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Call to Action - Biodiesel FET Credit needs your stories NOW!
Pacific Biodiesel Recognizes "Customer of the Month" as a Thank You to Long-time Customers
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Pacific Biodiesel to Sponsor the Alaka'ina Foundation's Digital Bus Program
Local Fuel Crop Research Published in Major Trade Journal, Biofuels Business
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   August 2010

We appreciate the wonderful feedback from so many readers who have emailed positive reviews of our newsletter.  It is our policy to publish monthly as long as there is news to report.  The biggest item currently affecting the biodiesel industry is the lapse in the biodiesel FET credit.  Read on to find out how your personal story can be a message to Congress that they need to support sustainable biodiesel. Thank you for supporting community-based biodiesel and feel free to pass this newsletter on to interested friends and colleagues!

Call to Action - Biodiesel FET Credit needs your stories NOW!


With Congress due back in session next month, we have a short window of opportunity to publicize the dire need to renew the Biodiesel FET credit.

In the past few weeks, we at have heard from many who have been negatively affected by the lapse in the FET credit.  Working with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Pacific Biodiesel wants to get your stories heard.  If you or someone you know has been hurt, whether it be a job layoff, a bankruptcy, lost investment, increase in biodiesel prices or vendor accounts dwindling due to fewer biodiesel plants in production, please send in a 15-20 second video statement.  Your stories will be streamed together on a video to be posted on social media, linked to relevant websites and sent to the legislators across the country.  Our collective stories will send Congress the message that inaction on renewable energy is inexcusable.

So get out your video cameras, cell phones or other recording devices and let our lawmakers know how you are being affected.  We're not looking for professional videos, but real stories by real people who believe in sustainable biodiesel.   Send your 15-20 second video clip to by August 30, 2010 to contribute to this grassroots effort.  Together we can save the biodiesel industry and keep moving toward local energy production for all communities in the U.S.!

SQPB Featured in Biofuels Journal
SQPB plant in Salem, Oregon with production capacity of 5 million gallons per year
Alaska Plant
Oregon plant showcased as "Biodiesel Survivor" in August issue of Biofuels Journal

Sequential Pacific Biodiesel (SQPB), partially owned and managed by  Pacific Biodiesel, was featured as a "Biodiesel Survivor" in the recent  Biofuels Journal.  The article focuses on how even with an estimated 90% of the biodiesel industry shut down due to the biodiesel federal excise tax credit expiring, the Salem, Oregon plant has continued to produce fuel.  While even the largest distributer of biodiesel in Oregon is not immune to layoffs, SQPB attributes its survival to a community-based strategy of sourcing its feedstock locally, selling its biodiesel in nearby markets, and benefitting from the state's green incentives.  About 90% of the feedstock comes from yellow grease (used cooking oil) and the rest from regionally grown canola and camelina.  Because SQPB utilizes state-of-the-art technology developed by Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, it can process very high free fatty acid material which is less costly than other feedstocks and helps keep the biodiesel competitive with diesel fuel.
Pacific Biodiesel Recognizes "Customer of the Month" as a Thank You to Long-time Customers
Biobeetle Rental Cars selected as June "COM"
Customer of the Month June
Check the
website each month to read about different Hawaii businesses that are fueling with locally produced biodiesel!

Every month Pacific Biodiesel features a "Customer of the Month" on its website to highlight valued customers.  The customer of the month is selected based on how long the customer has continually used biodiesel as well as the volume of fuel purchased.  Also
August "COM" Shamrock Tree Service
Alaska Plant
taken into consideration is the overall philosophy of the company and its practices, including their support for renewable energy and their commitment to being green.  You can view the current customer of the month HERE and past ones HERE. Thank you to all of our customers for supporting locally produced energy!


Cleanway News

Cleanway employees Jenna Long and Morisa Nokoa work the Cleanway booth at the expo
Cleanway at Expo
Cleanway, Inc. attends Hospitality Expo on Oahu and will be expanding to the Big Island soon

A service of Pacific Biodiesel, Cleanway Greasetrap and Used Cooking Oil Recycling was pleased to attend the 2010 Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Foodservice Expo.  Mahalo to all of those who visited our exhibit booth!  Cleanway welcomes its newest Restaurants for Renewables participants, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell of Maui and Hawaii Pacific Health group on Oahu.  These companies are making a difference in our communities by recycling their waste oil into clean renewable fuel.  Cleanway will soon be offering FREE used cooking oil collection on the Big Island.  Service is expected to start by the end of this year in the Hilo and Kona areas.  Contact Jenna Long today to sign up, 808-851-7117, or!

Pacific Biodiesel to Sponsor the Alaka'ina Foundation's Digital Bus Program

Pacific Biodiesel dontates
fuel to help Hawaii's Digital Buschildren learn about sustainability

Pacific Biodiesel is donating fuel for The Digital Bus, a mobile science and technology lab aimed at encouraging interest in science and technology among students in grades K-12.  The bus will run exclusively on biodiesel and use solar panels for all the equipment inside the mobile lab.  Operated by Akimeka Technologies, LLC and Alaka'ina Foundation, this programs serves the Foundation's education outreach goal in working to develop the next generation of scientists who may be developing and supporting critical technologies for the future, while focusing on sustainability.  Equipped with the latest technology, this state-of-the-art learning platform has been used in projects ranging from watershed investigation and restoration to math instruction to ocean and stream monitoring.

Local Fuel Crop Research Published in Major Trade Journal, Biofuels Business
Pacific Biodiesel participated in the study to help Hawaii test local biodiesel feedstock

The final report from an EPA funded project involving Honolulu Clean Cities,  Pacific Biodiesel, Oceanic Institute and Grace Pacific Corp. was recently published in a major trade journal, Biofuels Business Magazine. The project, "Biodiesel from Fuel Crops in Hawaii," was aimed at developing an understanding of the quality and yield of biodiesel produced from a variety of different island feedstock sources and also to measure the emissions generated from the fuel. This project's findings can play a significant role in the future of agriculture and biofuel crops in Hawaii.  With an increasing demand for biodiesel, Hawaii has the opportunity to reduce pollution caused by petroleum diesel, reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil, and offer a new means to sustain agricultural commerce in the region.

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its technology division, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. 
PBI is committed to the community-based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.  For more information, please visit our website or contact Beth Mathias at