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FLU  INFORMATION - A Brief  Update

I just want to inform you about the standing of recent flu vaccine shipments to the office. 
Recent Flu Vaccine Arrivals
Sneezing boy
On Wednesday December 30 we received a shipment of 100 H1N1 vaccine for everyone over 6 months of age. We also have a supply of seasonal flu vaccine for children aged 6-35 months of age.
                       SEASONAL FLU VACCINE for 6-35 MONTHS
We will be calling our parents with children who fall into the 6-35 months of age but if you get this email you can call us up to set up an appointment.
                                     H1N1 VACCINE
The H1N1flu  is still out there and there is a possibility  that it will have another spike in 2010. So, it's probably worthwhile to get vaccinated if you have not already been. We will be calling unvaccinated higher risk people but we will make the vaccine available to everyone.
Who is higher risk - young children, young adults, people with chronic diseases (asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, immune suppressed).
It appears that morbidly obese patients (100 lbs overweight) and people with asthma have made up a relatively higher proportion of hospitalized patients than is usual with the typical flu.
Deborah Bershel