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September 1, 2010
September Pau Hana

Meet Mary Beth, our newest Master Scuba Diver, at this month's Pau Hana... bring your beach chair and a snack and let's enjoy the sunset together this Friday.
We hope to see you all at Keawakapu Beach on September 3 at 6:pm!
Sneak Peak Eats

Puzzled by where to eat on Maui? Want to find out the atmosphere of a restaurant? Take a look at Sneak Peek Eats which provides 15-second video clips of restaurants on Maui so you can 'taste the atmosphere before the food.'  And more importantly, this site is run by two real cool divers, Matt and Nadine!
Maui Dreams will be closed for the day on September 30.  Make sure you come in to get your rental gear and tanks on the 29th if you want to dive on the 30th!
We know you want to visit
, and we're dying to get to see you again, so for you "mainlanders", here are some travel links to some deals out there!
Have you been in the shop or been diving with us lately?  We'd love to have you sign our guestbook - yeah, we're suckers for a good schmooze!
Read Jim's latest blog entry about a recent rescue at Keawakapu beach!

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September Pau Hana
Collector Urchin Corner
Free Tank Coupon
Awesome UW Video Deals!
Underwater Photography Online
Underwater Clean-up Sept 18
New Website for Maui Diamond II
Water Monitoring

This summer, we've been carrying the JVC Compact HD Video Packages and they have been selling like hotcakes! This package provides you with a fun and easy way to get into underwater videography (in HD!!) and the housing and camera package (which includes a red filter) is under $400!  Lighting always makes a huge difference underwater, so we recommend the deluxe package (pictured here) which we also have in stock.  So come on in and see it in person or click here for more details.  You can also click here to check out some sample footage.

Underwater Photography is ADDICTIVE!  I can still remember swimming around with my MX-10 (film) camera and cussing out fish who would pose perfectly for me right after I snapped my last shot.  I can also remember being sure I'd shot something worthy of National Geographic, only to get my film developed the next day to find out that I'd gotten a "fish butt" shot.  Once I got a digital camera, I was in heaven with the opportunities, the seemingly limitless number of photos I could take and the ability to review my images while still underwater.
Now everyone's got digital cameras and we, as divers, can learn a lot from each other and from practice, practice, practice.  One of the best ways to accelerate your learning curve though is to take a class!  Maui Dreams is pleased to offer PADI's Digital Underwater Photography course online - you can start NOW! If you're interested in improving your results, the online portion of this course is a great resource. 
There is more to underwater photography than technical skills though, so you can also sign up with us to take you on photo dives and help you apply what you've learned online; this also helps you qualify for the specialty certification.  A couple of months ago, one of our divers did just that - you can read her blog entries here and here.
Bottom line, you can sign up for this great online training at any time, whether you want to work towards a specialty certification or just work on improving your skills at your own pace - we highly recommend it!
International Clean-up Day is Sept. 25th, but we're holding our event early this year so you can have the opportunity to participate in more than one event!  We still have a few spots available if you'd like to join us.  Participants must be Advanced Open Water certified and have excellent buoyancy skills and recent dive experience.  You can click here or call us at the shop for more details or to sign up.
Not going to be in Maui for the big day?  See what's happening near you!
New Website for the Maui Diamond II

If you want to keep up with the Diamond's dive calendar, double check our awesome rates or find out about that whole-boat charter you've been wanting to do, this will be the best place to do it! 

Check out and bookmark  We welcome your feedback, photo submissions, and questions. We'll even take bookings for upcoming dives!

To get you started, here are some of our upcoming "special" trips:
Molokini Backwall:  September 4, 11, 22
Carthaginian:  September 21
Calling All Ocean Lovers!

Maui Dreams is working in conjunction with South Maui Sustainability and the Maui Nui Marine Resources Council Turbidity Task Force to create a network for water quality monitoring volunteers. The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) has only one person working on Maui who is able to conduct water quality monitoring. This individual has many other duties and therefore usually conducts sampling only when a major problem is reported.
Here's where you come in!  A free, easy-to-use test kit with simple instructions is available at Maui Dreams for those wishing to get involved in this project.  Each time you dive, snorkel, kayak, swim, sunbathe, etc. at your favorite beach, you can easily take a water sample and return it to the shop where we will test it and enter the data online.  It's pretty simple:  dip container in water, close lid, log information, drop off at shop on your way back from the beach!