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 July 2012

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Big Island Biodiesel Grand Opening
Hawaii Military Biofuel Crop Project
Bob King Speaks at HSAC
Southwest Foodervice Expo 2012
New Faces
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Mahalo to all the customers and staff who have
Vietnam veteran and retired CFO of Pacific Biodiesel
helped Pacific Biodiesel grow over the years. Beginning in 1996 in a bay in Kahului, Pacific Biodiesel has expanded from a company servicing only Maui to a company covering all the islands in Hawaii. We will be putting a third plant on line this summer - our newest super-efficient, zero-waste technology.

I have been lucky enough to be part of this growth, and honored to be involved in helping the Hawaiian Islands and other locations in America become more sustainable through the use of locally produced biodiesel.

As I come upon a big change in my life - retirement - I want to thank the Pacific Biodiesel family for a very rewarding work environment, and most of all for the vision of a renewable and sustainable energy future. I will miss the staff, customers, vendors and others I have worked with over the past seven years. I thank them for making my job as CFO very enjoyable and I intend to remain involved in some capacity with the Pacific Biodiesel family and will continue to share their inspiring vision.

A hui hou,

Mike Bradley

Big Island Biodiesel Grand Opening
A Celebration of Energy Independence

Helicopter Tours and Energy Independence Day BBQ were part of the day's celebration 
On July 2, 2012, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies presented its newest project and the first biofuel refinery to be built in the State of Hawaii since 2000, Big Island Biodiesel LLC. It has been 12 years since Pacific Biodiesel conceptualized and began operations at its Sand Island refinery on Oahu, making the event an exciting new chapter in Pacific Biodiesel's history. Big Island Biodiesel will utilize recently developed zero-waste, super efficient processing technology and will play a significant role in helping Hawaii reach its energy independence and sustainability goals. Plant Manager at Big Island Biodiesel, Don Caffee, expressed his excitement at the Grand Opening. "We are excited about our contribution to Hawaii's energy needs and the positive impact it will have on our local community," Caffee said.    

Bob King looks on as Senator Daniel K. Inouye and Governor Neil Abercrombie release the maile lei, signifying the official opening of the facility
The Grand Opening was not only an important day for Pacific Biodiesel Technologies but it also signified one more step towards lessening Hawaii's dependence on imported diesel fuel. The Energy Independence Day celebration began with speeches from United States Senator Daniel K. Inouye and the 7th Governor of the State of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie. "Let's not blink this time," said Senator Inouye, referring to the early development of renewable energy, prompted by the oil crisis in the 1970's, which died when petroleum prices dropped. Governor Abercrombie praised the local investment in the project, saying, "this is a commitment to renewable, this is a commitment to alternative, this is a commitment to energy itself." The Senator and Governor were among many influential speakers representing various government divisions such as the United States Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Energy. "This is a big deal," said U.S. Department of Energy representative, Jim Spaeth, "I'm here to tell you that this is a big deal."    

Speakers were followed by a traditional Hawaiian Blessing of the refinery by Kahu Kimo Pihana. Pihana has been present at each of Big Island Biodesels' blessings from the very first land blessing in January of 2010 to the ground breaking event later that year and now at the finale, the Grand Opening of the Big Island Biodiesel refinery in 2012. Paradise Helicopters provided aerial tours of the plant and nearby jatropha farm operated by Hilo resident, James Twigg - Smith. 

Big Island Biodiesel and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies' employees, investors, members, friends, and family joined guests at an Energy Independence Day BBQ following the  ceremony and blessing. Guests fueled up on an Independence Day spread of fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad while being serenaded by Keoki Kahumoku. All cooking oil used at the barbeque was collected for later biodiesel production at the plant. Fuel Sales Manager Jenna Long expressed thanks to all those who made the event possible. "I'd like to give a big MAHALO to all of our customers who have supported locally produced biodiesel for so many years," says Long. "The success of biodiesel in Hawaii is truly driven by those who fill up their cars and trucks day by day and keep their 'truly green' dollars working for our state!"


Hawaii Military Biofuel Crop Project Update 
Safflower and Camelina among the most promising      

The Hawaii Military Biofuels Crop project has been progressing for over a year now, successfully testing a variety of oilseed crops on over 60 acres of land on the North Shore of Oahu. Crops tested include sunflower, camelina, safflower, soybean, mustard, canola, pennycress, chia, and flax to determine how the plants perform in local conditions.  Safflower and camelina appear to be the most promising plants, allowing us to successfully plant, harvest and process tons of seed to date.  Additional trials include separate plots using compost from Hawaiian Earth Products and biochar from Eco Technologies Group and University of Hawaii to see how the different soil amendments affect crop growth and oil yield.


Two other major goals of the project are to develop a seed crushing facility and identify potential markets for the oilseed co-products. Work has begun on designing and siting a facility, the first phase of which will be built within existing project funds, with plans to be processing seed by April 2013.  The initial crushing equipment will have the capacity to process 10 tons of seed per day with the ability to expand as needed.  As part of the effort to develop a markets for the co-products, PBT recently hosted Hawaii Cattleman's Association, along with state, federal and university officials, on a tour of the farm to see the crops and discuss the potential for leftover seedcake as a feed supplement for finishing cattle.  The group was enthusiastic about the possibility of locally grown feed for their livestock.

 Farm Manager Dan Rudoy explains benefits of various oil seed crops

"This year has been exciting as we continue to increase production on the farm and develop the seed crushing facility," says Project Manager Matt Johnson. Additional efforts include working with other biofuel crop growers including jatropha, pongamia, and oil palm as they make progress throughout the State, with the intent of creating a network of oilseed crop growers. "We continue to work with landowners to identify future sites for additional plantings," Johnson adds. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year!   


Article by Matt Johnson, Project Manager 

Pacific Biodiesel's Bob King Gives Keynote Speech
King speaks at Hawaii State Association of Counties Conference 
Bob King, President of Pacific Biodiesel, presented the luncheon keynote speech at the 2012 Hawaii State Association of Counties Annual Meeting.  King pointed out the importance of county regulations to the proper disposal and recycling of the islands' waste streams and the resulting environmental benefits. Pacific Biodiesel Technologies' Fuel Sales Manager Jenna Long and Logistics Account Executive Bill Chaul were also in attendance at the conference. "Bob made great points about the positive impacts biodiesel has both environmentally and economically," said Chaul.

"On The Road Again"      
Pacific Biodiesel exhibits at the Southwest Foodervice Expo
To kick off its oil collection
Account Executive Ken Roaden meets with Southwest Foodservice Expo attendees at the Pacific Biodiesel booth while a life-size Willie Nelson figure features BioWillie™Biodiesel
service in Texas, Pacific Biodiesel Logistics attended the 2012 Southwest Foodservice Expo at the Dallas Convention Center on June 24-25. 
The expo showcased the latest products and services available in the Texas market and provided Pacific Biodiesel Technologies with an excellent platform to promote its used cooking oil collection service to restaurants and other potential clients in Texas. Account Executive Dana Shinsato of Pacific Biodiesel's Oahu offices and newly hired Account Executive Ken Roaden of
Locally sourced feedstock is processed into BioWillie™Biodiesel at Pacific Biodiesel Texas' Hillsboro plant
the Texas office hosted a booth at the two day event. "We were successful in communicating our mission of sustainability through local collection, local production, and local distribution," Shinsato said. "We received a lot of positive feedback from potential customers, attendees, and other exhibitors. The Texas restaurant community seems eager to support locally produced biodiesel and Willie Nelson," he added.

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics will now be collecting used cooking oil in Texas to support the community based model in place at Pacific Biodiesel Texas. BioWillie™
Biodiesel, which is sold at Pacific Biodiesel's Maui pump, is also available for purchase in Texas

New Faces at Pacific Biodiesel 

Pacific Biodiesel and Big Island Biodiesel welcome new employees

  • Big Island Biodiesel - Lucas Frank, Facility Manager    

Lucas Frank is working at the newly opened Big Island Biodiesel. Lucas worked as a licensed Merchant Marine Engineering Officer before becoming Big Island Biodiesel's Facility Manager. With degrees in Biology and Mechanical Engineering, Lucas is well equipped to manage our Big Island Biodiesel Facility operations.

  • Big Island Biodiesel - Tyler Brandenburg, Plant Operator 

Tyler Brandenburg has been a process operator with SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel in Salem, OR for the last three years. He has worked on several projects in regard to ecological design and natural resource management throughout Northern California and Oregon. Tyler will now be exercising his experience as Plant Operator at Big Island Biodiesel.   

  • Big Island Biodiesel - Joseph Kashuba, Plant Operator    

U.S Navy Veteran Joseph Kashuba will be working alongside Tyler Brandenburg as a Plant Operator at Big Island Biodiesel. Joseph served as a Nuclear Machinist Mate and Engineering Laboratory Technician on a submarine, worked in steel mills, and later became a professional brewer. Joe is excited to join the team at Big Island Biodiesel as a Plant Operator. 

  • Pacific Biodiesel Texas - Ken Roaden, Account Executive  

Our newest Account Executive, Ken Roaden, has over 20 years of experience in sales, making him a valuable asset to our sales team in Texas. Ken got off to a quick start working alongside Dana Shinsato of our Oahu offices. The two represented Pacific Biodiesel at the Southwest Foodservice Expo at the Dallas Convention Center on June 24th & 25th.    

  • Pacific Biodiesel Technologies - Erin Wooldridge, Marketing Assistant 

With a background in Communication, our newest Marketing assistant Erin Wooldridge, will be working closely with Vice President and Director of Communications Kelly King and Marketing Director Beth Mathias on Communication and Marketing projects for Pacific Biodiesel Technologies.  


Pacific Biodiesel has had great success with summer interns from the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui's (SLIM) Scholar and Intern Program hosted by the University of Hawaii, Maui Campus. The program encourages "green" workforce development through experience and job placement. In keeping with our community-based model, Pacific Biodiesel is proud to work with SLIM towards sustainable workforce education and development.  

  • Summer Intern, Hinano Tangaro

A student of Natural Resource Management and Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii, Maui Campus, Hinano Tangaro is working closely with Marketing Director Beth Mathias on an important data entry project for Pacific Biodiesel Logistics. She is excited to be a part of the Pacific Biodiesel team and Hawaii's progression towards sustainability.    

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Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB id committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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