teachers enjoy presenting something lighter than they do for longer sessions. For example, Winter Session includes a discussion of Charlie Chaplin's films, another class explores the use of place in the novels of Stephen King, and another will discuss opera and myth. Also, people who are not yet retired are able to teach a single two-hour class when they cannot teach for a longer period. 

Winter Session is also a way for Senior College at Bridgton to introduce the program to the larger community. Often, non-members, instead of paying a per-class fee, will become members - important in a resort area where many people are snowbirds. How wonderful it is to have a place to spend a winter morning - a cup of coffee or tea, a nibble or two, and an interesting subject to explore.

- Submitted by Dee Miller, Senior College at Bridgton
Augusta Senior College Offers Winter Brown Bag Tuesday Lecture Series

drawing of lunch box & thermosThe University of Maine Augusta Senior College (UMASC) kicks off 2011 with a "Brown Bag Tuesday" lecture series during January,  February and early March. The lectures are held from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Klahr Center, 46 University Drive, on the University of Maine Augusta campus. No registration is required and the lectures are offered at no charge to MSCN members. Attendees may bring their lunch if they wish, or simply come and listen to the lecture. The scheduled lectures are:

January 4: Tom Feagin - The Christmas Story

January 11: David Leach - Elder Fraud: Protecting Yourself in a Challenging Economy

January 18: Art Ray - Art/Illustrations of Norman Rockwell

January 25: John Burgess - Join The Super Bowl Brown Bag Tailgate Party: Or "How to Become an Expert Football Forecaster for this Super Bowl XLV in one Brown Bag Lunch"

February 1: Elizabeth Reinsborough - Vietnam: A Country on the Move  

February 8: Bets Brown - Birding in Maine  

February 15: Tom Giordano - The Tao of the Dow: History of the Stock Market 

February 22: Peter Rosenberg - Beethoven's 9th Symphony

March 1: Gerry Mahoney - Hallowell's Museum in the Streets Tour: The History Behind the Venues

Snow dates will be Thursday, January 27, and Thursday, February 24.

- Submitted by Bev Ludden, University of Maine Augusta Senior College

York County Senior College Presents Winter Lecture Series

snowman illustrationWhether it's history, wildlife, energy, law or the Middle East, York County Senior College has something of interest in its monthly 2011 Winter Lecture Series. The series features morning and afternoon speakers for a full day of learning. Morning lectures take place from 9:30-11:30, followed by lunch and a second lecture, held from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Wednesday, January 19 is the series kickoff.  Dr. Edward Bilsky, professor of pharmacology and director of The Center of Excellence at the University of New England, will speak about "Woodrow Wilson and the Great Influenza Epidemic." The epidemic of 1918-19, which killed tens of millions worldwide, had a profound effect on public health, medical education and research. It also aroused debate on presidential powers in time of crisis and dealing with presidential disabilities. 

That afternoon, attorney Kathleen Konkoly, of the law firm of Smith Elliot Smith and Garney, will explain the ins and outs of what an estate plan should contain, the nature of trusts - and why you might need one - and the probate process.

Upcoming lectures include a February 16 environmental focus, with Dr. Richard Silkman discussing "Competitive Energy:  Choices for Maine," and veteran Maine guide Richard Mere speaking about "Maine Wildlife and Endangered Species." The series closes on March 16 with fascinating voyages through history and geography, as Manchester Community College (Connecticut) professor of history emeritus Dr. John Sutherland paints verbal pictures of "The Many Faces of Teddy Roosevelt." That afternoon, Tim Deroehn shares the insights he gained about attitudes towards America while "Hiking Through Pakistan."

These lectures are open to the public; membership in Senior College is not required. All winter lectures will be given at Denis Hall on the campus of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, 133  Shaker Hill Road,  Alfred (off Route 202). The fee for each day's program is $15, payable at the door, and includes a delicious lunch of soup, salad, sandwiches, dessert and beverages, as well as coffee breaks. In case of inclement weather, if Sanford Schools cancel, so will Senior College. Call 207-282-4030 for reservations.


-  Submitted by Fern Brown, York County Senior College

View Gold LEAF Institute's 2010 Online Photo Album

Visit to Quarry
Gold LEAF Institute member and founder Belle Foss takes in the view during the organization's field trip to the North Jay White Granite Quarry.

Gold LEAF Institute had a very active, educational and fun-filled 2010. You're invited to view Gold LEAF's photo album of 2010 events by clicking on the photo above. Enjoy!

- Submitted by Eileen Kreutz, Gold LEAF Institute

Snowshoeing in Maine woods
This winter Western Mountains Senior College will again offer a popular snowshoe outing with Rick Churchill.
WMSC: A Healthy Sense of Play

As the winter snows have finally hit the Western Mountains, the WMSC (Western Mountains Senior College) is rediscovering why it's worth it to bundle up, brave the storm, and join together for intellectual stimulation, creativity, and some good times. 

And we do know how to have fun! Our fall registration and annual meeting was a picnic around the theme of the good ole days of summer camp. We had it all: a camp-song sing-along, fireside stories, s'mores - and a watermelon-seed spitting contest! 

Our spring registration tradition has been a soup swap. All members are welcome, and those who wish, contribute soup for the supper. They may also bring a container for the swap and leave with one (or more) container(s) of a different soup.

A visit to the 40+ sled dogs at Mahoosuc Guide Service has been extremely popular, and this fall people enjoyed the "Morning with Horses" offering. Our fall wine-tasting was so popular that we're repeating it this winter. We're repeating another winter favorite, the Snowshoe Nature Outing with "Dr. Rick" Churchill.  In February we'll stomp our feet at our second annual Square Dance, with WMSC member Walter Brough doing the calling. We have a walking group and a theater lovers' group, and some members will attend the hi-def Metropolitan Opera showing in the spring. For more information about these activities or our winter classes, call 207-824-2780.

- Submitted by Nancy Davis, Western Mountains Senior College
The Poet's Corner
Illustration of tree in 4 seasons
Ode To An Old Friend

When I look at you,
I know what is meant,
"Only God Can Make A Tree."
Your branches point to the heavens like a prayer.
Fed by the earth, sun and rain,
You breathe in the air of the best place in the
country - Home!
I admire you.

A picture cannot capture your natural beauty.
Today your sculptured leaves of muted yellows,  lime greens,
And orange with red tips glisten like jewels in the sun.
Your summer greens explode with colors to welcome the fall.

Did I do that as well?
I, too, took on your fall colors
And left behind the soft colors of spring and summer.
I've boldly "swayed" into fall,
A different person than in the summer of my life.

You greet me as I drive up next to you;
I feel exhilarated.
In winter your sturdy branches glisten with snow.
Even ice storms can't break you.
In spring you burst from winter with new bright green leaves.
You're a breath of fresh air.
In summer, four leaf clovers sprout beneath your sturdy trunk.
You're my good luck charm.

I recall some 40 years ago when I could touch your top branch.
Now I bend backwards to see all of you.
Over the years you've witnessed two fires -
One an explosion that demolished our home,
Devastating the very core of our being.
You stood by, a beacon of strength
Telling us we could stand tall and begin again.
You watched as a family of four
Was reduced to one through change and growth.
Even I was forced to leave for a period of time.
Your calm presence reassured me upon my return.

You grow more stately, more beautiful as the years go by.
What advice would you give if you could talk?
Perhaps: "Be strong my little one.
Keep your head up and your eyes toward the heavens.
Let your inner strength feed you.
Rain and snow will come and go
But the sun will always shine again."

- by Rosabelle M. Tifft, Western Mountains Senior College
Camden Conference Course
Will Examine
The Challenges of Asia

Poster for the Challenges of Asia Course

There is still time to register for "The Challenges of Asia," a unique University of Maine course designed around the 2011 Camden Conference on the same theme, will examine the impact of current trends in the international political economy of several countries in Asia. Click here to view a pdf with detailed information about the course. Senior citizens should check with the University of Maine Bursar's office at 581-1521 at 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. regarding tuition and fee waiver requirements.


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Lake Region Seniors Warm Up with Bridgton's Winter Session
Augusta Senior College Offers Winter Brown Bag Tuesday Lecture Series
York County Senior College Presents Winter Lecture Series
View Gold LEAF Institute's 2010 Online Photo Album
WMSC: A Healthy Sense of Play
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