Maui Dreams Dive Co. Logbook
December 23, 2009
Special Announcement
Maui Dreams Dive Co. will be closed for Christmas Day (December 25)  The ocean, however is NOT closed that day -- just remember to get your tanks and rental gear ahead of time if you plan on doing a yuletide dive...

Also, we will be closed New Year's Day (January 1) to decompress from what promises to be phenomenal New Year's Eve diving!

Congratulations to Linda Jerome, the newest Divemaster graduate of MDDC!
New Web Site!

In celebration of our 10 years in business, we will be unveiling a new and improved website!

Check it out at and tell us what you think of the gallery slideshow and the fancy schmancy RSS feed to keep yourself up-to-date on the comings and goings of MDDC!

January Pau Hana
Group Christmas Photo
It's always a good day to celebrate pau hana, but we do a get together once a month to do that with our diving friends!

We hope to see you all at Keawakapu Beach on January 8 from 5:00-6:30pm!
Big Sale Day Winners

These people won the online drawings on our Big Sale Day:

Mike Schenk won a fantabulous trip on the Maui Diamond II

Barbara Torrence won the MDDC Logo Pack

Maybe you'll win next time!  Keep an eye out on our newsletters for other wonderful giveaways!
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Congratulations to Linda Jerome
New Web Site!
January Pau Hana
RSS Feeds
Underwater Olympics - RESULTS
New Master Scuba Divers
Here's the section where we wish you all a Merry Christmas and try not to sound all mushy while telling you what you mean to us, how much we love to see you day after day or year after year, and how much we appreciate you!  Um....did we succeed?

RSS Feeds

So, you've all probably heard someone, at some point, mention an RSS or news feed.  If you haven't, you may have noticed the icon for it (see right) in your browser or e-mail client.

So what are they, and why do you care?
Well, simply put, they're a way of staying up to date with your favourite web sites without having to visit them every day.  Are you wondering what the latest world news is?  Well, the BBC, NY Times and a plethora of other sites have feeds for that.  But more importantly, do you want to know about what's happening at Maui Dreams in the way of upcoming classes, weather conditions, special events, last minute boat dive specials and such?  Well, we have an RSS feed, too!

Sounds pretty cool, so how do I use them?
Well, the first step is to pick an "aggregator" -- the software that will bring all your feeds to you in one central location.  If you're just thinking of dabbling in it, Google Reader is a great one to start with and has some great tutorials including this one.  You can also use "live bookmarks" features in IE and Firefox, but that doesn't give the same benefit as a dedicated aggregator.

Once you've picked your aggregator, you get to start adding (subscribing) feeds to it.  Usually, this is as simple as clicking the icon (whether on a button bar in your web browser or on the actual site) and telling it which aggregator you use.  You'll have to check the documentation for your aggregator for more details.

Once you've subscribed to a few (or a lot) of feeds, you can just pull up your aggregator when you have time to catch up on the latest information!  Now isn't that much easier than visiting every site you want to keep tabs on just to find that nothing new is of interest?
Underwater Olympics - RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first ever Underwater Olympics - you'll have to let us know if you want us to hold this event again!

Best quote overheard afterwards by a diver who said someone on the beach had asked him about his UW Olympics shirt:  "Yeah see, all the best divers have gathered here on Maui to compete in this event..."

Here are the long awaited stats:
GOLD:  Aaron Bement & Jerry Lafortune 16:10
SILVER:  Tau Over & Kasper Rasmussen 16:41
BRONZE:  Jason Charles & Derek Coopersmith 17:10
44 Divers (22 Buddy Teams)
12 MDDC Crew Members and Volunteers

Max Depth: 17 Feet
Best Time:  16:10
Longest Time: 39:28

To read more about the event, please read Michael Elam's blog and visit our photo gallery!

New Master Scuba Divers

Congratulations to Master Scuba Divers Christine Hartley and Mark Tateosian who each achieved this level of mastery with exactly 50 dives, whew!

Christine Hartley, MSD
We have enjoyed diving with Christine since her certification just a few short years ago.  She's got excellent buoyancy skills and a real love of diving, to the point where she makes sure her husband has plenty to do while they're in Maui so that she's free to dive dive dive!  During her most recent visit to Maui, she pounded out the courses, earning National Geographic as her 5th specialty.  She and her husband also participated in the Underwater Olympics, earning the dubious distinction of taking the longest time on the course (she said we could tell you that)!

Mark Tateosian, MSD
Mark, well, what can we say about Mark?  He's tried us all out as instructors and really likes diving with Rachel the best.  That's not what he said, but we know it's true.  He went for his MSD partly due to his belief that all divers should be very educated about managing their life support systems and also because the training is a lot of fun.  Next up for Mark?  Deep and wreck specialties.  And maybe a few more scooooooter dives!