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August 25, 2010Issue: # 12
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New Family Physician  - Marcia Tanur, MD
In March we added a talented nurse practitioner, Bob Love, to our staff and in November, Dr. Marcia Tanur, a family physician, will also be joining our practice.  In addition to 15 years experience and great clinical expertise, she brings with her some unique talents and passions. Most of Dr. Tanur's career has been dedicated to working with the underserved, and she has a real zeal for providing care to the elderly who are in need.
Dr. Tanur has extensive experience with traditional Japanese and auricular (needle placement in the ear) acupuncture.  I envision these treatments being offered during the course of a typical visit and at no additional cost to our patients.
Some of the conditions that Dr. Tanur can treat with acupuncture are: acute and chronic pain; headaches; chronic gastointestinal ailments such as irritable bowel disease and GERD; withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco abuse and other addictive behaviors; and anxiety disorders. She has found that she can assist with weight loss using a combination of weekly acupuncture sessions and dietary counseling.
While it will be a few months before Dr. Tanur joins us, you may begin to schedule appointments to see her.  Dr. Tanur will only be available on a part-time basis, therefore her appointments will fill up quickly.
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