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Maryland Leadership Workshops Newsletter March 2010
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MLWlogoDear MLW Alumni:

Welcome to our third e-newsletter!  If you have any ideas for future newsletter topics or news items, please submit them to Devita or Lauren.  Enjoy!
Message from the President
By: Ron Dhindsa
Dear MLW Family:

I hope that 2010 is off to a great start for you and your families. In case you haven't heard already, MLW is gearing up for an exciting year. Not only are we celebrating our 55th anniversary, but we are also focusing on long-term sustainability with the creation of a Board of Trustees. While we will keep much of the existing infrastructure as a 501(c)(3), we hope this will allow us to continue to create the MLW magic and transform the lives of even more young leaders.

I am pleased to announce that MLW has obtained a $50,000 grant ($25,000 per year for 2010 and 2011) from Comcast's national foundation to both expand our community outreach programming and provide year-round follow up with students served in both our community outreach and core summer programs. MLW's largest prior non-government grant was $10,000. This is a testament to our mission and a powerful shot in the arm as we launch our new organizational structure.

MLW has also obtained $32,000 in Community Investment Tax Credits from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. We will sell these tax credits for $2 each, thereby resulting in total revenue of $64,000. These tax credits will support programming in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in some or all of the following jurisdictions: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Calvert County, and Harford County.

In other news, MLW's current and alumni staff gathered on December 23rd at Strathmore Mansion for the annual MLW holiday party (aka corporation meeting). We reflected on the lives MLW has impacted over the years. The holiday party brought out a bunch of MLW legends including Jon Burr, Bill Caltrider, Karen Crawford, Charlie Gayle, Aimee Guidera, Holly Bamber Huntley, Irv Morgan, Dan Navarro, Jen Olsen, Chan Park, Eliot Pfanstiehl, Erik Rogstad, Amy Startt, and Darren Thompson. The MLW vibe was definitely in full effect!!! This bodes well for what should be an extremely fun and enjoyable 55 year celebration this fall! (Date TBA very soon).

We thank you for your past support and ongoing support of our mission to create the MLW magic and indelibly transform the lives of society's greatest resource - youth.

Warmest regards,

Ron Dhindsa
Pictures from the Holiday Party

For those of you that were unable to attend MLW's annual corporation meeting (aka holiday party), here are two pictures from the evening. corp2CorporationMeeting
News from our Alumni
By: Lauren Hanson Lee

MLW would like to send our sincerest congratulations to the following people:

Josh Michael is going to doing Teach for America - Baltimore.

Brianna O'Brien is recently engaged, to her fiance Johnny Lowndes.

Lauren Lee got accepted and will be starting a Masters in Education/Certification Program at the University of Maryland this summer.

Karen Crawford was selected as a Student Service Learning Fellow for Maryland.  There were 9 Fellows accepted this year.  That makes 221 since 1993.

Darren Thompson is engaged to Verisha Saulet.

Kathryn Cohen got a role in Gypsy at her school this spring.  Go check her out at Paint Branch High School on March 12, 13, 18, and 19!
SAIL Recap
By:  Zack Jamison

This past January, the MLW family was excited to reunite once again for our annual SAIL event held at Atholton High School. Delegates and staff from the 2009 SHW and MSEL summer programs reconvened to share how MLW has changed their lives since they've been back at school, as well as how delegates can continue to better themselves as leaders and individuals. Throughout the day, delegates got to spend time reconnecting with old friends, as well as working towards ways to help in improving the program for the new delegates that will get to experience the MLW magic this coming summer!

As well as providing feedback on the program, delegates discussed different ethical dilemmas that are prevalent in our schools and society at large. Parents also had the opportunity to get involved, and provide feedback to the directors on how their sons and daughters have grown since the summer, and what MLW can do to serve the families of student leaders across the state. Toward the end of the day delegates were given the opportunity to design their own workshop that they feel would be beneficial to include into the program, and presented it to the staff.

SAIL was a fantastic experience for all involved to not just relive some of the amazing experiences of 2009, but also to get everyone pumped and excited for another life changing summer at Maryland Leadership Workshops!

Applications for summer programs are currently online.  Visit our website to download an application.
MLW is on Facebook

Yes, MLW is finally on Facebook!  Become a fan of this great organization by clicking here.  And tell others to check us out as well!
Alum Spotlight - Cathy Vitale
By: Lauren Hanson Lee

Below is an interview MLW conducted with former delegate, Cathy Vitale.CathyVitale

What do you do for a living? What do you enjoy most about it?
I am a full time practicing attorney and member of the Anne Arundel County Council. In sum, I'm an advocate. Regardless of which job I am in the role of at the moment, I have an opportunity to advocate for those that I represent on the County Council or in my legal capacity. I have been practicing law since 1989 and have been a member of the county council since 2000.
When did you participate in MLW and in what capacity?
My first introduction to MLW was through its middle school program, that would have been the summer of 1978 at St. Mary's College of MD. I had a wonderful experience and wonderful memories. I was a delegate for four summers.
What do you remember most about MLW? Or favorite memory?
Back then we had junior high school instead of middle school. I was asked to participate in the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) in one of their junior high areas and then went to MLW. Even MASC was an opportunity that expanded because of MLW. I had met several of the staff who were high schoolers in MASC and got to know them. I have to admit that I'm one of those people that saves memories (aka someone who saves absolutely everything). We were looking at old photos at home and my son asked about the old group photo that we take at the end of the week.  Even my son wanted to know how he could participate after I told him some of the stories.  He is currently a delegate to his school SGA.  Last summer I received an email from Mary Alex and it happened to be about MLW.  It was so nice, and it immediately brought back summers, and team building, the dance, the whole experience. And what a great opportunity it was, even back then, to meet kids from all over the state of Maryland.
How did MLW affect your life?
I learned how to build consensus and how to work on a project. I find myself thinking so often, I learned this in 7th grade! The skills that were learned during those summers at MLW, turned out to be skills that I use in my position as an elected official. I would love to go back and look at the curriculum that existed when I went through the program. I guarantee you every skill that I use, is one that I learned back then.   In Leadership Anne Arundel, it was the same thing again: the sharing of ideas and opportunities and being open and not being afraid to share ideas. MLW leadership training, at least for me, became an opportunity literally to begin practicing skills that I had no idea I was going to be needing. They function in everyday life and are applicable as an attorney, in negotiations, and county council situations. It is one of two foundational opportunities I've been a part of that has an impact on who I am and how I mold and approach strategies today.
What advice would you give to young MLW staffers now that are just starting their adult lives?
To the staffers I would have to say that you shouldn't forget the lessons that we all learned as delegates. They are the tools that we learned and practice and will use as adults.
I'm grateful for the opportunities that MLW has provided me. At the time I was unable to comprehend or appreciate how important the lessons were. I hope to step up in my participation in MLW in hope of helping future leaders. (Perhaps one day, it will be my son you are interviewing!)
What's Our Impact?
By: Barrie Moorman

In the fall of 2009, the MLW Policy Board developed a strategic plan to work toward the goal of achieving sustainability and being recognized as a cutting-edge, leadership development organization that creates a measurable impact on Maryland's diverse youth.  Measuring MLW's impact in a way that can be shared with friends of the organization, policy makers, funders, and other people who are interested in youth development is an important component of the organization's sustainability.  While those of us who have been through the program can articulate ways that we have felt and continue to feel the MLW magic in our every day lives, we want to be able to prove what we do to outsiders - and to ourselves.

Some staff members go through the summer unsure of what impact they are having and having a clear set of objectives and strategies for measuring delegates' progress toward those objectives would give staff members a clear indication of the impact they are having on delegates and help them focus their energy to facilitate growth in areas where delegates have not shown as much progress.  Having a clear set of outcomes for delegates, which are measurable, that drive curricular decisions and staff training, is a critical component of MLW's continued growth and sustainability. 

Right now, the Impact Committee is setting objectives and researching the world of data analysis, but we hope to develop tools that will be useful for internal and external purposes to better measure the impact that our programs have on our delegates year after year.  If you are passionate about data measurement, please join us in our effort to measure MLW's impact!  Please contact Barrie Moorman ( or Rourke O'Brien ( for more information or to share your ideas. 
Help Us Impact More Youth
By: Bri O'Brien

We all know the impact MLW has made on our lives.  We've witnessed the impact our summer programs have had on students, whether it was the delegate who did not have the confidence to speak in front of a group or the delegate who had a passion but was not quite sure what to do with it.
You may or may not know, but the cost of MLW's programs is significantly more than what we charge.  The actual cost per delegate is $900.  We ask that you make a contribution of any size to help us change the lives of more youth in Maryland.  To make a contribution, visit our online donation site by clicking here or simply call our office at 301-527-8222 to find out other ways to make your contribution.