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 Bonding with Your Baby Through Swim Lessons   

Toddler & Dad
It is amazing to see how life changes after the birth of a child. Juggling work, carpools, dinners and extracurricular activities can make you question why there aren't more hours in the day. Parents often forget to slow down and remember the magic that happens when you bond with a child. In fact, spending time....

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Wet Babies and Winter Swimming

Should you do it?

by Lory Kirk



5 Benefits of Winter Swimming


1. Babies who swim tend to be healthier than those who don't. Even in the winter!


2. The physical exercise that they get when swimming stimulates babies' appetite. It helps him to eat better and sleep better, resulting in a healthier baby with a stronger immune system.


3. The deep breathing that babies do when they blow bubbles or submerge in water helps to keep their lungs clear of accumulated mucous, making them less prone to respiratory problems.


4. Babies grow and develop so quickly. When they stop swim lessons and come back 3 or 4 months later, they have changed socially, emotionally and physically. As baby matures he develops inhibitions about new experiences. Some return with a fear of the water that they didn't have before.


5. Babies who swim right through winter have the greatest chance of reaching their full potential. They continue to progress, maintaining important safety skills and comfort in the water. Your child is less likely to remain calm and remember how to float or grab the wall if it has been weeks or months since the last time he was in the water.




 Holiday Schedule

Little Otter will be closed for in December the 23rd through 26th,  & January 31st.  For a complete list of closing, check website calender.
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We just attended United State Swim School Association's meeting in Orlando, Florida of with more than 400 swim school directors and instructors from all over the US, and around the world.  What a great place to learn from other experience teachers new and innovative methods to use in teaching your children to swim and be safe! John Kirk was named the Public Relations Chairman of the US Swim School Association. And our own Robin Varney became certified in Infant Swim Instruction.  Six of our instructors were recognized as "Outstanding Swim Instructors" by the US Swim School Association. 
We celebrated back here in Charlotte when the certificates arrived by a fun lunch out.  The following instructors were recognized Richard MichamRachel IngramRobin VarnerLaurel RoutledgeChristl Ray, and finally our "Otterly" Best Instructor, Yancy Guzman.  We are very proud of these wonderful individuals who are great teachers!
Stewart Isaacs, Robin Varney and John Kirk attending United State Swim School Association Meeting in Orlando, FL
Little Otter Wear   
Little Otter introduces a brand new clothes line of Swimming is Essential.  Come check it out when you are in for your next lesson.  We have three great colors-- and a really great otter!


Little Otter Helps KatiesKidz Give Gifts & Smiles to Hospitalized Kids  
Little Otter has committed to helping KatiesKidz by again being a drop-off location for donations for the Holiday season.  Katie herself is just a kid at only nine years old! This n
Young Katie
on-profit organization provides presents to children who are hospitalized in eight area hospitals. These gifts provide smiles, fun, joy and something to do while recovering from their medical challenges. Little Otter will have a donation box set up in the lobby for those of you who would like to donate.  For more information about the KatiesKidz Organization Click this link to go to page!


Drowning is Preventable - Safety Days at Little Otter Educate our Kids 
Water Safety for Every One!
Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under  the age of 14.  Little Otter's recent Safety Day is part of our continuing to educate our children to help protect them from a tragic accident.  Our Safety Day is about educating our children for the unexpected-- falling into a pool or off of a dock fully clothed, and how this feels different from jumping into a pool.  Our instructors taught the children how to respond when child's shoes are full of water, and how to react when the unplanned swim occurs.
Drowning is Preventable - Bathtub PSA
Drowning is Preventable - Bathtub PSA
Thank you for sharing your children with us. Teaching your child a lifetime skill is a gift we so enjoy giving, and we are always happy to see joyful kids in our pool.  We hope you and your family have a safe and joyous holiday season. 




John & Lory Kirk
Little Otter Swim School