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Oregon B5 Mandate Realized
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Army Tests B20 in Tactical Vehicles
Kings to Speak at European Biodiesel Conference
National Biodiesel Day
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Maui's First Aloha `Aina Work Day
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   1st Quarter 2011
Message from Bob King

Robert King, President,  

Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. 


The first quarter of 2011 has been an exciting one for Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. and its affiliates, with progress on many fronts.  The good news began at the end of 2010 with the reinstatement of the FET credit.  While this is a positive step for the biodiesel industry, it also highlights the need to emphasize the value of local, sustainable energy. Throughout the lapse in the FET credit we have seen smaller community-scale producers like Pacific Biodiesel weather the storm while large centralized plants have gone under.  


It's gratifying to know that our 1996 model for sustainable community-based biodiesel production has proven to be robust and beneficial.  When our politicians begin to put a real value on sustainability, we will see even more progress and our triple bottom line - environment, economy and energy security - will be realized by many more communities throughout America.

Military Crop Research Project Announced by Hawaii's Governor and Congresswoman

Crop Research Project Gets Underway 


Pacific Biodiesel is now formally contracted with the Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center to work with the Army Installation Management Command-Pacific on a two-year biofuel crop research project aimed at reducing the Hawaii's dependence on fossil fuels. 


In announcing the project on February 4 at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Governor Neil Abercrombie explained that the project will expand the capability of the U.S. Military to significantly increase its renewable fuel usage and enhance energy security while supporting the energy goals set by the Department of Defense and the State of Haw

Kelly King speaks at MCB-Hawaii

Kelly King, Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel, Inc., addresses civilian and military attendees at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

aii.  Abercrombie initiated the $2.4 million appropriation for the project as a U.S. Representative in Congress from Hawaii's first congressional district.


Joining Abercrombie in addressing the gathering were Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, Pacific Biodiesel Vice President Kelly King and KMCB Commanding Officer, Col. Jeffrey Wood.   "We're the most oil dependent state in the Country, spending $7 billion annually", Hirono told the audience of fifty.  "I'd rather see that money circulating in our economy." 

The first step in the project is locating suitable land to grow biofuel crops.  Pacific Biodiesel is looking at various agricultural sites within the State and will be contracting with consultants who have experience working with biofuel crops in similar climates.   "We will be demonstrating conventional oilseed crop production on a commercial scale in Hawaii where these types of crops have not been grown before," stated Kelly King.   Also included in the funding is specialty ag equipment needed to produce and process the biodiesel crops. After project completion, the equipment will continue to be used locally.

Abercrombie, King, Hirono and Woods

Governor Neil Abercrombie, Kelly King, Congressworman Mazie Hirono and Col. Jeffrey Wood, Cmdr. MCB-Hawaii, post in front of a biodiesel-fueled tactical vehicle.

Pacific Biodiesel is enthusiastic about the potential this project represents for reducing Hawaii's fuel dependency while stimulating jobs in the agricultural sector of the economy.

Happy April Fuel's Day!
Alaska Plant

SQPB plant in Salem, Oregon has a production capacity of 15 million gallons per year

Oregon B5 Mandate Realized

Oregon's Renewable Fuel Standard, passed by the 2007 Oregon Legislative Assembly, will become fully executed this year.   Beginning on April 1, 2011 all diesel fuel sold in the state of Oregon use must contain 5 percent biodiesel (with the exception of railroad locomotive, marine engines and home heating applications).  A review by an independent team of chemical engineers concluded that the  SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel (SQPB) plant in Salem has a maximum production capacity of at least 15 million gallons.  Along with an additional 1.5 million gallons of production capacity by five smaller Oregon production facilities, the State exceeded the production capacity required to trigger the mandate.  


Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. Wins HVCA ʻDeal of the Yearʻ  

for Record Setting Second Time

Big Island Biodiesel plant expansion spurs investment

Pacific Biodiesel was presented with the 2010 Deal of the Year Award for the second year in a row by the Hawaii Venture Captial Association.  The award is given to the company that raises the most equity capital during the calendar year.  In the last week of 2010, with the looming expiration of the Hawaii State Qualified High Tech Business tax credit program, Pacific Biodiesel made a decision to double the capacity of the Big Island Biodiesel refinery, still in its pre-construction phase. Many of the initial group of Hawaii-based investors took advantage of the soon-to-expire QHTB tax credits, and invested the additional funds by December 31, 2010.  The new capital will provide for an increase in the biodiesel production capacity for the state-of-the-art Keaʻau plant from 2.6 to over 5 million gallons per year.  According to Bill Spencer, President of the HVCA, Pacific Biodiesel is the first company to receive the award twice.   

BIB color rendering

Big Island Biodiesel, scheduled to open November 2011, features state-of-the-art zero waste technology.

Pacific Biodiesel Recognizes "Customer of the Month" as a Thank You to Long-time Customers
Jon Abbott COM

John Abbott of 21st Century Technologies honored as January "COM"

Check the
website each month to read about different Hawaii businesses that are fueling with locally produced biodiesel!

Every month Pacific Biodiesel features a "Customer of the Month" on its website to highlight valued customers.  The customer of the month is selected based on how long the customer has continually used biodiesel as well as the volume of fuel purchased.  Also taken into consideration is the overall philosophy of the
Rob BrowerCOM

February Customer of the Month is Kauai's  

Rob Brower

company and its practices, including their support
for rene
wable energy and their commitment to being green. You can view the current customer of the month  HERE and past ones HERE. Thank you to all of our customers for supporting locally produced energy!


Army Tests B20 in Tactical Vehicles

Through the Department of Defense Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, renewable biofuels are being tested on selected tactical vehicles from the US Army Garrison-Hawaii located at Fort Shafter on Oahu. 

Dave Chavez explains Army's B-20 test

With the test Humvee in the background, Dave Chavez of the U.S. Navy, NAVFAC Engineering Service Center explains details of the military test project.


On January 13, testing began on two vehicles, a Humvee and a loader.  Results of the evaluation will support future efforts to integrate biodiesel blends into the Army's base fleets by ensuring compatibility and identifying appropriate environments for its use.


The biodiesel used in this evaluation is produced on Oahu by Pacific Biodiesel and is made from used cooking oil, including oil collected from Army dining facilities on Oahu.  The petroleum diesel for the project is provided by Mid Pac Petroleum.

Jenna Long explains biodiesel process to Army personnel

Pacific Biodiesel Fuel Sales Manager Jenna Long shows the various stages of biodiesel production to Army personnel.

"One thing we like about the biodiesel is that yesterday it cooked your lunch and today it takes you to lunch," said Lt. Col. Matthew Garner at the Fort Shafter kick-off. 

Kings to Speak at European Biodiesel Conference

Rotterdam, The Netherlands:  Day one of the June 2011 European Biodiesel Conference will feature Pacific Biodieselʻs Bob and Kelly King.  Now in its fourth year, European Biodiesel has established itself as Europe's premier event dedicated entirely to the biodiesel industry. 

 European Biodiesel Conference

Pioneers and innovators in sustainable biodiesel production, the Kings have been invited to present the topic, "Sustainable Biodiesel Best Practices" at the Rotterdam conference.   Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King will address technical aspects and speak about economic sustainability.  Kelly King, VicePresdient of the Company, will discuss the community-scale model and best practices for environmental stewardship and introduce the Sustainable Biodiesel Allianceʻs mission and goals.  A question and answer session will follow the presentation.


The European Biodiesel Conference attracts attendees from across Europe, the UK, Russia, Asia and the Americas.  The Kings will join 11 other industry leaders as they offer insight into the future of biodiesel in the fuel mix and encourage discussions between industry, government and NGOs on the crucial topic of sustainability.  

March 18th is National Biodiesel Day

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine

Celebrate National Biodiesel Day on March 18th, the 153rd anniversary of the birth of Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine.  The biodiesel industry chose his birthday to honor him for his foresight in recognizing the valuable role of vegetable oil-based fuel. He originally designed the diesel engine in the late 19th Century to run on peanut oil.


Cleanway News

New Cleanway logo with tag line

Cleanway has a new look.  Keep an eye out for it on our trucks and in our new advertising campaign.  

Newly expanded office space at the Oahu facility has everyone smiling!


Cleanway is now serving the Big Island!  Welcome to Robert Richardson, the newest member of the Cleanway team.  We are now providing pick-up and recycling of used cooking oil and grease trap waste to Hawaii Island's local restaurants, hotels and resorts from Hilo to Kona and all points in between.  To schedule service call 808-851-7117. 


Dana Shinsato joins Cleanway as Oahu's newest Sales Representative.  With extensive background in the service industry, Dana brings with him a wealth of information and is a great addition to the team. 


Mahalo to Cleanway Oahu's newest client, McCully Shopping Center.  When Cleanway is contracted to pick-up an establishment's used cooking oil, they know they are helping the environment by turning this waste product into sustainable biodiesel, produced right here in Hawaii. 


Cleanway UCO clients automatically become members of "Restaurants for Renewables".  Look for this sticker at your favorite restaurant.  You'll know that they are helping to keep our islands green while reducing Hawaii's dependence on fossil fuels.

R4R Logo sm 

To become a Cleanway client call 808-851-7117 for service on Oahu and Hawaii Island, or 808-877-7118 for service on Maui. Email us for info HERE

Coming Soon to Maui - B100 Available 24-7

Cardlock system coming to Hobron  Avenue location


Due to popular demand, Pacific Biodiesel Maui will be installing a new pump and cardlock system at the 40 Hobron Avenue facility giving customers access to biodiesel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

PB Inc. Fuel Sign w/LZ

Pacific Biodiesel's B100, still the lowest priced diesel fuel on Island, will soon be available 24-7 at Maui's Hobron Avenue location.


According to Larry Zolezzi, Pacific Biodiesel Operations Manager, the new equipment should be installed in June.  "We've got the best customers on Maui" states Zolezzi. "They have been very loyal, fueling their vehicles during our weekday operating hours.  We know it's been inconvenient to some so we're excited to be able to offer this expanded service."   


Maui's First Aloha `Aina Work Day

Maui Welcomes Community Recycling Event  


Following many successful Oahu events, Pacific Biodiesel is thrilled that Aloha ʻAina Work Day, the monthly community recycling events, are now happening on Maui. 


Kahului's Baldwin High School hosted the inaugural event, providing a place for residents to drop off their recyclables.  School volunteers assisted as residents drove to the school parking lot to drop off everything from cardboard and e-waste to metal scraps and used cooking oil.Mayor Alan Arakawa and a number of county council members showed their support by rolling up their sleeves and helping out - unloading vehicles, directing traffic and providing support to the volunteers.


Arakawa at Aloha Aina Maui

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa and Baldwin High School students show off some used cooking oil collected at January's Aloha 'Aina Work Day.

Each month a different Maui non-profit will host the event. Oahu has two Aloha Aina Work Day events a month. Pacific Biodiesel collected 33 gallons of used cooking oil at Maui's January event, and is one of the recyclers that donates to the host of each event based on the volume collected.


Organized on Maui by Hammerhead Metals and Community Work Day, Aloha ʻAina Work Day is coordinated by Rene Mansho of Schnitzer Steel Hawaii.  For more information, contact Rene at 808-306-1876 or click here to send an email. 


Warm Winter Wishes from Pacific Biodiesel Texas

PB Texas Snowman

Snow isn't usually included in a Carl's Corner, Texas weather forecast but now and then, residents wake up to a winter wonderland.  With a rare chance to play in the "white stuff" James Walker, Plant Operator at the Pacific Biodiesel Texas facility, built a BioWillie snowman to greet customers right outside the plant. 


Congratulations (again!) to Jimmy and Bobbi Carreira

Appearing on OC16's "Wedding of a Lifetime" on November 15, 2010, Cleanway senior driver Jimmy Carreira and his wife renewed their wedding vows on Kauai, complete with wedding gown, photography and video as part of their 3rd place prize. 

Carreira Wedding

Jimmy and Bobbi Carreira

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its technology division, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. 
PBI is committed to the community-based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.  For more information, please visit our website or contact Beth Mathias at