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Welcome to the Otter Blotter!

Welcome to our new electronic Otter Blotter.  We hope to send these out monthly to keep you informed and give you some insights in how we teach.  Thanks for reading. 
Why All the Repetition?
Little Otter Swim School Logo icon Have you noticed that you child works on a lot of the same skills during every lesson?  Bubble, back float, face floats...Learning to swim is based on repetition.  We need repetition to strenghten skills and build a strong foundation. 
To prevent our students from becoming bored with repetition, our instructors use different themes each week to vary activities  while practicing the same skills.  For example, we practice the safety skill, "jump, turn, grab the wall".  It can be done off the island, off the big green mat or off the slide.  And while it is a safety skill to us, the children are imagining they are jumping off the circus train to catch a lion or walking the plank during pirate week!
Through creative repetition and stimulation, your child will be come a better swimmer!
Swim, BABY, Swim!
swim, baby, swim icon Parents...are you tired of participating in songs and games during class?  Do you feel like you've done the same circuit several times?  The songs and circuits play a crucial role in our lessons.  They provide a consistent routine that increases the comfort of your baby in swim lessons.  Singing the same songs and playing the same games will help your baby relax and learn to swim better.  So don't get tired of the songs and games!  We need them so your baby can be as comfortable as possible.
Thanks for reading the Otter Blotter.  Look for the Otter Blotter in your in box next month.  And a big thanks also for allowing us the privilege of teaching your children to swim.

John and Lory Kirk and the whole staff
Little Otter Swim School

Otter B. Safe Tips
Remember never swim without an adult.
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April 24th
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Family Swim
May 1st
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Family Swim
May 15
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