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June 2010
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June's newsletter includes an article from Gold LEAF about two very interesting spring classes that were offered.  The members learned about local produce and food products and also particiapted in a rhythm class that had everyone moving!  Penobscot Valley members learned about island living and UM Augusta held their annual meeting.  Acadia shares with us the innovative way they secure classroom space.  In this edition we are also featuring photos from classes at UM Augusta and Sunrise.

We are still always in awe at the quality and quantity of courses offered through the Maine Senior College Network.  Kudos to all the hardworking MSCN leaders and instructors.

Some submissions have been converted into pdfs to save space. These articles are high quality and well worth reading. Please download Adobe Reader if you are having trouble opening our attachments.

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Kali Lightfoot
Executive Director  

Poets Corner/Contest


A merciless March wind
has tousled the feathers
of this ailing chickadee
into a helpless fluff.
The bird crouches on the sill,
back to the wind, occasionally
pecking at a seed.
Slowly, with great effort,
it creeps up the side of the window
and hangs, like a bat.
Mystery of mysteries!
I never see it leave.

On chill April nights
frogs are chanting in wet places,
wood frogs clucking, peepers shrilling,
intent on their ancient rituals,
oblivious to the stars glittering
so vastly far above them.

A perfect day in May,
the crabapple tree at its peak,
every inch filled with creamy blooms,
some still tinged with pink,
fold on fold, alive with bees.
Stay, stay, I whisper.
But no - a blue jay lands roughly
and bustles from branch to branch,
leaving a wake of drifting petals.

Submitted by Christina Diebold, Penobscot Valley Senior College

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May Classes Appeal to Varied Interests

A packed house of Gold LEAF members learned about everything from CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) to MOO milk in a session presented by Jo Josephson on "The Changing Face of Agriculture." In a very interactive exchange, members shared what they knew about various food products and where they bought their fresh local produce. Josephson, a freelance journalist and photographer, produced this comprehensive presentation on farms and farm operations in Franklin County.
Jo Josephson talks about Maine foods
Gold Leaf Class on local Produce

Another popular class during May was "Rhythm All Around," with participants using their hands and feet, sticks, bells, drums and various other percussion instruments. Karyl Condit led the group in rhythm activities based on those in the book Rhythm Play, by Kenya S. Masala, and talked about the health benefits of incorporating rhythm into our lives. "Find the pulse," she said, and reduce stress, improve mood, and enjoy the camaraderie. And, oh yes, everyone had a lot of fun! Condit is a frame drummer with the group InnerRhythm at Old South First Congregational Church in Farmington, and is a member of Gold LEAF Institute Senior College - UMF.

From left: Mitsie Livermore, Isabelle Foss, Karyl Condit, Rita Porter, Theresa Jessop, Roger Condit and Anne Craig play "My Sticks, Your Sticks" to the beat.
Gold Leaf Rhythm Class

Submitted by Myrna Vallette, Gold LEAF Senior College

Happenings at UM Augusta

UMA Senior College had their Annual Meeting and Celebration in the UMA Randall Center Fireplace Lounge.  Students, faculty, and Board members were invited.  They elected new directors:  Tom Feagin, Chair;  Megan Antonucci, Vice Chair, and Irene Forster, Secretary and a new Board member, Jonathan Lepoff.  During the Celebration they recognized Board members and 2009-2010 Instructors and awarded special certificates of appreciation.  Tables were set up displaying course material and art work and a  buffet luncheon was served.

Submitted By Beverly Ludden, UM Augusta Senior College

Sunrise Takes Class Outdoors

Karen Mabus is in the field learning how to prune woody plants in Marjorie Peronto's Spring 2010 Class
Sunrise Pruning Class

Submitted by Christine Laurel, Sunrise Senior College
Island Life:  Hardships and Beauty

Penobscot Valley Senior College recently enjoyed a presentation by members of the Island Institute who educated a large audience to the works and worth provided to the 15 year-round populated islands off the coast of Maine. Chris Wolff, the Institute's Community Development Director introduced Lana Cannon, an Island Institute Fellow, presently working on Matinicus Island. Members learned much about the help the Island residents gain in their schools, libraries, historical preservations, and social activities from the service of these "live-in" residents. The Institute has placed almost 70 fellows over the past 10 years.

Island life is one of great isolation. Lana had to reserve space on a small ferry-plane to the mainland and then borrow a car to attend the meeting in Bangor. Planes are available when the weather permits and ferries are available daily if the ocean is not too rough. The  island schools often consist of one or two families offspring,  making the enrollment sometimes as little as three or four pupils in the whole 8 grades. Teachers are rotated so a child might have at least two teacher experiences in 8 years.

Fishing, mostly lobstering, is the main livelihood. Attention was called to the women's plight of loneliness during the long winters as they often see no others for days. The men rise and leave very early and although it's work, there is a sociability among the fishermen and contact with others.  The group enjoyed viewing several films depicting the lifestyle as well as the beauty of the Islands.

Submitted by Diane Cutler, Penobscot Valley Senior College
UM Augusta Brightens Day with Watercolor

Julian Sacks demonstrates watercolor techniques to members at UM Augusta Senior College

Submitted by Ruth Bookey, UM Augusta Senior College
UM Augusta watercolor class

A "Dispersed Campus" at Acadia

When Acadia Senior College was in its infancy ten years ago, location was a central problem.  It was solved by decentralization. The undergraduate program at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor was so successful (and so full) that it could provide only one or two classrooms each year.  Our initial administrative center, at the University College in Ellsworth, was likewise crowded, and too distant.  

Led by Mary Jones, a small volunteer task force surveyed churches, public libraries, and other non-profit organizations across the Island.  Seven organizations agreed to provide space on a trial basis for the first classes, held in the fall of 2000.  Thus was born Acadia Senior College's "dispersed campus."  Now a dozen or so non-profits are supporting ASC programs in this manner.

Arrangements for use of the space were established on the basis of a "smile and a handshake."  And this policy continues today.  As the College grew, so did the number of "site partners" and the extent of the "dispersed campus."   Acadia has found a warm welcome at these sites.  Typical is a recent note from the Executive Director of one of their partners:  "The College is a wonderful organization and a real asset to this community. -- The Neighborhood House is thrilled to be able to offer space for classes.   In fact, part of our capital campaign is aimed at relocating and renovating our industrial kitchen -- perfect for their cooking class!" 

Once on its feet financially, ASC began making a modest annual donation to each site that provided space for classes during the previous calendar year. 

These are the "site partners" that have become the backbone of the curriculum:   

Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor
Acadia National Park 
Birch Bay Retirement Village (a division of Bar Harbor Hospital), Hulls Cove
College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor 
Harbor House, Southwest Harbor 
Maine Sea Coast Mission, Bar Harbor
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Salisbury Cove
Mount Desert Island Historical Society, Sound 
Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor 
Northeast Harbor Library 
St. John Episcopal Church, Southwest Harbor 
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Northeast Harbor 
Southwest Harbor Public Library 
Union Church, Northeast Harbor 

For administrative meetings -- Board of Directors and College Committees, Acadia uses several of the above and these businesses: 

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, Bar Harbor
Machias Savings Bank, Bar Harbor 
Union Trust, Town Hill

Submitted by James L. Clunan, Acadia Senior College

The Purpose Prize

The Purpose Prize, which provides $100,000 awards to people inventing new solutions to social problems in their encore careers, is looking for partners to host "roadshow" events. Bring Purpose Prize winners and fellows to your campus for interactive sessions describing how they transitioned into encore careers in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and the challenges and benefits of combining purpose, passion and a paycheck. Interested, but concerned about cost? Civic Ventures, sponsor of The Purpose Prize, can cover speaker travel. Contact Alexandra Kent at or visit for more information. 
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Poets Corner/Contest
May Classes Appeal to Varied Interests
Happenings at UMA
Sunrise Takes Class Outdoors
Island Life: Hardships and Beauty
UM Augusta Brightens Day with Watercolor
A "Dispersed Campus" at Acadia.
The Purpose Prize
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