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City Blocks Access to Nutrition Data 
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 Peggy Shepard
Peggy M. Shepard
Executive Director,



The Wikileaks Of School Food


City blocks access to nutrition information, says a list is coming 


Some cafeteria offerings don't meet city's own bake sale rules 






You may have received a letter from me within the past week or so highlighting the lack of transparency within the New York City Public School System with regard to the nutritional content of meals served to NYC public school children. 

Since sending your that letter, the New York City Department of Education has taken down the website with the ingredient information of their foods. 

According to GothamSchools, Department of Education spokeswoman Marge Feinberg said the directory (which contained nutritional information on all NYC school foods) was an internal link to a website the City is building that will eventually publish nutrition information, but the City will not release the information it has already collected now. "There is no list and never was," said Feinberg. "We are creating one." 

Fortunately, WE ACT collected all the ingredient information before the DOE took the site down. We will be releasing it on our website site soon. 

In the meantime, if you want the ingredients of specific foods your child eats at school, please contact James Subudhi - WE ACT's Environmental Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Food Justice/Sustainable Public Spaces - at (212) 961-1000 ext. 311, or via email at James@weact.org.  

, we need your financial support to help us hold the City accountable for the foods that are being served in NYC public schools. 


Your gift of $200 supports 1 hour of advocacy for food justice at the federal level. Your gift of $100 supports the training of 1 community resident to become an advocate for healthy school foods in her NYC neighborhood. 


Thank you for helping us make our communities healthier places to live and work in, for ALL people.  

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Peggy Shepard