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 April 16, 2012

Proposed 2012-2013

PTO Executive Committee Slate

Thanks to all the PTO members for nominating themselves or another for the PTO slate of Executive Committee members.  We have a great slate to put forward to the PTO membership and know that the 2012-2013 school year will be a wonderful one with these individuals. As per the PTO By-Laws, we are posting the slate 10 days ahead of the vote for consideration. **Please note that the candidate originally slated for the two-year co-president position has elected not to serve and the nominating committee has therefore found another candidate for that position. ** We will vote on the slate at the April 24, 2012 PTO General Membership meeting.  If you have any questions about the nominating process, please contact any of the nominating committee members.


DES 2012-2013 Proposed Slate of Executive Officers:
Co-President (1 year): Shari Wassell
Co-President (2 years): 
Amy Olive-LeVasseur

Treasurer: Judi Carlson
VP of Academic Affairs: Klare McKee
VP of Communications:  Meredith Kitey
VP of Programs:  Stephanie Holmes
VP of Ways & Means: Whitney Samuelson
Secretary:  Jeanne Sacks
Financial Secretary (2 years): April Toms