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July 26, 2011


Pre-night dive sunset 
Most of you know that for 2011, our Pau Hana  parties have moved to the last Friday of the month. So grab your beach chair and your buddy and join us at Keawakapu Beach on July 29 from 6-8:PM!
Our Philippines trippers took some amazing photos and they are now available on our site for all to see!
Philippines Group 2011
2011 Philippines Group
Stay tuned for upcoming trip dates as well as blog entries from recent dive travel.  Want to go diving with us?  Drop us an email and tell us where you want to go next!


One of our divers made us aware of an awesome condo rental right across the street from Kamaole Beach II.  To book it, you can call Annette directly at 209-217-7389 and you can also check out the condo unit by clicking here.
Hot tip for those of you who will check this out at work:  hit the mute button on your computer first!

Yes, the Diamond can take you to Molokini, but they also have other fun charters available:
July 28 - Backwall
July 30 - Carthaginian
August 27 - Carthaginian
Got a request?  Just call and ask!
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Sola 1200 Dive Light
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MEET THE SOLA 1200 Sola 1200

If you've been night diving with us lately, you've met the Sola Dive Lights! 

The Sola straps on to your hand/wrist so you don't have to worry about the task loading of entering the water at night and losing your light. 

These light-weight yet powerful lights are rechargeable and don't require you to open anything ever; just rinse, dry, plug in and charge!  The Sola 1200 (our favorite) has spot and wide beam functions and three "powers" of each. 

Sara with the Sola
Ask Sara about her Sola!

You can check out the specs here and when you're ready to see one in action, come visit us in the shop or sign up for a night dive!  We have just received our third shipment of these lights, and they keep selling out, so don't wait too long to visit!

Summer is flying by and you could be too - on a scooter!
Mimi's First Scooter Dive
This is a great time of year to rack up your specialty certifications (while the water's nice and warm), so we thought we'd let you know what's on the schedule so far, and remember we dive every day, so these dates aren't the ONLY times we're offering this stuff!

July 28 - DPV Specialty (in MDDC terms, that's the SCOOOOOTER diver course).
July 30 - DPV Specialty (yep, it's a popular one, so wOrange Frogfishe're doing it again that day!)
August 6 - EFR Refresher with Jon
August 19, 20, 21 - Rescue Diver (EFR is a prerequisite for this course, so if you need that, we can do it on the 19th or even before).
August 27 - UW Digital Photography
September 2-3 - Search and Recovery
Mention this newsletter and get $20 off any specialty course you take during the month of August!



Scuba instructors, no matter where they might dive, usually hear aWhite tip reef shark certain question just before entering the water.  The funny thing is, the same question can mean two different things, depending on how it's asked-here are both versions:

"Are we going to see sharks on this dive?"  (Excited, maybe wants to get a good picture...)

"Are we going to see SHARKS on this dive?!"  (Terrified, and just sat through "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel.)

As you might guess, the first quote is from an experienced diver, the second from one who's never been in the water before.  And let's face it: if the only experience with sharks you have is the movie JAWS and footage of "feeding frenzies"... well, you might be a little nervous seeing one swim by. Click here to read the rest of this article.


What's Cool About the Sea & Sea DX-GE5?Sea & Sea Camera


Well heck, let's start with the price, for one thing!  This 12 megapixel camera and housing combo sells for only $529 - that's less than our first 2 megapixel camera and housing cost in 2000!

What else?  Well, the camera itself, outside of the housing, is waterproof to 16 feet, making it great to take along kayaking or paddling or even snorkeling!  And right now, Sea & Sea is offering  a FREE extended protection plan on all cameras purchased by August 31, 2011.  We've got these cameras in stock and can order optional wide angle lenses and strobes, so come on in and check this out!