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WE ACT Board Featured in
Grassroots Fundraising Journal


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WE ACT's Board of Directors was recently featured in an informative article published by GIFT/Grassroots Fundraising Journal. The article provides what we believe are some helpful insights into best practices related to volunteer fundraising, from the perspective of several fundraisers, including WE ACT's own Director of Development - Ursula N. Embola.

I am excited to share the GIFT article with you below, in the hope that you will enjoy it, and also benefit from it.

Thank you for supporting our work here at WE ACT.



Peggy M. Shepard
Executive Director 
Supporting Volunteer Fundraisers
By Karen Topakian

The success of volunteers - including board members - raising money for an organization hinges on many factors. Some are outside of the organization's control, like the volunteer's availability, competing commitments, and donor response. But some factors that will make it more likely that your volunteers will be successful are very much within the organization's purview. These include setting thoughtful criteria for recruitment of volunteers, providing training and positive encouragement, assessing and matching skills and aptitude with appropriate fundraising activities, and integrating volunteers and fundraising into the organization.

I talked with five organizations to learn from their first-hand experiences on building a strong volunteer fundraising team. The organizations range in budget from $500,000 to $4 million; some serve a specific community, while others are international; some have more than 40 active volunteers, while others have no volunteers outside of the board. More...