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Lessons are Important Year Around 

teacher and student
Little Otter Swim Students
When summer draws to a close, some children say goodbye to their swim instructors and new Little Otter friends to begin sports and music lessons or focus on school work. Parents don't think twice about pulling their child out of swimming lessons in order to start a new activity. Yet when summer rolls around again the following year, they are startled to find their son or daughter in the same class as the previous year or slow to improve.

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Track Skills Needed To Move to Next Level 
swim instructors.

On your next trip into Little Otter, make sure to read over our new levels sign. The sign describes the various skills required to complete a level. Then, sign in to your Little Otter Account Online, and you can see which skills that your child has mastered, and what they need to practice to move to the next level. You can also ask your deck manager and they will be happy to share your child's accomplishments and point out what they are working on.


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Little Otter is always looking for ways to improve our lessons and your child's experience in the water. In this newsletter, we highlight all of the recent changes around the pool, the continuing education of our instructors and the online improvements to our website. Please start by enjoying our Water Safety Video!!
Little Otter Water
Hurry Up & Learn!  

As parents, we love to see our children learn new things and accomplish new skills.  It's part of what we feel makes us a good parent.  However, often in our quest, we get caught up in thinking that sooner is better.  


It's important that in swim lessons, as in other areas of learning, that we keep our expectations realistic.  Understanding how children learn and what they need is a key factor for positive healthy learning....Read More >> 

Little Otter Swim School Pool
Underwater Learning!

What Makes Little Otter Swim
School Different? 

What makes Little Otter Swim School different? The first answer is our Instructors, of course-- but the second is our facilities. Our pools are maintained at a tropical 90 degrees because a child that is warm and happy will learn to swim more easily. We have added UV (Ultra-Violet) systems to both of our pools. This system uses light to purify our water. This works along with our chemistry and gives us an added protection against water borne illnesses.


We circulate the water in our baby pool every hour. This is 6 times what is required by the health department. The main pool water circulates every 2.5 hours. This is about 2 and a half times what is required. By going the extra step, we are trying to have the cleanest water for your children to swim in.


Little Otter Swim School Pool
Little Otter Swim School Pool

Fall Classes Filling Rapidly

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Great teachers and great students

Classes are starting to get full as they always do when we head towards fall. If you need to change classes as school starts, try to let us know as early as possible so we can find an opening that will work with your schedule.  Our website now features up to the minute class schedule and availability for every level of swimmer.  You can now check classes for your child and sign up online at our website.   


Please go to 

for your child's swim schedule.

Little Otter Water Safety Day
happy baby
Water Safety for Every One!
On Saturday, May 14th, Little Otter Swim School hosted a Water Safety Day for our students.  Students wore their clothes and shoes to simulate how it might feel to "fall in" a body of water, whether it be a pool or off of a dock into a lake.  The instructors guided the children into rolling onto their backs in a floating position, while the child experienced the sensation of the water dragging on their clothes and the weight of shoes in the water.  This invaluable demonstration gave each of the children the tools necessary to save themselves if such an accident should occur.  Over 200 children attended this event here at the Little Otter, and we were glad to be able to help our families prepare for water activities. 


Thank you for sharing your children with us.  Learning to swim is a skill they will carry with them for life, and we are proud to be part of their experience.




John & Lory Kirk
Little Otter Swim School