Maui Dreams Dive Co. Logbook
November 23, 2011
December Pau Hana
Pau Hana Pier
Bring your beach chair and a snack and let's enjoy the sunset and the last pau hana of the year together next month.
We hope to see you all at Keawakapu Beach on December 30 from 5-6:30PM!
Mainlanders ONLY

Click here to enter a drawing for you off-island folks only 
Include your name, phone number, and email address and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a free trip on the Maui Diamond II.
The best part about winning this?  You get a REALLY good excuse to come back to Maui... and there are NO shipping costs!
And keep in touch with us by posting something fun on our Facebook page this Friday.  At the end of the day, we'll draw from the people who have posted and send out a free MDDC t-shirt and hat combo to the winner!
UWPCC Photos

Check out photos from the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest! This year's winner got a Cobra 3 from Aqua Lung! So go have a look - you'll be amazed at what people can do underwater with a knife and a pumpkin...and it might give you some ideas for next year!
UWPCC Winners
Recent Blogging

Jim loves his LavaCore.  Gabe loves his too.  Zac loves his too...But Jim has probably put the most dives on his in the shortest amount of time since he purchased it just this week! Read his review in our blog.
Underwater Christmas Photos!

Santas Dale and Teri
Santas Dale & Teri
We will be doing the underwater Christmas photo shoot again this year... if you've done the same ho-hum slouching-on-the-palm-tree shot for the past few years, perhaps it's time to REALLY make your friends and family jealous and take some photos of you underwater!

Come join us at Ulua Beach on December 3rd from 7:30-9:AM for this FREE (yes, FREE!) event!  For more details and tips, visit the Upcoming Events section of our website. 
Project Aware Marine Environmental Award
Project Aware Recognition 2011
Maui Dreams was recently recognized within our industry for "outstanding achievement with respect to the aquatic environment"! It was rewarding to be recognized in this way and of course totally motivated us to continue with the underwaer clean-ups, mooring projects, and green iniatives as much as possible.  Thank you to all of our fellow divers who participate in these activities as well - it DOES make a difference!
(So have you signed the shark petition yet?)
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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope all of our dive buddies out there get their fill of family, friends, and delicious treats...and if you need to work off some turkey, diving is an excellent way to burn calories!

We are having an awesome sale this Friday, so after your morning dive, come on in and shop, shop shop! 


MDDC will have a number of drawings and even a party in the afternoon... you won't get those at Macy's!


We will have special sale hours of 7-5 on Friday.  Here's just a sampling of what we'll have in store for you:
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UWPCC Photos
LavaCore Lovin' (blog entry)
Underwater Christmas Photos
Aware Marine Environmental Award
Huge Computer Sales (and more!)
$799 Package!!
LavaCore Excitement
EVEN MORE New Products
Prize Drawings

New Amphibious Outfitter Shirt
New Amphibious Outfitters shirts are in stock now!
This Friday, November 25th, we'll be partying it up all day with NEW merchandise, sale items and specials that you won't find any other day of the year!  Here's just a peek at what we've got up our wetsuit sleeve:

Buy a UK Light Canon, get a FREE Ikelite PCa light
Get a FREE regulator bag with every regulator purchase (while supplies last, does not apply to packages)

30% off all in-stock hooded vests

15% off the hot new LavaCore line
$100 off all air-integrated Oceanic computers
20% off Miflex and Phantom hoses (bring in your regulator and Gabe will change it out on the spot!)
$5 off select logbook binders

We will also sell annual air cards to the first THREE people that decide to take us up on this.  $300 gets you two tanks at a time for one year (come on in and ask for it to get the rest of the details)!

We'll have gift cards and stocking stuffers available as well.  And yes, you can purchase gift cards over the phone too! 

Yes, you read that right, we will be selling entire equipment packages (BCD. regulator, alternate air source and dive computer) for $799 all day.  Once the sun sets on Friday, this sale ends, so come on in and take advantage of it while you still can! 

We also have ONE $699 package left!

So if you've been wanting some quality brand new gear at an amazing price, don't wait any longer. If we run out of stock, we will honor the price on sets ordered and paid for by the end of business on Friday.

SMALL PRINT:  This pricing applies to a specific set of gear; no mixing and matching at this special price!

It's the time of year again when the water temp is going to start going "the other direction", and we are totally excited to have LavaCore in just in time!
If you're looking for an item that will keep you extra warm without adding buoyancy, these Lavacore products are just what you've been waiting for.  Now, instead of replacing your 5mm with a new 7mm suit and adding 4 pounds to your gear while you "break it in", you can purchase a lavacore layering piece and get the same result in terms of warmth without having to add the lead!
We currently have the hooded shirts, unisex shorts (guys, these are also a great alternative to bulky boardshorts), socks and hoods in stock and have chosen these for the versatility that they offer.  The hood on the long-sleeved shirt can be worn or you can just let it float behind you, giving you the most bang for your buck.  The Lavacore owners we've talked to have been unanimous in their endorsement of the product and in fact Gabe, Zac and Jim swear by them!
We are introducing this great product at Friday's sale with a 20% kick-off sale good for that day only, and if you want to learn more, read Jim's blog entry on the subject!

DryCASEYou'll have to stop in frequently over the next couple of weeks to keep up with the new products arriving at Maui Dreams! 

This week we received our first shipment of Dry Cases and waterproof sport ear buds.  Suitable for diving, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking and boating, these vacuum sealed bags are just the thing to keep your electronics safe and dry on or in the water. 

Worried about getting sand in your eReader at the beach?  We've got a dry case that'll fit in too.  And you know how the car rental companies are always giving you a cluster of electronic keys?  Yep, you could seal those up in one of these bags as well!  Come on in and we'll show you how easy these are to use.  The case designed for your MP3 player even comes with and armband and these make great gifts!


I kissed a sharkDo you like FREE stuff?  Come on in this Friday and find out how you can get one of these "I kissed a shark" patches - for free!  


We'll hold drawings and new equipment demos at noon and 4:PM and you must be present to win. Some of the giveaways will include FREE regulator service, dive trips, equipment, and more!

Join us for food and drinks at 4:PM - looks like this month's Pau Hana party will be happening right here in our shop! Also, the 4:PM drawing includes the grand prize of a brand new...
Free reg or BCD check-up
Bring this coupon into the shop on Friday November 25, and if you are one of the first five to present it, Repair Guru Gabe will be pleased to conduct a FREE check-up on your BCD or regulator!

Limit one per customer.