Join the Oprah Campaign!

Let's get drowning prevention featured on Oprah's last season


Little Otter Swim School, The U.S. Swim School Association, and other drowning prevention organizations are campaigning to have the drowning epidemic in America featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The hope is that drowning prevention will be impacted by the "Oprah Effect".

Here's how YOU can help (it's so easy):

  1. Submit "The Drowning Epidemic in America" to Oprah as a topic idea between January 24 - February 14

  2. Copy and paste this text:

    America’s Drowning Epidemic

    Please highlight the vital topic of water safety and drowning prevention on the Oprah Show while it still airs on a national network. Every day an average of 10 people die from drowning in this country. 58% of African American children and 56% of Hispanic children don’t know how to swim and neither do their parents. Every year, nearly 3500 people drown nationwide. Doesn’t that deserve some national attention? Check out this fact sheet for confirmation from the CDC on the incidence of drowning in America.

    The Center for Disease Control Unintentional Drowning Fact Sheet

    Allotting a portion of your show to this critically important topic could have a significant impact on these harrowing statistics. There are so many myths to be dispelled about how, when and where people drown. Please use your voice to save and educate millions of people.

    ...into the "Your Message" box in the submission form and/or use this letter and just update your personal information and mail.

  3. Promote!
    1. Enlist your friends and family to submit
    2. Promote this campaign within your school and parent organizations
    3. Recruit as many people as you can; family, friends, Facebook friends, etc. (This is not just for "swim" people!)
    4. Post this message on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks for helping Little Otter Swim School spread the word about drowning prevention.
Let the Oprah Campaign begin!